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  1. That mission needs to update with better landmarks oml.
  2. Seifer

    Add the system for an auction house, then add the auctioned items. @AlexTFM Not wrong pal
  3. Seifer

    Looks nice @Melodyy. Hopefully the long lost art of RP can one day return to this game.
  4. Seifer

    L.O.L. You should give more specific details on what you are asking for. Cosmetics? Re-Skins? Specialized Classes? ----- Someone let me know when the resolution optimization has been fixed for this game.
  5. Seifer

    There can be bonuses implemented for gold without it being pay to win. They can be cosmetic, certain game mechanics, location/oasis etc. They just cannot give you an edge in pvp or overall gameplay. Imo don't say you don't support this when there was also non-p2w suggestions. Instead suggest your own ideas or better elaborate on what you specifically do/ do not like.
  6. Seifer

    I am making this post in regards to the Kage's exiling and pardoning system. My suggestion is to make the Kage's have a pop up window in-game when it comes to exiling and pardoning. This window would include a search bar and a scroll down wheel. When you click a players name, there will be an "Are you sure you want to exile/pardon [xxxx]?" This will make there be fewer mistakes when navigating for players and make it an all-in-all easier process. On a secondary tab in the same window there should be a way for players to request pardons or exiles formally with two options of "accept" or "decline". This function will be put into place so Kage's may formally pardon/exile players when they are not playing. Lastly, I would like to add the mailbox feature would be great in supporting communication between players when they are offline to give their reasoning for these requests. Sorry for the paragraph, but it sucks when players have a different schedule then the Kage. @Ueda@Erox Thanks for reading.
  7. Seifer

    Player A: Go kys you fkn besty n*** Player B: flap off Admin: *Bans player B*
  8. Seifer

    Then enemies will just bug the Jonin by making them walk behind a building.
  9. Seifer

    Vacuum is garbage by itself now. If you trick shot with it you have a chance of landing 1 hit for like 70-ish damage. It only works when someone stuns a person with EP, WP, LC type jutsus. I think losing the roll when paired with CC was fine, but it needs to be a little more usable for solo wind even if it is just taking away the self-stun.
  10. Seifer

    I believe the technical term is an Opacity bar.
  11. Seifer

    You get players with higher ping that run 10x your speed almost literally and when you get to the map change you will be combat locked when you did not start to fight yet. #NinFrustrations Honestly, it would be better if the maps simply connected to one another without a map change, however this would not be done without tremendous lag. I think the easiest solution is adding more side maps and different elevations of entrances/exits so you have less of a chance of being ambushed on map changes and more of a chance of starting a fight on the same map.
  12. Seifer

    Special Avatar Borders for forum.
  13. Seifer

    It would not be the same as bubble clone. The puppets would have ranged jutsus and melee, but they just are no longer immortal and insta-kill armies. Would also be nice if they did not take up half a map. Js
  14. Seifer

    If blood katana got a passive like this it's initial dmg would have to be lowered. But besides that point, I do not think Rory could program in so many technicalities into a sword for this type of game.
  15. Seifer

    Especially since there is an animation there. And you are not using it at an elevated level. Also fire bullet should definitely get those hit-boxes if Taijutsu's Peacock strike can hit players from the side of them with no animation lul.
  16. Seifer

    The whole game is kind of awkward with it's level/stat requirements and legendary/rare statuses. Could use some tweaking.
  17. Seifer

    An increase to Wind Scythes speed would be good. Vacuum getting CC is okay as long as it isn't insta-cast. People complain about Wind Claw because of the insta cast interrupt, but it does not combo with anything because of the knockback so it seems pretty balanced to me.
  18. Seifer

    Yes, add the hit-boxes!
  19. What Aesthetic said. You need to buy gold under the Cash Shop, then you can change your name once a year. To get there you go to the top right. [Your Name] -> [Account Settings] -> [Ninja Name]
  20. Seifer

    Sage Naruto > Tsunade but ye. We need to fix mechanics surrounding Kages before even talking about buffing them imo
  21. Seifer

  22. Best way to understand it is by asking a GM in-game to see the speed of their hits at certain points. (If they are nice enough to not ignore you)
  23. Seifer

    You might as well delete Chak Scalpels if you are going to increase CD. If you want medic to lose scalpels, it will need to become a full support class with 6 jutsus. And like Mizxry said, they will just always end up dead in a fight unless these new jutsus increase survivability by a good amount. (Poison Scalpel should lose CC or lose insta cast)
  24. Seifer

    Fire is a great starter mastery. It is good for PvE. You will probably want something with more CC in the future tho. Especially since this game is all about combat.
  25. The best part of the new client was fixing ghost hits and more accurate projectiles, but now it’s gone downhill.