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  1. Jero

    Incredible idea, check this out @TheWolf
  2. Jero

    @NitiA new update on this would be nice, I have heard some cases of new people who have sold very valuable items for an absurdly low price.
  3. Jero

    "Jero is beaten and kicked with multiple battle wounds and broken bones and teeth after fighting countless Tai users." Ask with a sad smile, When will the balance come? :c
  4. Jero

    #ILoveNin I hope to continue with you for a lot more time, honestly this is the game that all my life I was looking for
  5. I wanted everyone to know that I currently have a serious problem with my internet provider and the connection goes down every 5 minutes.
    For that reason they will see me shutting down every so often and re-entering

    1. Celaeno


      Good Luck and fix it as soon as possible.