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  1. Emiya

    I completely agree with this post. I can see Blood Puppets being a wasted space since no sane person would attempt killing 70 of them unless you're farming in a group of 8+ people with 4 medics supporting you. Even killing 70 cursed hosts sounds more reasonable than this honestly. I've messaged Rory a while back to ask if it's possible to lower the chance rate of pulling this mission as well as dropping the kill count. We'll try to see if we can make this mission more realistically achievable. So dw, it has been taking into consideration. Thank you for the suggestion and have a nice day!
  2. Emiya

    Loli for Hokage. Best Leader 2020
  3. Emiya

    I think you joined the wrong brotherhood. The Neo-Naz-uh AkatSukki's only give you free gumdrops and icecream. When you join the OG hood, you MAKE the gumdrops and icecream. You gotta be initiated to join the League of Rory's Ass-Masters 9000. Legends say you get appointed once you spin a circle and do a twirl while bending forward. I tried it myself but all it gave me was anal fissures and hemorrhoids. The +255 stat boost was more of a consolation prize if anything.
  4. Emiya

    I've always been very appreciative our community for being as considerate as you guys can possibly be. So first off I'd like to thank you all both staff members and players for sticking around with us for so long. We all deserve a good pat on the back for being as patient as we've been. I believe it's important to be transparently honest so I'll add in my thoughts regarding this post. 1. GM is a job: You're damn right, it's a voluntarily job that doesn't get you paid no matter how many hours you willingly spend to work. We have the luxury to choose when or how long we wish to be there. One of the most tiring parts is to answer the same exact questions regarding Advanced Masteries every day I log-in. Hosting events isn't as tiring as long as everyone is having a blast when things are going smoothly according to schedule/rules. 2. Lost feelings: You can't imagine how often I've bugged Rory for having conflicting emotions of wanting to quit because I wasn't feeling happy anymore. You have to realise that the only fun that's afforded to me is the pleasure of sharing fun interactions and activities with you guys. And with boredom I might do things that's out of the ordinary to spark some interest. I can even go slightly overboard or step out of my boundaries since I'm a flawed human making mistakes just like everyone else. Because of that I'm grateful for Rory and you guys for putting up with me. It is a downer when you're restricted playing the game that you've grown to love so much over the years. I've had burn outs that lead me to take some breaks due to personal and Nin-related reasons, but still I came back every time whenever I was fully recharged to offer my love and passion for you guys. Despite all the ups and down, we currently have an amazing staff team right now and it's great to be part of something bigger. It brings me joy to see how far we've come and how far we'll come. 3. Receiving hate: Lol. Yeah where to begin? Personally I'm quite nonchalant and laid back in these situations as I know how to stay chill when being under fire. But if you're easily agitated, then this is NOT the job for you. We've seen staff members hit their breaking point and fire on all cylinders after caving in to the pressure of the harassment in this world. We all have our own limits. But personally dealing with people's beef for one another and having to play peacekeeper and enforcing rules is a lot more exhausting. 4. Being reserved: I think it's not a secret that I'm calm most of the time, but every word and action does have its consequences. In all honesty: I think I'm pretty professional and mature to be qualified for this job. You guys have known me long enough that my actions speak for themselves. But I'm also unfiltered and tend to speak exactly what's on my mind which can give the complete opposite impression. I like to joke around and bring some laughter with questionable taste in humour. To find that balance of being serious and wanting to dick around can be a challenge.( Am I right Rory? Erox? ) 5. Managing time: This speaks for itself. Anyway I think I've rambled on for long enough. If there are any questions you guys are interested in knowing: feel free to ask me. But all in all, I'm pretty much on the same boat with Erox and his perspective when reading his answers. Thanks for taking your time to conduct the interview and also reading my boring auto-biography. You all have a wonderful day~
  5. Emiya

    Bruh, Yousei's my daughter in-game :| Y u do dis. xD
  6. It's fine if you want to account share, but remember to proceed with your own risk. If there's any slight hint of illegal activity, there's a good chance that both of you will be banned on your other accounts as well. I hope that answers your questions. ^^
  7. Emiya

    You got it right, @Sukki. Nice work, brother. The floor is all yours now.
  8. Emiya

    Alright, so since I won that round. I guess it's my turn now. Description Despite that I became Hokage, I had lost my rank in about 30 minutes after my promotion. My name was never officially documented in the records books. Who am I?
  9. Emiya

    The lady in Leaf with an unforgettable laugh has to be the one and only Hgadhasfgha- @Hanami
  10. Emiya

    Welcome to Nin Online, Danielle! I hope you'll be having lots of fun with the game and our community. The Sand Village might not be the most populated one, but they definitely have close ties with one another. Although it is sad to hear that some enemy ninja's would occasionally hunt newbies at lower-leveled areas, even though they don't get any rewards for killing people at safe zones. But hey, it is what it is. Stay strong and try not to succumb to the harassment of others! I would advise you to get to know your superiors and call for back-up whenever things don't go as planned. Also feel free to ask for any tips. Most of us here are more than happy to assist new players. ✌
  11. Emiya

    I completely agree with this. The sound of the claws is very off-putting. You definitely want to hear something that grabs your attention when you slice-and-dice your enemies to shreds. The visuals make you feel like you're Wolverine, but the audio leaves a lot to be desired for your imagination. 11/10 best jutsu in-game
  12. Hey there, I see the phantom jail bug has caught a lot of people's attention lately. I've recently explored how the issue is being caused as I've also brought this up to our staff a while ago. This phantom jail basically occurs when you've targeted another player prior to using your jail jutsu on a mob or NPC afterwards. To clarify, when you use the jail jutsu on a mob, it will instead jail the person you had targeted before that. Be wary that even if they're not on the same map, they can still get jailed. So for the time being, I hope our Military Police Officers will take caution until this bug has been resolved. Thanks for bringing it up!
  13. Emiya

    Very well, looks like it's been taken out of my hands. But I want these non-believers to believe in love once more. So you're allowed use any force necessary *makes another gif-meme* @Rumaki @Steezo @Pandora
  14. Emiya

    Sure, why not. But first they need proper counselling because one of the partners seems to be having issues in anger management. And well, you just got yourself the right wing-man right here. All I have to say is: It's just a matter of time of working things through.- Oh, nvm I just saw Erox' reply about the divorce. Seems they might need a lawyer for this one. I'm afraid this goes beyond my expertise.
  15. Emiya

    I like this post, but these two here are driving me insane. For the love of- Just Marry Already!