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  1. @Dairuto always kicking swordsmen's ass ^^'
  2. Jero

    Do you want to make the strongest masteries in the game even more broken? haha I thought you would talk about elemental solo ^^' Those masteries are really good on their own, they don't need any buff
  3. Jero

    I recommend you play what you like the most, anyway, no mastery is totally efficient with such a high ping ... Then it is better that you use something that you enjoy and like
  4. It is not the first time that I speak about this, but if I keep insisting maybe they will solve it some day. The prices and statistics of the swords are just a joke. The Religious Katana should have less damage than the Twin Blade from what its description says The price of this sword should be higher than the Nikuya sword since it is of a higher level and of greater utility and match the price of the Twin Blade since its utility only depends on your tastes Muramasa Sword This sword has one of the best designs in my opinion and simply nobody uses it because you would be wrong in the head to prefer to spend more Stat and not have a better benefit. It should definitely have higher damage than the Religious Katana and Twin Blade. Giving a random number I don't know maybe 30 base damage this would make a lot of sense when wanting to choose it Twin Blade This sword is really a headache when you face it, the next thing I'm going to say is for you players. They should stop selling it for such a miserable price as they do since it is not so easy to get and its utility is really good Come on guys, if you need Ryos do it differently and not by humiliating swords like these or the religious katana by selling them for such a low price even less than the Ninkuya. Don't despise these tools of war Ninkuya Okay this is some kind of joke? Is it the way the Adms trolled us or what? 63 Stat requirement? Why not just 60???? Fine fine, the sword is beautiful but it is just useless. It only serves for new players to spend their money on something they will never use again and spend the rest of their lives regretting having spent that ryo. You pay more on this sword than on the really useful swords "Relig, Twin" Simply reducing the minimum Str requirement to 60 use it and increasing its base damage a little maybe 20, I assure you that many players would start using it. Stylish Sword Last but not least, my favorite sword. Just give him a little love ... Keep his low damage but at least he gives you 5 Chk points instead of just 3 You have really cool swords in the game, don't let them die into oblivion. Reuse them, improve them ... It's good to have new swords and all that but you will bury even more these swords that nobody uses, I don't think it is that difficult to change some Stat or base damage requirements. @Ueda
  5. Jero

    I had a long time without entering to play and now that I return I find this emoji beauty. I am really grateful ^^
  6. This would seem funny but, I always just went around singing and loved the musical note because it allowed me to do it. But I realized that now that I'm back in the game I can't do it, it just doesn't appear ... Please fix it @Ueda :c
  7. Jero

    I have also been playing this game for a while and from the beginning I have seen people come and go. People who have been faithful for a time and then have betrayed the village. But this man has always given his all for the good of the village. I remember when I was just a new player, this man helped me on my missions without making an excuse and not just me, every lowie who asked for his help. While other "Chunin, Jonin" only ignored me or pretended to be AFK until one of their friends entered to play Definitely this man deserves his title and not only Chunin, he deserves to be recognized as a Jonin. It is very easy to blame the kage that is on duty, but we must be clear that this is not the culprit since he must have followed the basis that Rory proposed for the CE which are wrong It is simply a tournament to see who is better in PVP. But making things clear, what good is it to be the best in pvp if your loyalty is not with your village This system must be changed, the rank of chunin or jonin must be awarded to ninjas who are truly committed to their home and to help the growth of new players, organizations and the village. This is not a rank you get just to feel superior to others, this is about fidelity and honor #JusticeForTobi
  8. Jero


    The kills should count within the village and maps around them except in places where new players, "larvae", are usually located. On the other hand, I don't know what to think about the loss of bount within the village Talking about "the problem" of the massive amount of players going out to hunt 6vs1 and you never see them alone it could be solved with this. It may sound crazy, but I like WZ because you have to be very careful not to hurt your comrades, if in all the maps "except the interior of the village" we can hurt our comrades if we are not careful. this would force people to reduce the amount they hunt, perhaps this would give a new degree of difficulty and fun to the game. And to avoid that many go to rogue by mistake, maybe they could do something that prevents you from killing your companions you would only manage to hurt them and reduce their HP leaving them with only 1hp something like "False Swipe, pokemon" Dying in 1vs1 motivated you to become stronger so that next time it did not happen, dying 8vs1 and everyone saying "Ez, reset any village, or toxic comments like these" motivate you to hate other players and eventually hate the game. We're supposed to be here to have fun, not to deal with this type of toxicity I don't know if they manage to capture my idea. Sorry my bad english ^^'
  9. Jero

    I like your idea, I usually play 20 to 29 Fps and it's really annoying to have to deal with people who run like the "Lightning McQueen" I feel like when they enter the map they steal my Fps ^^ ' I've even seen people run as fast or even faster than a Tai and they use elementary masterys Sadly, I don't think this will change since the people who benefit from this will not want it to change because they will feel slower. To be honest it would be fair to us low fps users but unfair to high fps users Most likely, the solution they recommend is "Buy a better pc"
  10. Jero

    @NitiA new update on this would be nice, I have heard some cases of new people who have sold very valuable items for an absurdly low price.
  11. Jero

    I have only managed to use that jutsu when in 1v1 the rival uses chidori, in group battles it would be suicide to use it. It is really risky but if they gave it a very radical change it could break. I agree that your self-stunning should be equal to or even less than your rival's, if this were so it would be much better and perhaps reduce the cost of chk a little
  12. Jero

    This sounds great, an amazing idea
  13. Jero

    Wind definitely needs a change and fire I think idea number 7 would be good
  14. I don't expect to be the bad guy in the story but this guy with absolutely nothing on his brain talks about things he doesn't know since he's never been part of the clan. Point number one. On many occasions I have contacted Rory to make changes to the clan's clothes and house, even one of our members is always working on arts and we sent it to Rory so that he could add his idea and unfortunately he did not has added. But this game is his, he decides what to add and what not. Instead of always criticizing and crying because you don't get what you have, you should take what the world has given you and go ahead with, in my country they often say "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" Second point. You will not find any ukiyo who tells you that I have not helped him on any occasion, I am always in communication with them even though he is not online Third and last point. @Tsumi Ninkage Stop being so hypocritical, grow and do not opine or repeat what you hear when none of this concerns you. You are not Ukiyo, you never were, and if you are in my hands you will never be. If you have something else to tell me my discord is open to put you in your place again @Chiyome Again, sorry for using your post for this. I feel very sorry but if someone throws trash at Ukiyo I will be firm to defend him
  15. I love the idea, if all this is added I would throw my sword away and go back to the path of pure INT