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  1. Jayda

    You’re bored...
  2. Jayda

    If you Vote4Jayda I will make you 12G leader! kidding
  3. Jayda

    Snake summon when !?
  4. Jayda

    Bikini (no clothes) ! Normal Outfit ! War Clothes ! leafies are the cutest ninjas :).
  5. Moodie b changing pfp now nd then UwU

  6. Jayda

    I would like u to make me an outfit please and ty
  7. Jayda

    Dw one day I will let u sit with us cool kids
  8. Jayda

    Lol but still damn it looks good!!! Try putting the outfits on girls cuz I wonna see what I would look like!!!!
  9. One of the missions for rp2 was to view their teamwork in that case they were tasked to do a 2v2!
  10. Jayda

    cool ninja bio!!!!!;D

  11. luv ur new drawing of ur nin char! keep up with the good work :D