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    Shizuka|静か|''Quiet'' (Was known as Vongolas) Leader : Darky Village: Sand History The first clan member was Kaikezu. Kaikezu was a Sand Genin, he wasn't one of the strongest of his class and failed plenty of exams. He was tired of being considered as a weak ninja and decided to go outside the village and find a way to become strong enough to protect his friend fast enough. During his journey, he found a Panda and noticed how his characteristics can help a ninja. Pandas are calm, and are trying to avoid unecessary conflicts. He studied the panda and implimented their characteristic to use it in combat. After that little journey, he learned that, mammals psychological characteristics are good to use in combat calm and good reflection help people to keep their poises. Since that day, he became one of the strongest ninja in Sand and made a bloodline named Shizuka.All members have pink hair and one of their abilities is to being fearless when danger arrives. Leadership: Lumy and Mylu were the leaders but left the Sand Village for political reasons and decided to join the Neo-Akatsuki afterwards. Darky, one of the most influent people in the clan took over the leadership. Dojutsu : Like mammals,Shizuka's members enter in the Wild Mode when someone in the clan get injured . Their eyes turn yellow, they become stronger. If a Shizuka dies in front of them, they lose their humanity and act like predators until they kill the enemy. In Wild Mode, they don't really control theirself so their movements are slow but their attack's damage increases by a lot. Outfit : (the left one) Achievements : 4 Chunins,2 SMPF General,2 SMPF Vice-general,2 SMPF Commander,Desert Pirates members,1 Medical corp Leader, 4 Classified ANBU members,1 team captain in ANBU,3 members went NEO-AKATSUKI and cut ties with the clan.