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  1. Woo

    I find it enjoyable to read all of your tier lists lol, you end up noticing how as a community, people collectively agree some players are a step ahead of the others. Now that doesn't make them unbeatable, anyone can lose spars, a bo3, etc. Some people have bad days and some have good, but overall these players were put there mostly for their consistency, and making a difference on the battlefield. Some were put on there just because they're respected or liked. Like I'm an A rank on some but I'm probably a B in terms of skill.
  2. Woo

    See ya brother, I hope things go well for you outside of this game. Enjoy a life with much less toxicity.
  3. Woo


    This is actually amazing, it gives me so much more hope for the future of nin.
  4. Woo

    I understand the concern about fan Tornado, as it is a crazy good combo jutsu, but the problem in question here isn't exactly Tornado's, it's the fact that wind does crazy amounts of damage and even without tornado it is in the top tier bracket. So what you're saying is to nerf fan and not try to balance wind as a whole.
  5. Woo

    This is indeed a fact.
  6. Woo

    Oh lord
  7. Woo

    @Enver Former WM rival @Lumy Respected superior @Sukki Best duo partner @Feinz A homie @Kishi Jakusha Creator @Ereshkigal The greatest @Viduus Cloak jump bears @Eriones 4 am partner @SparkZZ Lightning god @Dona Respected King
  8. Woo


    I love it honestly, especially the stat system for leveling past 50. I like that as you level it's not really the stats that matter as much it's the new jutsus.
  9. Woo

    Then why did Rory add it into the game and give it to police forces to punish players rp wise :grimacing: sounds like roleplay punishment to me. But I could be wrong.
  10. Woo

    At the end I did begin to afk at guard duty, there is no denying that fact.
  11. Woo

    We didn't abuse lol even the gms agreed it was roleplay associated. I redeemed myself by investing 10 hours a day when I was SMPF General enforcing rules and helping lowbies.
  12. Woo

    One can not defeat Riley at being medic, it is impossible.
  13. Woo

    mate you tryin to get smacked. why you in dere.