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    That’s the best solution right there. People think fan/pipe is there for fun... it’s there because they’re needed to use hidden jutsus... Why would you just randomly give an exclusive weapon to leaf for no real reason since the weapon won’t be attached to a mastery. Lock them to their mastery & nerf the first hidden weapons. You’ll see a high decrease from hidden weapon use.
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    I regret not being there for my son @Vipe
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    Great initiative!
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    Yeah I don’t think you can keep playing the game or have fun by doing a full 6 months as Kage it all leads them to quit the game completely but I am fine with @Uedas decision
  6. Lumy

    Clearly, you have never been in that position and wouldn't know how to handle things. - First of all... there is no such things as a Co-Kage. One character remains in Power with the Kage Powers. - Trying to keep a non-leaf village active is way harder than you think. That's why, as you may have noticed by now, both Sand and Mist had difficulties with activities in the village or with Kage terms lasting 6 months. The new player does not chose leaf 80% of the time, therefore the village does not grow naturally. The charisma/strength of the Kage/Village will make people go there. - From a Non-Kage standpoint you should be able to see that letting a player holding power for half a year is pretty crazy. Especially in a system like Mist ( it is not exactly this way right now) but in Mist you could actually be loyal to the village and do plenty of efforts for it and a rogue wins the tourney and all you've worked for goes straight to the garbage. - When I do something, I do it to the fullest. I'd rather completely leave than actually stay away for 1 month and comeback. Even though I am thinking of retiring a part of me doesn't want to quit on the village. - You can ask any player that has been Kage, and they all said that they wish that one no one. It is a draining position and that's why having this responsability for this long is crazy. It is a second job that you're not getting paid. Go ahead and ask any old Kage if they "enjoyed" their term. It is fun the first few months of course, especially if your village is doing so good but after awhile it is consuming your energy. I actually think that no previous Kage would be against that. It's quite easy to judge from an outside perspective.
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    That is not the question but thanks for your concern!
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    Being Kage is draining, having to lead and moderate a 1/3 of the community for 6 months, which is half a year is way too much considering we got other stuff going on in our lives. I think the Kage terms should be reduced to 3 to 4 months. Just the idea of having this big of a power for half a year is crazy to me but the responsabilities that comes with it are even worse. Some will say that you can just chill and relax but doing that will only make the village go downhill. It's been three months and I'm drained. I wish that to no one... however I think reducing the term would be good for the community and the Kages themselves... a win win situation.
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    The weapon from land of Iron both knockbacks and stuns which can be pretty cancer since it can triple hit with no way from the opponent to land some attack while being knockbacked. Which is something people could do before. There is two solutions. -Make these new weapons 1 tile but better versions of blue fan. - Remove the knockback and keep the stun(or replace the stun with a slow effect) so they don’t triple hit
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    Nice initiative sweaty Ninjas!
  11. Lumy

    Please, do something! Black Rain will suffer from brain tumor
  12. Lumy

    Lock them in hospital, I’m tired of fighting back the same guy for 5 minutes straight after he got stomped 10 times in a row.
  13. Lumy

    We need a GMs that will host Tourneys, Kenock used to host one every week so there was no problems for either coupons or anything. We barely get one every two months.
  14. Lumy

    Yamikami goes Tai -> Suggestion for tai Yami goes light -> More cast time please Rory Yamikami goes GF -> GF is hard mastery Yamikami goes Sand -> Puppet suggestion Yamikami goes Akat -> Akat passive suggestion What is next! But seriously, official organizations already have overwhelming buffs, (beside 12G), so adding a passive would make it pretty cancer and more annoying to be honest. If a passive is to be added, the buffs should be toned down
  15. I think most rogues are cool with that. I think it is what should be done because anyway they’re constantly in the negatives %
  16. I don’t think there should be raid points in Takumi. As in they’re not a force or a village. Rogues do not fight for each other, they fight each other (especially in Danger Zones). Therefore they can not gather forces to raid villages. Takumi is currently the "easy" target. While it shouldn’t be one, it’s a little town, not a village. They also have multiple spawn points for a reason, I don’t think they should be defending any raid points, matter of fact it is quite impossible for them since they’re constantly in FF.
  17. Lumy

