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  1. Medics and Anbu leader have a title, but Puppet Brigade and Puppet Brigades leader do not have a title? It is time we get this added.
  2. Woo

    Fantastic! Hinata and Naruto's wedding clothes were truly beautiful and it would be amazing to be capable of wearing this for a wedding in game!
  3. Zoomy

    Haiii, Kyaa

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      Hello, kyaa~!


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    Ayy welcome to the game, if you ever wanna do things together, I’m level 23 on my leaf character now.
  5. Woo

    I am here today to present what will be the greatest addition to the cashshop hairstyles, now if you read the title you can already guess what it's gonna be... The bald hairstyle. A bunch of my friends want to be bald with me, and I can understand why it's beautiful. So if this can be added to the cash shop, that would be amazing!
  6. Quite a few times per day, while my team and I are killing enemies, Target no longer works for anyone in that map. I am wondering if this can be checked on as it is a huge game changer when you are fighting? It isn't that big for me, but for medics it changes everything. Thank you! -- Edit -- To clarify, it only inhibits Targetting with X, but not click to target. Which is pretty big in the midst of battle, but just wanted to clarify.
  7. Woo

    Hahahaha go Jun go!!
  8. Woo

    I kind of like the concept of a downside to using an org item lol, like it's still better in the end but it has a weakness.
  9. Woo

    This is actually amazing, it gives me so much more hope for the future of nin.
  10. Woo

    I love it honestly, especially the stat system for leveling past 50. I like that as you level it's not really the stats that matter as much it's the new jutsus.
  11. 1st: Jakusha squading up in bounty. Second: Sand Military Police Force squading up for a hunt! Third: Chilling with my buds. Fourth: Rare Jakusha gathering with Rory. Fifth: Hiding in tanzaku while hunting. Sixth: Dueling a Weapon master/Fan wielder in toads. (see levels don't decide everything)
  12. Woo

    Clan: Jakusha (The Weak) Sand Village Clan Leader: Woo We have 10 active members including the second in command and the leader. We have two Jonins, four Chunins. Jonin: Kishi and Toxzon Chunin: Deadzoom, Lucifer, Melfina, and Woo Clothes: A jet black ceramic with gold lining History: The clan was formed by two clans joining back before the creation of the villages. The two combined clans were nothing truly special, they were average ninja who excelled in the use of weapons and the use of fire elemental jutsu. The weapons clan was named Mikadzuki, and the clan of fire specialist was named Kasai. The joining between the two clans was for many reasons, all the two clans did was survive during the constant fights that happened. For them, survival was the number one goal, and since both clans were known as being weak they decided that combining the clans would be best. With the combination of the clans, they decided to take on a new name, the new name was chosen to be ironic. Jakusha was the chosen name the clan adopted for its combined members. Of course, the two leaders couldn’t decide on who would take over the new clan so a deal was made. The first born child from the clans combining would be the true leader and until then the two of them would rule over the clan together. The firstborn child happened a year later and his name was Ren Jakusha. The first true-born Jakusha clan member and he embodied it truthfully by excelling in both weapons use and the fire element. As he grew so did his power and reputation among the wandering clans. Eventually earning the nickname of Hinokami in the clan. He brought the clan together and lead it to more glory than the two clans had ever held separately. This, of course, brought other small clans like the Mikadzuki and Kasai used to be before they became the Jakusha. Being ruthless on the battlefield didn’t mean he was unfair or cruel off of it, asking only one thing of the smaller clans that were now asking to join the Jakusha and that was for them to believe in him and any successor he chooses that will rule over the Jakusha. Of course, some weren’t happy while others readily agreed. What was once only a clan that excelled in two certain types of fighting now held a wide range of members that excelled in different paths of being a ninja. As time went on and the creation of the villages happened the Jakusha clan decided to join with the sand village. The desert was a place they enjoyed, and it seemed like sand was more accepting at the time compared to the leaf. Now the clan had something to work towards that meant more, the members dedicated themselves to the protection of the sand village and all of its members. As time went by the clan slowly lost the reputation it once held, now most in the sand don’t know much about the Jakusha. Now with the current war the clan leader was ill and getting old, he was chosen by the last leader and it was time for him to choose a new one as well. Old as he was Furui went to the clans current younger members and looked them over, watching as they trained. The Jakusha numbers had severely dropped due to wars and clan members not having kids. Noticing one particular ninja practicing his medical skills he pointed him out and asked for him to come over. Kiwi walked over with a smile and greeted the elderly clan leader. After Furui asked for his name the younger boy answered with Kiwi. Without saying anything else Furui walked off and that was the last time the two of them talked. When Furui died of his sickness two months later in his will Kiwi Jakusha was named as his successor to the position of the clan leader. Outrage from the older members of the clan came but they were ignored as the tradition was for the Leader to pick the next one. Over time Kiwi had proven his leadership and the name of him and his right hand man Woo had spread throughout the ears of many. Old Page: