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  1. Senketsu

    Only thing I can recommend is to force update the client. You can do this by opening Nin, pressing settings under the "Play game" button, and then hitting force update.
  2. Senketsu

    Perma death as in RP perma death. your character's stats dont get reset. you just lose your rank or status. if you're kage and die, you lose your kage status and start as a "new ninja" but you still keep your level and such.
  3. Senketsu

    I came across this really old post. Permadeath would be a good way for people to tear down inner circles in any village. Permadeath should apply in CE but only CE. Everyone should be vulnerable to death, including the kage's and council members.
  4. Senketsu

    I don't see any legitimate reason for why we shouldn't be able to trade enchanted scrolls. Please change.
  5. Senketsu

    i agree 100%... sand has the most advantages in the game. the narrow entrances makes it so difficult to get in and out of the sand maps if you're an enemy. fan is also busted atm, and when crystal fan gets added to the game, fan wind is gonna be insane. i made a post in the past about how advantaged sand is, but rory either didnt see it or ignored it
  6. Senketsu

    Not sure why this got deleted but here.
  7. Senketsu

    personally, flicker is only a problem with three tile wide instant cast jutsus. I rarely ever get hit by single tile flicker combos because I'm not a brainlet who doesn't know how to react to my opponent based on what mastery they use.
  8. Senketsu

    Some higher exp missions would be nice... and Ori is right, the change on the exp was made cuz of an exploit but now the exploit is gone... so why didn't the exp on vmw get put back to normal? Leveling is already a pain, and now the grind to level 60 from level 50 is even harder
  9. Senketsu

    Rory has stated before that the reason kills dont count in safe zones is because there's people who enjoy RPing more than they enjoy PVPing. If kills start counting in safe zones, the hardcore RPers will have a harder time staying alive because they suck at PVP. Kills should count in safe zones though. I remember the days where you could kill someone and rev them over and over in a safe zone to complete your mission. Kills should count ESPECIALLY in villages, because they have so many jonin bots to protect them, and they can run into the hospital regardless of the combat lock. If you can get into a village and kill someone, they're just bad at the game. Shouldn't be able to take bounty though in safe zones though, just kills. @Ueda
  10. Senketsu

    I've done it on 5+ alts, each with about 1 or 2 tries.
  11. Senketsu

    There should be second entrances to every village. Leaf has the sewer entrance. Mist and sand should have the same. I see no problems with this, especially with sand having such narrow entrances to their gd and village.
  12. Senketsu

    Blocking and wearing a mask is an option. You can also just report someone if their comments are overly toxic. Toxicity can be used in RP. I agree that toxicity can be annoying and is often times unnecessary, but it's a good way to entertain ourselves. There's many people in this community who try to provoke people to be toxic by being passive aggressive and indirect with claims. This is a part of life as well, not just video games. Not everyone does it, so just block the people who you know are going to do it, or mask up. I enjoy being toxic myself, especially when I die to a gf wm, hybrid light wm, tai med, hybrid win, or anything else thats braindead in the game.
  13. Senketsu

    someone from seigi is getting kage, this post was pointless
  14. Senketsu

    Happens to me too randomly, even if I'm not using the jutsu
  15. Senketsu

    I'm Senketsu and I approve Vinsmoke Sanji's message.