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  1. Lumy

    I don’t care if the CD doesn’t get increased but lowering it would be bad. Whatever it is to nerf these combinations, they need. But I guess you’re right. Yes, switching weapons requires so much skills.
  2. Lumy

    WHAT!?!?!? Well, the disadvantage is there to balance it out You’re speaking as if WM/Fan and WM/Bubble are not already strong asf with the cooldown on CD. Without that CD these ninjas would be able to swap between high damaging weapon to CC weapon with no problem which is wrong. It is already easy to switch weapon and you barely feel it. As mentioned earlier the CD isn’t even always working (Im pretty sure the first two swaps have no CD). It is way too easy to swap weapons and with all these new weapons (probably others coming). Things will become even more cancerous to fight against. The CD should be near 10 seconds.
  3. Lumy

    The CD is already bugged, sometimes the weapon swap can be instant without having to wait 5sec. If we’re being honest the CD is too low and should be increased.
  4. Lumy

    Its a god damn joke Leiting
  5. Lumy

    Im pretty sure Leitings head was climaxing once he heard about Team Agression joining them. An out of body experience. Got Leiting feeling like some rockstar
  6. Lumy

    Wind with no tools is definitely hard to be good with with that vacuum nerf. HOWEVER, I feel like with jutsus like claw and drilling (triple hit)(does more damage than vacuum), wind is still strong enough, I feel like drilling and claw should've been looked into instead of vacuum. Because, regardless, wind with CC tool like fan and pipe is still one of the most busted thing around when without it, it is a complete different game. If vacuum's cast time gets taken away, the damage should be nerf, it should selfstun the user too, and the CD should be way higher.
  7. Well, he meant it( like he meant you’ll have to reset) but the answer "you’ll get a reset", well I see it as a slight joke, an answer with a tone of humour (because he meant you’ll get nothing from him). Listen my English is broken. Please don’t make it difficult to the point where I can’t explain myself. I barely know the difference between many and much.
  8. He meant, you’ll literally get a reset. (reset your character) It was a slight joke
  9. Lumy

    If it gets a buff there needs to be a nerf on another jutsu from the kit because WM is strong enough and doesn’t need any kind of buffs.
  10. Lumy

  11. Lumy

    Ori I am asking you to unlike this comment. We’ve spoke about liking stuff on the internet already.
  12. Lumy

    Where is Mubo?
  13. Lumy

    I just want to know where people get that info from. ''Rogue is a punishment''. The punishment is already made by not having access to many RP and Village Event stuff and by being able to play actively with a small portion of people. I'd just like to see where did Rory said that because y'all seem to know better than him about the game. If you're not quoting the owner of the game say it you shouldn't make those statements it is what we called misinformation. Back to the subject. CBK which requires almost twice the amount of kill when we compare it to Waging War IV and they both give around the same XP. CBK is way harder to do for a rogue. Rogues get to kill more people but they're also vulnerable to every ninja in the ninja world (Unless you share an org).
  14. Lumy

    Slept on village with a slept on Kaze!