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  1. Just uploaded one of my funniest video, hope you enjoy!
  2. Lumy

  3. Lumy

    Earth? No lmfao. Play GF or STR WM
  4. Lumy

    lol u abuse fan stuns at least i dont even use one, everyone abuses gentle fist and spams flicker then runs away, so do wm with their homings tornados is a boosted move and u spam it a lot, at least i dont do that but in conclusion everyone abuses builds trying to make the best one with cool masteries, i made this account before the wind buff and was using it so i dont see whats wrong with continuing to use it after it got buffed? lmao i think you are just salty that akatsuki swiped sand in danger zone twice today oopsie!
  5. Lumy

    @Vipe @Yami @Ryujin @Zabu (was shown already...) @Dona @FreezeHud @Kuuzan Are all filthy abusers.
  6. Lumy

  7. Lumy

    Yeah I know it is not an abuse, knockbacking in the direction your opponent is faced is intended. But using that mechanism to make your enemy run into them can fairly be seen as abuse, compared to fire/water bullets that can triple hit because your opponent ran into them without the use of the game mechanism wich is fair enough.
  8. Lumy

    All Imma say is... the clip where I got one shotted due to the 500 damaging drilling air bullets got me rage quitting. @Feinz I thought Morgan Freeman showed you the difference between a snitch and a rat!
  9. Lumy

    I will leave this clips right there, full of proud abusers! Names of the drilling air bullets abusers will soon get dropped if y'all want the tea.
  10. Lumy

    If you decide to follo the Wind/WM path full strength is the way to go...
  11. Lumy

    40 Strength is not worth for windmask since it shares cooldown with a deadly homing. However. Going Pure Strength is not the best option. Hybrid works better. If you want to be more powerful you must only get 20 strength and invest in Intellect.
  12. Bro it is not intended stop acting like it is. ''It is not a bug it is something you can do''. You're telling me you're supposed to be able do that with the Academy too? It didnt use to be like that in Sand either.You're acting as if in Takumi there was no timer on hospitals. I don't care on what alt you were to be honest, it doesn't mean anything. I never defended anything either, I just said that the people complaining are abusing stuff too. You make 0 sense.
  13. Dude it is a timer bug stop denying it if you want something fixed you don’t have to do some biased lie to prove a point. You shouldn’t be able to enter hospital building after being attacked. It is not intended.
  14. It is funny how you all complain about this but 1. Using Jonin bugs so they can be in specific spots 2. Using map switch timer bug on hospital and academy to enter it even though you’ve been recently hit.