    I agree on the fact that crystal fan and blood iron fan is overtuned. However, for a pure fan/bubble a cast time would be overkill. The masteries relies on their hidden weapon alot. -Fan has either a cast time or a selfstun on every jutsu. -Bubble probably has the lowest base damage on jutsus. So at the end everything comes to their weapon. I don’t think the basic,double nor blue fan deserves a cast time. Same for bubble weapons. However there should definitely be nerfs on basic fan/pipe so elemental don’t abuse it. Taking off the knockback on basic fan/reducing the snare time on pipe would be great. As for the crystal fan and blood iron fan. I think they should only be one tile. Because three is way too much and not necessary for the current balance of the game for the least. At the end my point is (Pre-Land Of Iron) STR WIND and BUBBLE are far from being OP. Bubble being the weakest mastery on the game. Main problem is hybrid abuse. If a cast time is added to all their weapons I think the kit should be reworked to compensate. Great suggestions anyway, I will be happy with any changes.
  18. This video is just showcasing Nin's Open World. Hope you enjoy it!
  19. Lumy

    I also think that there should be stuff to make people that are level 60 leave the DZ. There should be some types of rewards for killing people. Some type of missions that reward players 500-1000ryos for staying in a certain amount of times in DZ or just give a good amount of ryos on Waging War Killings (around 500-1000) too. Well maybe 100ryos per kill. I think it would incitate players to go out to at least get tools money. When you think of it, the mission that gives the most ryos is Guard Duty which asks you to stay afk around your village for 30 minutes.
  20. Lumy

    I think more warzones should be added too... Here is a list of the map that I think should be WZ - K Bridge - Asoki Port - The map before Cursed Host - Takumi River - Outside bounty stations I like small hunting teams or hunting solo, and it can get annoying at times when you try to do it and you encounter a zerg because it's ''safer''. I know it is a team game but right now it's quite impossible to enjoy the open world pvp with a small group or alone which is unfair for the players that enjoys the game differently
  21. Lumy

    I disagree with leaf ''having'' to have a weapon, simply because the weapons in Sand aren't made simply for fun or to buff a village. They're hidden weapons that are needed to use hidden mastery. Obviously, I disagree with the fact that hidden weapons are available for regular villages (doesn't really make them hidden no more). But having the mentality of just giving a weapon to leaf since it's a content another village has is wrong. But I don't want to argue about that if you truly feel like Leaf deserves a weapon, you're free to make a suggestion about it, I don't want the whe discussion to be turned into something else.
  22. I think the main balance issue of the game the last year has been the 20 STR hidden weapon being used by any ninjas. Many topics have been made about them but nothing really has been done about it. The main problem with these is the fact that the hidden weapons have better use with elementals than with hidden masteries (In group fights, 1v1s or any aspect really). To access them CC weapons you only need 20 strengths which is really low, especially since the new level cap (low stats sacrifice matter less and less). The pipe has a better use for int users than it has for bubble users, it's better at any aspect. Being a double elemental wind with 20 STR has a better use than it has for a 60 STR Fan user with blue fan. I have a few suggestions. 1- Make basic Pipe a 1 sec snare 2- Lock them to their hidden masteries. 3- To be able to use elemental jutsus you must unequip your fan/pipe. -> This is the best looking solution in my opinion, hybrid can still be viable but not as overpowered. I don't know if these suggestions would work, but all we're asking for is a change because fighting them is cancerous and really ruins the gameplay. PvP is one of the most popular aspect of this game, and having a cancerous gameplay is really a problem. As long as it's getting looked at, I'm fine with anything!
  23. Lumy

    I don't think Pog was trying to put the focus on the PL! He is saying that I should do something about people complaining/persecuting others for killing their alts. Sadly, I have no control over player's feelings/behaviour!
  24. Lumy

    It got reduced to 4 tiles and stuns for 0.5sec, which makes it not that bad and beatable but I’d rather have it 6 tiles with no stun and knockback, looks more balanced to me. I don’t think a weapon should stun
  25. Lumy

    I think this topic is only made to stir up drama. You’re acting as if you’re helping the village but you are not. There will not be a PeaceList. I have seen 0 authorities persecuting people for killing Sand’s inner circles alts(there is no inner circle in Sand either). Literally no one. There’s also no favouritism in Sand. Therefore I’d like you to stop spreading fake propaganda because I get persecuted by my close friends for not doing favouritism @Wolfskin Reiketsu. People need to realize that by the rules, you’re allowed to kill any non sandies. Of course, not killing Sand alts will stir up less drama which is nice. But now, I am getting asked to do something about people crying for their alts getting killed? This is more than stupid. I have no control in that. This is most likely my last comment on the topic, it will get locked if it’s get out of hand.