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    Clan Name: Takahera Village: Leaf Objective: The clan is aiming to be undying servants to the lead , as we aim to integrate ourselves into every aspect of the village so that we can better protect and serve the village and it's villagers. We have been forced into hiding from some time, but the clan is looking to come out of the shadows and once again serve the lead in plain view. Origin: The name Takahera is derived from hawks as we have gotten our name from our close relationship with Hawk summons and have used them in a long partnership to Hunt for food and enemies before settling down in a village. and have gained abilities akin to a hawk as our eyes have been honed to be extremely keen and sharp , and in our strongest members after a month of complete darkness due to our ritual where they must go to the clan's secret grounds and spend the month blindfolded in complete darkness to train their other senese and see without seeing. Upon completion of this ritual their eyes evolve into the Takaeigan a dojutsu that allows them to see limits far beyond the limits of the normal human eye, as well as the ability to pinpoint the presence of chakra being able to see chakra as if it was physically manifested. Symbol: Our Symbol Represents our clans connection to hawks Clothing Ideas: Our clan is usually associated with Hunting gear like the black hermit cape, as anything that allows for mobility we normally wear cloaks as to keep our weapons and tools concealed and our color scheme is Blue and Yellow
  2. Clan Page is finally up hopefully my clan can build a well known good image in the community

  3. At the Leaf festival pretty impressive how the different organizations are showcasing their groups makes it easier to see who to join.