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  1. Can we have a small update where they spawn in every danger zone and instead of 5 minutes, make the respawn 2 minutes? Would be nice. Oh and on Boat again too.
  2. Shoutout to @Sin and @Korva for being featured in the screenshots. So to explain in short detail, in both these instances I was not damaged by an NPC or a player. @Ueda The first location was with @Korva at Bears 3 (the map before Asoki Port) where my ping had skyrocketed to 10k before I ultimately crashed. (I don't know why it keeps doing that btw it's even on Exitlag) The second situation was at the map outside of the snake map. The maximum time I've remained logged into the game while not being able to play it has been 10 minutes and that situation was with Korva. He stood by and timed my log out. During this time I will not be able to log in and will constantly get a 'Connection Lost'. Mentioning @Erox because I brought it up to him first. If you guys have any theoretical solutions whether it's to get rid of this consistent ridiculous lag spike or if it's on my end I'm all ears and ready to work with you.
  3. Dad

    I am by no means a good artist. To be honest I suck. I know that. I enjoy sharing my artwork because when people positively criticize it; it allows room for improvement on my behalf. I'm going to submit publicly my horrible design for a crown on the Nin Base. Yes, I know a crown will never be added in. Art is purely for fun.
  4. HONESTLY There's already a currency system and a market (and a black market) in game so the fact I even need to suggest a Banking NPC is beyond incredible. The amount of benefits that will come from a Banking NPC that will surely be pros for both the administrators and the players are almost limitless and will be listed in my paragraphs below. Everyone has need for a Banker, and almost everyone by the time they become a young adult owns some form of currency or a bank account; and even in the anime if you watched filler, there were platforms that held currency such as wallets, banks and more. There are empty buildings inside each village. Let's make use of them in one way or another! Pros of a Bank NPC The top reason is that it lessens the amount of alts used for banking which shapes in with Rory's original idea of sticking to one account. Almost everyone who is financially smart has a bank alt; even I do. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we're tired of having to drop our items onto the ground in order to switch to another account and pick our items back up; in fear of others attempting to steal it, with that fear increasing due to the fact that the game now has instant log-outs. I remember when I first joined the Nin Online discord and someone dropped a few ceramic armors, and this is when the server was barely stable and they weren't capable of getting their ceramic armors back because they dropped it to trade it to another account and it was forever gone. A Banking NPC would have prevented all of these issues. Some people aren't financially smart and many kids that haven't even gotten their first paychecks yet play this game. Impulse buying is a thing, no matter the case whether you are stressed or simply think an item is cool; the fact that there is nowhere other than your inventory (on pocket in real world terms) to safely store your money influences impulse buying. I have literally had to create a separate google sheet Nin Online Checkbook just to be financially smart with my ryo because I'm not very financially smart to begin with; I am a HUGE impulse buyer, but if I or any of these kids were able to store our items and ryo with a trustworthy banking NPC this could even prevent some forms of scamming while teaching some form of financial responsibility without having to go through the effort and risk of losing our items or ryo to a server loss or another player. You would be doing a very good deed by programming a Banker NPC. Getting Creative With It Now I mentioned in my prior paragraph that if a Banking NPC were included; you could teach some people how to be financially smart, but why stop there?! Currently, the most efficient way to earn ryo is to farm items and do missions but both of these methods are dry in itself. Have you ever heard of interest? Betting on people in tournaments to double or even TRIPLE your ryo? Why not implement both of these things into the game? Here's how the Banking NPC could help with that! Interest Let's say that if you deposited a certain amount of ryo in the Bank via the Banking NPC you'd receive a bit of interest for entrusting your village's banker. Let's say for every 5,000 ryo you put in you receive a little bit of a reward that goes higher up each time you deposit ryo ultimately making you more rich? Betting Let's say you're absolutely positive that @Zoomy would clap @Niti in a 1v1 and there is a tournament being hosted and they end up fighting each other. Everyone goes to their local village banker and half puts 500 ryo in for @Zoomy and the other half puts 500 ryo in for @Niti. The Banker would double your winnings based on your bet or however Rory would want that to work. (You would also have to implement in game brackets with the Bank NPC but that sounds worth it to me!) $Conclusion$ $BANKING$ $IS$ $COOL$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. Dad

    The next Kazekage has been decided from the start of Peperoni's term you foolish boy. Other than that not everyone is welcomed back. It's the Sand Village I'm sure there are people that the current system is biased towards and everyone knows this and the ones that have the bias towards them know who they are and won't even make the attempt. While most of us Sand Veterans appreciate your posts about how much love you have for the village we are waiting to see where your loyalty truly lies. If the next Kage isn't you or someone else you want; some of us expect you to jump ship or simply disappear onto an alt. You can only post so much propaganda before people start seeing past it and having their own experiences and gaining their own opinions. I look forward to seeing your progress and Ninja story Gilgamesh. As I await your rogue Sand arc that I know will happen because everyone in Sand has had one I'll be watching states away from my computer. Shame I couldn't be there in person. I'm just glad I downloaded your Sand Propaganda vids before I did they're a good laugh.
  6. Dad

    This ain't about the next Kage it's about the current. The man Peperoni Johnson. Kneel before the king.
  7. yeah yeah wassup so like bro I love rum and all that yeah yeah... Alright so let me just start of off with saying this. @Peperoni Johnson is the GREATEST Kazekage since @Dyan. Let me tell you this man's feats. Not only is this man an active Sand Kage, he be giving everyone a chance no matter who is in his DMs talkin that trash. You feel me? Peperoni Johnson is the muthafuckin King. The most Non-Biased, non-corrupt Sand Kazekage there ever was. He actively hunts, he helps out when he can he's a really considerate guy and he is righteous. If there are 11 dudes out here in his PMs saying "Don't let this guy into Sand" bro he's gonna let you into Sand cuz he ain't no bitch. No other Kage has done that on fuckin lamren bro. Like bro. like bro. **like bro** What Kage can you name that has actually had an active Sand Playerbase NONE Peperoni so cool the second he enters the Sand Map the entire sand village becomes icey asf; people naturally float to that man bro. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A JOHNSON EVEN ME. BRO. LIKE BRO. LIKE FUCKING BRO. BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He even got the style dawg. Man's got the blood katana the blue fan and everything. Shoutout to @Peperoni Johnson for bringing back the real sand ninja when no other Kage would. I'm drinking to your success. You are fucking awesome. The Johnson clan is awesome. Everything you do is awesome. Keep it the fuck up bro. You're doing great. Eres tan genial que para mi eres un nevera ambulante
  8. Dad

    I never do lol it's the same story different day
  9. Dad

    Takeda; ignore the haters and carry forward. Keep moving forward to what makes YOU happy. Do what you want. Say what you want. Take what you want. Be what you want. Kill who you want. Avenge who you want. Protect who you want. If you need any help let me know. You will always be considered one of the nicest and coolest Sand Ninja. When you decide to come back (they always come back lel.....) I'll be here. (Maybe)
  10. Dad

    Very nice. Well done.
  11. Dad

    Nej please never leave Nin again you are a literal God for this
  12. Dad

    I'm squealing like a pig with how hard I'm laughing right now
  13. Dad

    Figure it out