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  1. What mastery should I play since I suck at aiming? I like earth/wind for the 2 run cast homings, the 1 stand cast aoe homing, and flicker claw homing... But I know I can do better. What should I choose?
  2. Hi there, my account, Nefarious, is currently linked to the discord account tied to my profile to be able to speak in Nin's discord, but I'd like for my account to be linked to my actual discord. Please dm me to help me figure out which of my accounts is linked to my main discord so I can un-link it and re-link it to this account. Email confirmation on both accounts will be of no issue.
  3. Nefarious

    I would do this if homings didn't exist. High dps is not viable anymore unfortunately as Rory does not want builds with one shot capability. Even with 250 int (Leaving 40 for chakra) you would not one shot the average level 50.