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  1. Machi is too hot to be placed on such a roster.
  2. Please take your time to vote. There are 24 votes in total. This is a competition that must be decided.
  3. I literally beat you the other day, champ. Your gameplay weaker than mine. And yeah I'll 1v1 you again anytime anywhere. The fashion part of Nin is dumb anyway it's a PvP game not a Catwalk contest. You don't walk into war wearing hot pants.
  4. As the title says; cosmetics are cool but pointless. We have so many war armors and flak jackets but they literally do not increase your defense. We have a utility pouch that costs 2,500 ryo that doesn't allow you to increase your tool count like it claims it does, and there are masks in game that don't conceal identity even though they are classified and labeled as well as literally named "Mask". @Ueda >If you have war armor of some kind it should absorb 15% of all damage taken >If you have Chunin/Jonin Flak Jacket it should absorb 10% of all damage taken >If you have Utility Vest of some kind it should absorb 5% of all damage taken >If you have Utility Pouch you should be allowed to carry +200 of each tool. >Red/Silver Vagabond Scarf are labeled as masks but don't conceal identity >Medical Ninja masks are labeled as masks but don't conceal identity Feel free to add on guys. I'm coming back to this game after Boot Camp 100%.
  5. Dad

    Literally just make this a basic technique.
  6. Dad

    I think the first solution is best. New maps, more mobs. Mobs on every map that include drops. The problem with the second solution is that no matter how much you increase the interval of time for invulnerability; a new problem will arise due to the fact most people who play this game myself included have low end PCs and for most it is not as simple as "Getting a better PC". Increase it too much and you'd be on the next map by then. Increase it too little and the solution remains a problem. I heard in the new client, map swap is removed as a whole. I wonder how that would effect loading time? Everyone in Sand Discord at the time knew we were going to lose that fight because we know how hardcore mapswitching is; so yeah we just charged ahead and let Leaf have their win so they'd leave us alone. You can't leave a Sand Map without seeing a Leaf within an hour. Overall? Most viable is the top one.
  7. It fucking better be. Mark my words. If Nin Online isn't around by the time I retire; I will hunt you, and your computer down and force you to re-upload it. Nin Online is how I want to enjoy my retirement.
  8. You were exactly the dude I was thinking of but I didn't want to say it out loud.
  9. There once was a man with 100,000,000 ryo. He had a wind style chakra nature and he was a weapon master. For every time someone opposed this man; he would use a full cloak combo and their health would deplete completely. Being the financially smart man he is, he never gambled, and he certainly never thought that his money would ever drain away; that is... until... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ONE STORMY NIGHT HE TOOK A LOOK AT HIS WALLET AND **THUNDER AND LIGHTNING AND RAIN POURING EVERYWHERE SOUND EFFECTS** IT. WAS. EMPTY. The man, scared nearly to death at the thought of having no ryo checked his wallet again at again and alas he had no ryo anywhere. He looked under the Takumi hospital couch, he asked Guren and Gafuki and none have seen his ryo and then it clicked.... He had to pay for more and more ninja tools every time he. ran. out. The man was approached by a shinobi wearing a black robe and a spiral mask, sword on back and hilt in hand. The shinobi said "You broke little man, you are NOTHING without your ninja tools. SWORDSMAN STYLE: CRESCENT MOON BEHEADING!!!" The once rich and powerful man's head rolled onto the floor from the shinobi's technique. Nice story, eh? Great. Guess what? That story is a reality for every single int weapon master user out here. Triple explosive tag, Exploding Spiked Ball, Shadow Shuriken, Wind Shuriken, Explosive Kunai all require tools to use. That's okay, cool at first glance except for the fact if you do the math? 400 x 3 = 1200 Village or NPC Shop in Asoki/Tigers/Tanzaku 260 x 3 = 780. Takumi It's way too expensive! It needs a change and @Yamikami here is the only one that is capable of making @Ueda change his mind around here eh? Please @Yamikami. Help us. You are our only hope. Otherwise... we will all end up like the man in the story... DEAD AND BROKE. Ty. PS: I only have 4 ryo left. I started the week with 20,000.
  10. In this video I will show from start to finish how you do Leaf Docs as a Sand Ninja. I have never seen a Doc tutorial on the Nin forum before so I figured if I did one it would be pretty cool. Since everyone likes to edit videos I decided to give raw unedited footage straight from OBS Software. As long as you're sneaky you should be fine.
  11. Dad

  12. Dad

    Yes, I use a fan. Lumy's post is TL;DR but I understand the concept because the discussion was already held in Nin Discord so everything Lumy posted I pretty much agree with. However, I who have been playing for three years already understand the concept of how to aim and use a one second cast technique. I have already landed the move without using a fan. In order to survive in this world you must adapt to the balance changes. Think of it similar to great fire bullet, or wind cyclone (fan move). I understand both arguments; but until it is changed; instead of complaining, start practicing.