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  1. Lumy

    I agree on the fact that crystal fan and blood iron fan is overtuned. However, for a pure fan/bubble a cast time would be overkill. The masteries relies on their hidden weapon alot. -Fan has either a cast time or a selfstun on every jutsu. -Bubble probably has the lowest base damage on jutsus. So at the end everything comes to their weapon. I don’t think the basic,double nor blue fan deserves a cast time. Same for bubble weapons. However there should definitely be nerfs on basic fan/pipe so elemental don’t abuse it. Taking off the knockback on basic fan/reducing the snare time on pipe would be great. As for the crystal fan and blood iron fan. I think they should only be one tile. Because three is way too much and not necessary for the current balance of the game for the least. At the end my point is (Pre-Land Of Iron) STR WIND and BUBBLE are far from being OP. Bubble being the weakest mastery on the game. Main problem is hybrid abuse. If a cast time is added to all their weapons I think the kit should be reworked to compensate. Great suggestions anyway, I will be happy with any changes.
  2. This video is just showcasing Nin's Open World. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Lumy

    I also think that there should be stuff to make people that are level 60 leave the DZ. There should be some types of rewards for killing people. Some type of missions that reward players 500-1000ryos for staying in a certain amount of times in DZ or just give a good amount of ryos on Waging War Killings (around 500-1000) too. Well maybe 100ryos per kill. I think it would incitate players to go out to at least get tools money. When you think of it, the mission that gives the most ryos is Guard Duty which asks you to stay afk around your village for 30 minutes.
  4. Lumy

    I think more warzones should be added too... Here is a list of the map that I think should be WZ - K Bridge - Asoki Port - The map before Cursed Host - Takumi River - Outside bounty stations I like small hunting teams or hunting solo, and it can get annoying at times when you try to do it and you encounter a zerg because it's ''safer''. I know it is a team game but right now it's quite impossible to enjoy the open world pvp with a small group or alone which is unfair for the players that enjoys the game differently
  5. Lumy

    I disagree with leaf ''having'' to have a weapon, simply because the weapons in Sand aren't made simply for fun or to buff a village. They're hidden weapons that are needed to use hidden mastery. Obviously, I disagree with the fact that hidden weapons are available for regular villages (doesn't really make them hidden no more). But having the mentality of just giving a weapon to leaf since it's a content another village has is wrong. But I don't want to argue about that if you truly feel like Leaf deserves a weapon, you're free to make a suggestion about it, I don't want the whe discussion to be turned into something else.
  6. I think the main balance issue of the game the last year has been the 20 STR hidden weapon being used by any ninjas. Many topics have been made about them but nothing really has been done about it. The main problem with these is the fact that the hidden weapons have better use with elementals than with hidden masteries (In group fights, 1v1s or any aspect really). To access them CC weapons you only need 20 strengths which is really low, especially since the new level cap (low stats sacrifice matter less and less). The pipe has a better use for int users than it has for bubble users, it's better at any aspect. Being a double elemental wind with 20 STR has a better use than it has for a 60 STR Fan user with blue fan. I have a few suggestions. 1- Make basic Pipe a 1 sec snare 2- Lock them to their hidden masteries. 3- To be able to use elemental jutsus you must unequip your fan/pipe. -> This is the best looking solution in my opinion, hybrid can still be viable but not as overpowered. I don't know if these suggestions would work, but all we're asking for is a change because fighting them is cancerous and really ruins the gameplay. PvP is one of the most popular aspect of this game, and having a cancerous gameplay is really a problem. As long as it's getting looked at, I'm fine with anything!
  7. Lumy

    I don't think Pog was trying to put the focus on the PL! He is saying that I should do something about people complaining/persecuting others for killing their alts. Sadly, I have no control over player's feelings/behaviour!
  8. Lumy

    It got reduced to 4 tiles and stuns for 0.5sec, which makes it not that bad and beatable but I’d rather have it 6 tiles with no stun and knockback, looks more balanced to me. I don’t think a weapon should stun
  9. Lumy

    I think this topic is only made to stir up drama. You’re acting as if you’re helping the village but you are not. There will not be a PeaceList. I have seen 0 authorities persecuting people for killing Sand’s inner circles alts(there is no inner circle in Sand either). Literally no one. There’s also no favouritism in Sand. Therefore I’d like you to stop spreading fake propaganda because I get persecuted by my close friends for not doing favouritism @Wolfskin Reiketsu. People need to realize that by the rules, you’re allowed to kill any non sandies. Of course, not killing Sand alts will stir up less drama which is nice. But now, I am getting asked to do something about people crying for their alts getting killed? This is more than stupid. I have no control in that. This is most likely my last comment on the topic, it will get locked if it’s get out of hand.
  10. Lumy

    I could careless about your drama antics
  11. Lumy

    You never came to me about it and yet you’re crying on forum as if it would change the outcome Im not paid well enough to deal with PL drama, youre allowed to kill every non Sandies what is so hard to understand?
  12. Lumy

    I think you could DM me about your concerns instead but the rules will not change
  13. Lumy

    I dont mind any changes, it stilk can be stronger than the blue fan without being overtuned For exemple you can take off the stun and keep the piercing effect to get that good use in group fights
  14. I think many knows by now how Crystal fan is. As a fan user, and a crystal fan holder, the pvp aspect is not fun for me anymore, it is way too strong. Even though it is beatable if my opponent is staying distant the whole fight, I have many gap closers to help me like sub and flicker. A weapon should not be able to have a stun and have a three tile projectile. Instant stun + three tile is overtuned. I suggest : 1 tile, 8-9 tile range, higher base damage no stun and piercing effect. 1 tile, 8 tile range, 20 base damage, stun and no piercing effect. Keep the effects has they are with much less base damage (10 base damage) but 20 chakra drained every melee. Idk whatever, you guys can suggest anything really but the weapon needs to be nerfed. I feel like the weapon can still be strong without it being overtuned.
  15. Lumy

    If anything Sand has shown countless of time, regardless of how boring the gameplay is, we’re willing to push just to have a fight knowing there’s a higher chance we lose. Did it countless of times and WON. We exposed you already. You do camp mapswitch the most which is something I don’t do (unless the opponent is camping with traps in another map obviously) because of how boring it is as a gameplay. That’s why when I camp mini I tell my people to go south shore to allow the enemy to enter the map with no casualties. I even use to tell my people to leave the map even though the entrance isn’t trapped and camped for y’all to come in. If anything, I dislike liars and hypocrites, Sand does not sweat to secure the win and engage battle in disadvantaged situations just to have a fun fight and to try to get a win. We have to come up everytime with strategies for Leaf to engage a fight or do anything. So yeah, it is an hypocrite thing to do from your part since you camped entranced and choke points the most and complain when others do the same. However, I don’t know why it turns into a village versus village battle. THE MAPSWITCH MECHANIC IS WRONG It must be fixed like Atrane said because it is not fun. People traps entrance and spam jutsus at the entrances of maps which gives too big of an advantage to the one holding the map because there is little to no chance for the opponent to win that battle. Instead of bashing the other village we should all unite and try to get a change from a mechanism we BOTH do not enjoy. Please, keep it as it is and suggest things to fix it instead of arguing for it to be another subject Rory ignores. @Ueda please take a look