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  1. Yugure

  2. Yugure

    They should add this to the Jonins too!
  3. Yugure

    See this is exactly what I mean. Can I get an F for the fallen?
  4. Sup everyone? Yesterday I actually think I reached my limit with how far the amount of stupidity an individual can produce and spew out of their tiny-sized brained all-bark no bite mouths. (If you end up reading this you know who you are) The kind of people that will screenshot what you say and manipulate the story behind the screenshot to the point they call YOU the liar and will do anything to drag your reputation down whether it's making you look bad, lying about you behind your back or even to your face publicly about a situation you know you were there for or provoking an argument with you; it is honestly tiring and I bet there are a lot of people like me that are sick of this. These ridiculously toxic people need to stop and seek help instead of attention. I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't as big of a problem on Nin but well it's an MMORPG and people seem to have nothing better to do. Step 1: Type /ignore (insert username here). This works! Sometimes you need to type it again but it WORKS! Pros: The person can no longer PM you retarded things and you can no longer see his text bubble on map chat. Cons: Unfortunately there is a bug that @Seth needs to fix where they can use a mask or the /e command to ensure that you still see what they're saying; the good part about this though is that there is a work around and all you need to do is switch to village chat kunai chat team chat or whisper. Step 2: /report (insert username here) and screenshot what they say and send it to an administrator if it breaks the Terms of Service. The response time lately has been slow but eventually at some point the administrative team will read it and do something about it most of the time. Step 3: No matter what they say do not let yourself get roped up into their drama. Their end goal is to do anything they can to get a rise out of you because unfortunately sick people like this exist and your emotional downfall is their pleasure and it makes them laugh; reasoning will not help you. Take a deep breath, maintain your ground and keep playing and chilling with your friends wherever you are. They will eventually leave because they are bored and are not getting the reaction they want from you; you win. Step 4: Report it to your local village police for a more immediate and fast reaction. Do it enough times and eventually the Police Force will get sick of jailing them and there will be enough of a report to build an exile case with the Kage. Step 5: DO NOT LOG OUT NO MATTER WHAT; DO NOT ACCOUNT SWITCH DO NOT LEAVE THE MAP IF YOU WERE HAVING A GOOD TIME ORIGINALLY!!!!! There is literally (I can not stress this enough) no reason for you to do this. You were there first, you were having a good time until these people came along and you were having FUN. Don't disrespect yourself and give them satisfaction by leaving. This goes for people in villages trying to escape the toxic situation they're in to go rogue thinking that it will be better as well. They're rogue ninja for a reason with the exception of very few chill and fun people. Step 6: Pay attention to the individual and how they act; and really think about whether or not you want to be around that person. I've done this myself many times and block people without hesitation; watch how amazing their assumption of why you blocked them presents itself; you'll have yourself a laugh for sure. That's all I really have so I hope you guys enjoy your day and happy hunting, happy farming! Unless you're toxic.
  5. Yugure

    There is nothing wrong with summons in my opinion... OHHH RIGHT EXCEPT FOR THE FACT PEOPLE FAIL 200000000000000000000 BLANKS TRYING TO GET IT LMAO But seriously; owning a summoning manual should give you a (in the very least because clearly they rarely drop items farming at all) +5% rate blank drop chance. By hand I can get two blanks every 100 scorpion tails but with a summon they rarely drop. Puppets shouldn't count because they require a summoning contract manual; unless the buff doesn't stack.
  6. Yugure

    It was the Leaf Ninja that crashed the server in the first place by spamming clone.
  7. Yugure

    What is an alt compared to transformation jutsu when I need to run and transform into Leevi so that way MacDom doesn't kill me compared to an alt that can not grab docs period? You're focusing on the wrong part of this post.
  8. Yugure

    Rubble... It is the most useless item. We need a way to get rid of this and get rewarded for cleaning up our village somehow. How about a shop where they collect 50 rubble in exchange for 10 ryo? Story line can be "I need rubble to recycle paper in the village" or whatever. Who cares if it's abusable; if you honestly have enough time to go around collecting rubble when trash bags barely even spawn (on top of that you really have to search all over the village in the most random places) you need to get up and do something productive anyway.
  9. Yugure

    I mean that's what I'm doing. Ah yes because this is 100% useful for missions such as docs leaf spy etc; turning into a Big Scarab so that way MacDom doesn't chase you out of the Leaf Village or kill you totally would help you complete missions compared to turning into @Leevi!
  10. Yugure

    You can not do this with alts......
  11. Yugure

    I am fully behind the idea of transforming myself into a leaf ninja for the purpose of camoflauge and stirring up drama. It is funny and should 100% be implemented for we are at war and it would be kind of like the time Orochimaru transformed into Naruto. Transformation: CD 60 Mimics anything you are X toggling for 15 seconds Removes immediately with Sensory Accuracy depends on level 6 levels Like or no like pls
  12. Yugure

    We should really get clone back and while we're at it for basic jutsu; we should also get transformation added in. Just a suggestion everyone have a good day!
  13. Even the coldest of warriors have their already aching hearts break when see such a sad notification. Truly sad times. You shall be missed Deathmall and Gen.
  14. Yugure

    Says the Leaf/Rogue. You are fucking ridiculous and so is anyone who pays that amount.
  15. Yugure

    This has happened once before when Seth attempted to fix team crash bug. @Seth Temporary fix: press ESC twice Charge chakra; stop and then run around