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  1. Lumy

    No one really quits Nin. Especially after a farewell tour message. BUT, I wish you the best, even though we had our arguments you made me laugh so much and it was funny being on your side.
  2. Lumy

    Overall during a spar, due to much cooler CD earth homing will deal way more damage than Winds.
  3. Lumy

    Wind is meant to be bursty, so is fire. Fire = AoE burst Wind = Single target burst (Earth homing, has a way lower cooldown than Wind’s wich allow them to deal more damage overall during the course of a fight.) I thought wind was fine, until claw has been added, wich allows wind user to chain a high base damage jutsu after vacuum. I think they should remove the stun on vacuum & reduce the base damage on claw. However giving a cast time on claw is a push to me since it has a short hitting range. A cast time could be added if the selfstun (1sec) is taken off.
  4. Lumy

    The Alliance between Akatsuki and Mist is over. Feinz is in discussion with Caio currently to disown Ichika from the Mirana Clan.
  5. Lumy

    @Dona we have seen what you did to Vali. Public shaming is the #1 tool when you want an abuse to stop! Keep going!
  6. Lumy

    '' Them corners leave a n**** boxed in, trynna break free Crazy how I love the same block that tried to break me (...) They killed MARTIN for drreaming and now I can't sleep (...) We missing you man, this aint how this shit supposed to be Feel like I'm STUCK, I wish them streets never proposed to me (...) Remember we ain't have a thing, same clothes for weeks Hardbody, them situations molded me Needed money and grew accustomed to this fast life Pressure from this way of living so we blast pipes Shit got me streesing 365 nights Them people working against us like we don't have rights'' - Polo G ( Wishing for a Hero) Blessing you again with some Polo G music who has been adressing these problems for years now. I highly suggest you to listen to some of his music because he has been expressing the struggle the minorities have been going through.
  7. Lumy

    Why are you only speaking about police brutality? I have spoke about a systemic racism, that is all over the globe. What is happenning to muslim people is horrible. But again, can you really compare what's happenning to a race for hundreds of years to a religion? In my opinion, you can't. I am not saying anything situation is worst than another one, but they're both completely different. But instead of trying to diminish what's happening to my people. Take actions. I am claiming for justice. Black countries/communities have been robbed and killed too. Nothing really has changed. Our land has been stolen, we've went trough genocides, slavery. Systems robbing us, taking our lives, keeps us from growing IN PLACES where LIBERTY AND EQUALITY are supposed to be VALUED( wich is not the case in China and many Asian countries). It is not overhyped, it is deeper than police brutality. Inform yourself please, because I will not write an harvard essay for you to understand what's happening. I also suggest you to reread the topic, because it is not only about police brutality. I pray for muslims, and what happens to minority communities is horrible. BUT THIS IS NOT ONLY ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY THERE NEEDS TO BE A CHANGE ON THE WHOLE SYSTEM AND THAT'S THE ACTION WE MUST TAKE TO MAKE A CHANGE. SPREAD AWARENESS AND PROTEST UNTIL WE CAN'T BREATH. Therefore, stop being focused on police brutality because this is not the only subject. I will ask the rest, to just keep having a peaceful conversations and not get this topic out of hand so it doesn't get locked.
  8. Lumy

    I have expressed how it is a global problem. How the black community has been suffering all over the globe for hundreds of year. I wonder how you would feel , if you see someone say : them muslims are terrorists that bombs other countries. But thank you for showing your true colors. But I highly suggest you to do your research before saying anything. You might aswell start by watching the documentary. There's no need to argue with you, if you aren't really aware of what's happening, or has been happenning the last hundreds of years. Because if you think that only black people are rioting... I think, you're just not aware of what's happenning. I could share you some knowledge if you want to. I feel for your people and hope you will take action!
  9. Lumy

    I will enligthen you. @Enver I am not happy by the situation that is happenning to current muslim in China. But when I have stated that only black lives matter? What do you think is happening to black people in China? I will not go into a contest, but I want you to know, that the black community has been suffering for 400 years now. EVERYWHERE IN THE GLOBE. There has been genocides, slavery, systemic racism, segregation ( IN THEIR OWN LAND TOO). I highly suggest you, to do everything you can to help your community ( I feel for muslims, because I know what it feels like, and I truly think that changes should occur), but my community has been fighting for hundreds of years, and we're still fighting over the SAME THINGS. Wich explains why we keep fighting and using every tools we have. @Kuraen Alarnin Black Lives Matter doesn't mean that every life doesn't matter. On the contrary, we're expressing our pain and how we feel, because it feels like currently BLACK LIVES DOESN'T MATTER and we want the world to know, that BLACK LIVES MATTER. After seeing those answers : I am letting you guys know, that you are part of the problem.
  10. Lumy

