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  1. Greetings Leaf Ninja, The Twelve Guardians are here to proudly announce with great excitement that we will be offering Guard Missions to our Leaf citizens. We will assign our Twelve Guardians requested by Leaf villagers to guard them on missions, and escort them to reach their destinations safely. These missions will also be conducted in full RP mode to help encourage and support Roleplay within the village. Guard Mission services will be available through the Guardian Temple based on Guardian availability. Requests will be available by messaging Guardians privately, by public announcements through the Aviary, or using the #GuardMissions on the Leaf Discord. Guardians will also utilize the Aviary to notify that they are available for assignments as well. We will be asking for a small compensation fee of 300 Ryo on average. The fee will be negotiable depending on the difficulty of the Mission. Blank scrolls or items/drops are acceptable as well. Guardians will usually work in pairs of two, but could potentially assign more numbers depending on which difficulty tier the missions are ranked, such as: D, C, B, A and S-Ranked missions. The Ryo that Guardians receive will be split 50/50 after each week, one half goes to our Bank for Sashes/Tools and the other half for those Guardians who did the missions, equally shared respectively. There are various types of Guard Mission examples listed down here below: Example #1: A Level 10 Leaf requests to be guarded and/or helped to kill Tigers, because of enemy ninja's interrupting their grind/missions. Due to its low difficulty of this mission the price is negotiable by trading Tiger Furs worth 100 Ryo. (D-rank Mission) Example #2: A level 15 Leaf requests to be escorted to deliver a Parcel Mission and pays 150 Ryo due to its medium rated difficulty. (C-rank Mission) Example #3: A level 30 Leaf requests to complete Mist Survey Mission at a time where enemy activity is mediocrely high, thus pays a Blank Scroll worth 300 Ryo for its higher rated difficulty.(B-rank Mission) Example #4: A level 40 Leaf Ninja requests the Guardians to do the Snow Wolves mission, because people keep attacking them, and thus pays 300 Ryo due to its higher rated difficulty and longer duration. (B-rank Mission) Example #5: A Leaf Ninja requests to complete Sand Survey Mission at a time where activity is at an all-time time high, thus pays 400 Ryo due to its dangerously high rated difficulty needing more Guardians to assist (A-rank Mission) Example #6: A Leaf Ninja requests to complete Village Most Wanted / Waging War at a time where high-level skilled Ninja’s such as the Puppet Brigade, Seven Swordsmen, Sand/Mist Anbu, or Akatsuki are known to be roaming around, and thus pays 500 Ryo (S-rank Mission) Example #7: A Leaf Ninja requests assistance to kill Bandits/Guren Boss/Monkey Boss and pays 300 ryo for their services. (Self-made Mission) Important notes: -Guard Missions will not include every mission, for example Documents or Spy Missions as Guardians will not partake in tasks that are potentially suicidal. You will be advised to do these missions with a Leaf Raid Squad. -Please do not harass Guardians who decline a mission or are not available to fulfill a request. Last but not least: I’d like to give our special thanks and credits to our previous Twelve Guardian Leader @Dayum for coming up with the initiative, since none of this would’ve come into fruition without his efforts. I’d also like to thank @Jiroubou for his contributions and feedback to improve certain ideas as well. And of course a big thanks to all of our former and current Guardians as well as our current Hokage @Atrane, because this would not have been made possible without their input and support.
  2. Emiya

    I like some suggestions that Ninja has thrown out there. Using Manpower/Village Influence to set up Jonin NPC's by Council Members/Kage's at Raid Points. Or setting up a barrier that triggers an alert when a main raid point is being attacked. Only question is: Who else would have control with said influence points in Takumi other than the Akatsuki? Perhaps it's time to have the Missings crown their very first Daimyo player.
  3. Emiya

    1) Definitely yes to suggestion #1. I've mentioned this before on a previous post, but it takes about 1-2h to conclude a full raid skirmish as there isn't enough time to benefit from the bonus. 3) I'd like to see a ''Main Raid Point'' either at the Mission counter inside Kage house/Daimyo house, or inside the Kage room with an extra bonus. 6) Big yes to #6
  4. Emiya

    If you ask me, it seems like a wasted opportunity to kick Ainz from Akat to take the 300k.. then reinvite him back after.. you'd keep your end of the bargain as promised.
  5. Emiya

    Yeah, I kept tabs on the timer. Evidently shown here down below as we didn't have even have enough time to capture Mist's Raid points.
  6. Emiya

    As the title says; I'd like to suggest to set the timer of Reset to 3 hours, because it usually takes about an hour and a half to to complete a raid. There's only so little time left to fully benefit from the experience and ryo gain after a raid is concluded.
  7. Emiya

