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  1. Senketsu

    Telling from the lag, my guess is that this was from when the game had crashed and then y'all relogged faster then we did.
  2. Senketsu

    increase percentage and add chakra
  3. Senketsu

    Maybe increase the percentage to like 7-8%, and yeah give some chakra so the person doesn't just get put back on the floor after getting up
  4. Senketsu

    Increasing the cooldown just makes it so they have to run around for longer. The strategy on gf is flicker combo, then run until the jutsus are off CD.
  5. Senketsu

    With the amount of interrupts GF has, 10 GF's should have no problem stopping every EP. Saying every elemental is better for team fights than tai and gf is such a massive blanket statement because you're saying its single target/1v1 based. Fire and earth have the best AOE and is arguably the best for team fights. Light has a single target jutsu, chidori, for team fights. Thats what makes it good for team fights. It also has lightning current which you could say is the equivalent of whirlwind kick except whirlwind isn't a self stun and doesn't stun, but servers its purpose by interrupting any jutsu casts. Wind excels in single target damage, even though its an elemental. The most it can hit is 3 people unless you use wind scythe, which is hard to hit anyway. Drilling air bullets only hits 3. I could go on about the jutsus elemental has, but point is that tai is definitely better than elementals in most situations. the amount of interrupts on it just makes it very strong for team fights. gf is similar in that it can interrupt but tai has lower cooldowns with AOE interrupts. earth prison spam is "strong" if you fail to stop the first ep. Even after the first ep, you can just flicker out of it and focus the next earth user. If you mess that up then its wraps. 2s cast stand still homing that can be easily interrupted. It's only hard to stop it when there's trees and you can't see them cast it. In an open arena with no cover, earth doesn't do too well unless the opposing team is just horrible and doesn't know how to save interrupts for important jutsus. You can continue to say that gf, wm, tai are meant for 1v1s (which they are), but that doesn't justify it being so op. I didn't even mention str wm because i can deal with those. Str wm has cast times so you can sub/interrupt the homings. Tai is annoying but the flicker combo isn't as annoying and they're risking something because most of agi tai's damage comes from punches, which means they have to be near the opponent to continue to do damage. (but even then, tai has 2 normal subs and then YS sub so it's not that bad for them). GF is the most broken/brain dead between the 3. Unavoidable flicker combo that does over 200 damage, and then they run away before they can get hit back. str wm at least teleports you in front of the user and has a cast time on those jutsus so you know exactly when it's going to happen. gf's flicker combo is instant and near impossible to avoid with insane damage. that is the difference.
  6. Senketsu

    Camellia wasn't there and nah I'm p sure you had capri there too and some other PB.
  7. Senketsu

    Ok so you had 2 more people + puppets.
  8. Senketsu

    If you're talking about when the server crashed, most of us weren't logged back on. Wasn't a 16vs18.
  9. Senketsu

    I think it has something to do with sukki getting those kills only because sand was like 25 deep and severely outnumbered mist, which was the only way they'd beat us. I don't get it either.
  10. Senketsu

    GF is ok in group fights. It has rotating heavens and the air palm jutsu thing. It has a few interrupts and like 2 or 3 multi hit jutsus. It's not piss poor in 1v1s. If we compare it to tai, tai is actually good in 1v1's and team fights because tai has good mobility with YS, 3 subs total if you use 2 subs + YS sub, and 2 AOE interrupts that don't self stun. Breaking kick is a 4s cooldown. Tai is indeed better than gf in team fights but both are op in 1v1. Tai is good in team fights, and gf is ok. Being a 1v1 focused mastery isn't a good reason to be overwhelmingly op anyway. If earth is op, make a forum post about it. EP is 2s standstill cast so it can easily be interrupted. If players are too tunnel-visioned to focus earth users in a fight, then the problem is the player. I feel like you only mentioned earth to get a certain response out of me because you know im earth med. This post has nothing to do with earth users. It's talking about GF. There's no point in discussing with you, since you already admitted GF is really strong in 1v1. It's still feasible in team fights. Palm bottom and rotating heavens are AOE interrupts. Mountain crusher is a homing interrupt. The community has constantly been complaining about GF. Of course, a few people will disagree that GF should be nerfed but we can't please everyone. Don't bother commenting on here just to provoke me to be toxic. Plenty of people agree that GF is op and needs a nerf.
  11. We all know GF is brain dead specifically because of its easy-to-land flicker combo. It's different from other flicker combos because it has an instant cast jutsu that is 3 tiles wide, meaning that even if you're running diagonally, it's very likely to hit (sorta like wind claw :I). Some of you may say "oH jUsT sUb iT". The issue with subbing an INSTANT cast combo is that you have to use sub before they start the combo, which means you gotta play a guessing game. If the GF user isn't a complete dunce then they'll wait for you to waste a sub and then flicker you. Subbing an instant cast combo isn't a legitimate response/counter. You can sub something with a cast time because you can see it coming before it actually hits. Ok so why does it matter that something like this is so easy to land? Well, at level 50 a GF user can have 100 str, 300 chakra (55), and 1100 hp (105). The flicker combo consists of 2 damaging jutsus, and a kunai. At 100 str, Palm bottom does 88 damage. Mountain crusher does 97. A kunai does 39. This means you're losing 224 hp off of something that is extremely difficult to avoid and can be cast instantly with little to no risk for the caster. And this is just for people with 100 str with a sorta tanky build. Imagine a GF that has a squishy build with high str who flicker combo's you and then runs for the remainder of the fight. The situation is even worse when you have to deal with a GF/WM that's using some bs like shirokata or bonesword so they passive regen chakra or HP, but that's a different conversation. What can Rory do to fix GF so that it doesn't do so much damage on a flicker combo? Reduce the range on mountain crusher, so that it can't be used right after you're hit with palm bottom. Palm bottom is what's used to start the flicker combo, which is 3 tiles wide (I mentioned above how it's unavoidable). Or, increase the knockback range on palm bottom so that mountain crusher doesn't reach the target right after the user casts palm bottom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Ueda The community has been complaining for ages about GF. We know its your game and the decisions are up to you, but I ask that you please read this and maybe drop a response to help us better understand the mastery, or decide to nerf it. Respectfully, Senketsu
  12. Senketsu

    The only issue I have with this is that players will try to balance things because of ping. Would probably be best to have players that are good at the game that play on high ping be a part of the balance team if something like this is implemented, like @Yamikami
  13. Senketsu

    buncha clowns in here
  14. Senketsu

    I'm hoping rory doesn't give mastery resets to people that picked braindead mastery combos like gf wm
  15. Senketsu


    Love this. I love being able to see the progress being made on a game that i've spent so much time playing.