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  2. This game needs a streamlined mission system. 1-30 quest line please. Kthnx

  3. We are naked, we are forever. Also, Rory is the best. I died shortly after taking this screenshot. NakedKage will never die. Rory has joined the ranks. ~ Neo-Naked ~ Welcome to my office.
  4. Satan


    The thought of Mist being released this year has me extremely excited. It has been my favorite village for the longest time. Now I need to decide whether or not I'll go with pure Tai or Tai/Medic...choices. When all this is released I hope you give mastery resets, as-well as village resets (when mist is added). The only reason I would not join Mist is due to having to re-level my character. Just some stuff to think about as y'all move forward.
  5. You: Not today Satan!

    Me: What about tonight?