    As we all know, the death of Mr. Floyd has been a mainstream subject on social media. For being black myself, I must take responsibility and do everything I can that can help. Many told me doing that would be risky, but I still decided to spread awareness in this community. POLICE BRUTALITY Police brutality towards colored people and racial profiling is something that has been a problem in the United States. Many black people have been beaten down, getting checked on for just being black and most importantly died. But what I want you to understand is that those things are present in every place where the black people are a minority. It is just not as much publicized (it is still nowhere near what happens in the USA with many black people getting shot at). Still, places like France and Sweden have many cases publicized (I can tell you that Police Brutality is present in Canada’s metropolis). This is not a national problem, but a WORLDWIDE problem, and we should all take responsibility and spread awareness. SYSTEMIC RACISM If you look back in history, black people went through slavery, segregation, War on Drugs (which was a movement made to incarcerate black people). With all that heritage, you can guess how hard it is to deal with the current system since many laws and movements were made to stop the black empowerment. Colored people have a poor heritage (economic wise), and it has been proven that it is hard to get out of poverty when you do not have all the advantages the rich people have. They always have been put in the same poor neighborhoods (land, territory ) which obviously increase crime rates and get them stuck in a cycle that some can’t get out of unless they work 200x harder and get as much help as they can. INCARCERATIONS ‘’There is, for example, five times more white drug users than black. Relative to the population, black men are admitted to state prison on drug charges at a rate that is 13.4 times greater than that of white men.’’ – Human Rights Watch There is a documentary on Netflix named 13th, the documentary denounce how the United States has managed to incarcerate black people INTENTIONALLY and how they have made economic benefits from it by proposing laws and signing contracts with private prison corporations. For example, there is the crack vs cocaine cases : Crack was a drug used by low income and minority communities, it was a cheap drug, and people would get a much higher sentence for getting caught with it. Cocaine was a luxury drug used by higher-income communities. Colored people were targeted during the Drug Wars (1970-1989) in United and got incarcerated for it. ‘’A comprehensive examination of the 100-to-1 crack versus powder cocaine sentencing disparity under which distribution of just 5 grams of crack carries a minimum 5-year federal prison sentence, while distribution of 500 grams of powder cocaine carries the same 5-year mandatory minimum sentence.’’ – American Civil Liberties Union. Let’s not deny how hard it is for a black man that got out of jail to get a job, which in most cases will lead someone to go back to sell drugs since he doesn’t see any other solution which is an example of the toxic infinite cycle that is similar to the cycle where you put all the poor people in the same place and the consequences it leads to. CONCLUSION To conclude, all I want to say is that the system being racist is a known fact, and if you refuse to believe it, you are part of the problem. Do your research and you will see how harder it is for a black man to get a business loan from the bank than an Asian that just immigrated to the State and used the credit score he has from his country. ''You ain’t my color, then you don’t know the struggle of living black Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that? (…) We seventeen, got 40 years in that court when we getting cracked Stuck in the system, they just watching us fail while they sitting back The government cutting checks, but can’t cut a n**** some slack It’s hard to get a job, so we hustle and flip a pack It’s all a set-up, no wonder why they call this b*** a trap (…) This all we know, a life of peace is what we can’t see I’m from where we UNHEARD and we can’t SPEAK We go to school, they try to tell us what we can’t be '' – POLO G I will leave you from some lyrics of Polo G, a rapper that went through this, and also I highly suggest you to go watch the Documentary 13th on Netflix ( It will explain how the United States benefits from incarcerating black people). I would also ask you to SPREAD AWARENESS about it. The more people get to know about how the system works, the more we can fight against it and change it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - DOCUMENTARY 13TH - It is really interesting and worth the time, if you decide to watch it, share it on your social media, so more people can see it and try to convince your circle ( close friends and family to watch it). Especially if you're black, you must do something, as simple as that. If you aren't willing to watch a documentary that last 1h40, I just want you TO WATCH THIS, Take 4 min of your life and watch it. Like I said earlier IF YOU DONT SEE IT, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM As a black man, I did what I had to do, I did my job! DO YOURS!
  11. Lumy

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    I agree both jutsus needs a change
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