    There are many masteries in this game that were made for the sole purpose of support and crowd control. If you wish to be specialized in 1v1, then you should pick a 1v1 mastery class such as Tai/WM. Masteries such as Water or Lightning are more for additional support, stuns, and crowd control. Not every mastery has to be the similar, otherwise it would ruin the uniqueness of each class. Lightning just so happens to be one of the harder masteries to play, because it actually requires skill, precision, and timing. But what's great about Lightning is that it has a fair balance in Risk/Reward. You can get countered if your opponent anticipates your attack which will leave you vulnerable. However if you know what you're doing, you could make Lightning work incredibly well in both 1v1 and team fights. Just a personal opinion, but I'd much rather pick a unique mastery combination/build that's unpopular to others so I could keep myself separated from the rest of the meta pack. No one is forcing anybody to stick to a certain mastery. But if winning every 1v1 is all that matters to you, then by all means go make a Tai/Med and cheese the game.
  8. Emiya

    I can't say that I disagree with you there, @Souei. I get the impression that Bubble was created as a support / crowd control mastery, but at the moment it seems to do a pretty terrible job as you pointed out the design flaws in Bubble Clone and Bubble Shark Jutsu. As you said, adding a bit of dmg would not solve the existing problem, though it would help at least a little for the time being. I do however agree that a redesign for Bubble is definitely needed. Thanks for adding your thoughts.
  9. Emiya

    Edited post adding my quick thoughts about Pipe, cause I firmly agree with you there. I had asked @Ueda once if he'd consider locking Pipe to Mist Water Mastery only as he said that he would think about it.
  10. Emiya

    Keeping this short and concise, because these have been pointed out numerous time while falling into deaf ears. Bugs Bubble Chakra Charging Bug: Charging Chakra of the Bubble user is interrupted whenever an enemy mob walks into their Bubble (melee) Bubble Clone: Does not register kills with missions ----------- Improvements Bubble Clone Improvement: Bubble has a very limited amount of jutsu and is very underwhelming as a solo mastery. I would like to see Bubble Clone be used as an additional summon, rather than being interchangeable with actual summons. Potential Buffs: Bubble could use a little bit of a damage buff on their jutsus since they tickle more than they actually hurt people. I'd also like to see a new lvl30 jutsu because there's a gap between the lvl25 Bubble Clone Jutsu and the lvl35 Bubble Shark Jutsu. ----------- Pipe I firmly believe that Pipe should be locked to Mist+Water Mastery only, because this weapon has been more beneficial to Non-Bubble Int users making them capable of doing the most ridiculous combo's with it.
  11. Emiya

    As a Lightning user who's been dedicating himself into playing this mastery since 2013, I can say it's one of the finer balanced masteries currently. It is slightly underwhelming compared to other masteries as I can only think of 2 possible improvements. 1: Lightning current self stun reduced to 0.8s 2: Changing Lightning Senbon to piercing through multiple opponents (just like it originally was back in Alpha)
  12. Emiya

    At long freaking last. After a year of endless suffering with no drip.. the proud Saiyan Hayashi race can finally wear their Broly waistcloth and turn Legendary Super Saiyan to assert their dominance. Clothes on fire, and fists flying with fury. All that patience was finally worth it. Amazing work really. I may be biased to say this, but imo this is the best looking outfit made so far. Definitely worth all the time, money, and effort invested in it.
  13. Since Shirou was dressed all in white, I suppose it's only fitting that we enter this month's event in all black. Emiya has now entered the competition. And my business card.
  14. Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru. 

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, the results have finally been made. It has taken quite some time to discuss these amazing screenshots and entries with our other staff members who have also voted and voiced their opinion. Without further ado here are your three winners of the Nin Online Screen Shot Contest. First place: @Ushu Second place: @Crowlock Third place: @Ram Mirana Congratulations to these three ninja's who have submitted one of the best entries in this competition. I hereby present to you the three screenshots that have been chosen as the top three submissions: Thank you all for participating everyone. We really appreciate all of your amazing entries as they were all fantastic. Some of the entries were made very creatively. Others included great roleplay on their captures as well. A few had great comedic sense and there were also screenshots with great scenery. Personally I really like all of the screenshots that have been submitted. Some seem to have taken quite some time and effort to make so I truly appreciate the great input you guys have been showing. That is why I definitely look forward to host more great events for the future with you all. I hope you've all enjoyed this competition everyone. Stay healthy and hope to see you all on the next event! Kind regards, Shirou (Emiya)