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  1. Itama Date

    What, where is @Sukki??
  2. Itama Date

    @Deviax You can always hit me up for our late night talks like we used to do for 2 years
  3. Itama Date

    "Trust me ik to much" yes great sandie Lidor who noone remebers knows the best since he couldnt do anything and only knows to talk shit :shrug: . Go do something better or the only thing u know to do is badmouth people in nin. Sure thing go ask does anbu members then and kages xD. Only good thing you done was standing at gd in sand and dying to raiders and asking for pardons :shrug:
  4. Itama Date

    Ye prob 12 anbu members raids was inactive (full org all the time) :shrug: same with that many attending kage meetings. As i remember and sand it was most active and best generation and 2 gens after that. But you are right i guess you know the best since you are the great Lidor of Sand
  5. Itama Date

    @Kekiro good times, good times
  6. Itama Date

    @Crowlock Oof you got me hahha, ty for the tip
  7. Itama Date

    Hello its me Ita, i just wanted to share a drawing/edit of my character in Nin. Hope you like it ^^
  8. Itama Date

    pb gang
  9. Itama Date

  10. Itama Date

    That wave will hit once in 100 trys lol. You can kill puppet in one or two shots and + if you cant avoid that slow puppet that cant even hit jutsu then i think you have to "go tren" more ( dyan ) . To fix it give it cd but that hp needs to get buff, what to do with puppet with 200 hp that you can one shot and then wait for cd... better use basic summons then. Look at 7sm that can prob 2 shot puppet with 2 auto attacks or even one lol, and then you have akat buff :V think you pointing at wrong org mate.
  11. Itama Date

  12. Itama Date

    The Alliance On the 26/6/2019 Sand village made alliance with Leaf village. Rule Book Breaking any of the following alliance rules will result in punishment. The rules are punishable by jail time, where two jail sessions lead to one strike and three strikes end in an exile. Note: Rogue ninjas who have alts in leaf and/or sand will be instantly exiled if their intention is to break a rule on purpose and ruin the alliance between the two villages. 1. Do not attack a Leaf ninja with the intention to kill. 2. Do not go to the allied village masked. As soon as you arrive in Sand/Leaf territory unmask instantly. Unmask at Chakra Forest if you are heading to Leaf and Large Desert map if you are heading to Sand. If you get killed because of having a mask on you won't be able to blame anyone for that action. (You can pass while masked if you show them your identity and they allow you to keep the mask on) 3. Sand ninjas are to avoid getting themselves involved in a conflict with Leaf ninjas. If you are being attacked by a Leaf ninja, make sure to take screenshots as proof and try avoiding the fight or arguing. Report the incident, along with the evidence, to the council or Kage either via discord or forum’s direct message. 4. Do not assist an enemy (Mist) “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he/she is under attack by our allied forces. 5. If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully, if you are unable to come to an agreement contact your village Kage or council. In the rare case where they are not available, try to get in touch with a trusted/respected Jonin or Chunin from your village. 6. It is prohibited to invite a known enemy of the Leaf to the respected Leaf territory whether it is for sparring reasons or otherwise. 7. Do not place a bounty on ninjas of Leaf. 8. If people of the opposing villages are sparring in a specified village and the spar leads to a death where the downed shinobi is not revived (even if there was a medic around refusing to heal), there will be no punishment for either side. Common courtesy and respect are expected from ninjas of both sides, but in this case, those who spar with one another need to keep in mind that medics can’t be forced to revive you. Note: If the Leaf ninjas break these rules which apply to both villages , please make sure to take a screenshot and report it to Council/Kage. (in case you are the victim being attacked). If a Leaf ninja invades the hidden Sand village with the intention to raid leaf , you are free to proceed with killing the invader while having proof about the situation.
  13. 1. Itama the White Priest of Suna doing hes work in Leaf. 2. Kazekage Itama's birthday in Sand's sushi bar. 3. Priests giving a speach to fallen brother in arms. 4. Kazekage coming to congratulate Vali for becoming new Hokage. 5. Itama becoming 10'th Kazekage of Sand.