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  1. A few minutes ago I had a somewhat strange and worrying bug. When entering my character my items that I had bought in the cash shop of the forum were not there, that scared me a lot because I had no idea what was happening. After this I relogged. By doing this all my items returned but items that I had previously spent or sold previously appeared, I have not claimed them again because this would seem somewhat disgraceful. The stat reset scroll I already used a long time ago and it reappeared, the same thing happens with the purple armor, that one was sold and this one again in the inventory. What is happening? @Emiya@Erox @Ueda
  2. Jero

    You should know that this jutsu is designed to be a switch, only for that it serves, you are punished if you use it at the wrong time "risky". Wm it's fine how is it now Wm, it is not boring, each person has their own way of playing and they have fun with the skill and mastery that best suits their personality.
  3. Fun fact, when I was new to the game I thought being in the spa lowered your BI counter faster. Months after waiting for all my BIs in the spa, I discovered that this did not work. RIP
  4. Jero

    Damn, amazing video. You really scare me brother
  5. Jero

    I like this, but I think Lightning should be in the same place as Fire since if you have the feast to lv Max it is very useful and Medic Chk in the same place as Medic Int, they are a nightmare just giving meles. Both lists are right in parts, I would not know which one to stay with This is a good contribution for new players
  6. Jero

    You just want to make your mastery more powerful, because there are so many people who choose as 2nd water master? because it is very useful this is to give great support to other mastery the usefulness of the water prison is to stop crescent and chidori in addition to having a sub, I repeat the water is fine What I must agree on is that the water shark needs to be repaired
  7. Jero

    The water is already strong at the moment, elements like fire have a burn and great damage because it is not easy to hit their jutsus. The bleeding from the wind makes it really strong, but they don't have a second sub or a prison to interrupt. Even so, wind is also something op at the moment, but I am sure that they will solve it soon. This is simple justice since the users of wind were the most difficult masters and now is their time to shine.
  8. Jero

    Tai is the master that I like the least in Nin and the one I see very unlikely to use. Unfortunately, he created all my characters at very close dates and in all of them the horoscope gives me Agi. Sad
  9. Jero

    Good times, when you ran into enemies alone it was just you against him, there was nothing more satisfying than this fight between two equals to death. If you won you were happy because you showed your worth as a ninja and skills, if you died you motivated yourself to become stronger so that next time your rival would not defeat you. What should we feel after winning in 5vs1 or dying in 5 vs you. Simply a void a victory without reason or a defeat without being able to show them what you spent your ninja life improving. Everything goes to waste Your concept is somewhat wrong, The Ninjas were honorable and loyal to death but only with their masters. On the other hand they would use any method to carry out their mission #LetTheLonelyHuntsReturn
  10. Jero

    Uhm I don't know what to think about suicide to save your bount, that's something really dirty but let's think. If a ninja is caught he would rather take his own life before enemies do so to prevent them from obtaining secrets from him or the like. Suicide for the sake of your village sounds good, but I repeat that it is very low and dirty to do it I must contribute to what primal says, No one hunts alone anymore, there are really very few people who do it, they always have a high bount since they never leave their village if they are not accompanied by an army. Not even people who have Buff come out alone despite their advantage against others. I used to do my daily missions alone since I don't have a good teamwork, but this has become a nightmare since if I find someone it will never be 1vs1 it is always a beating of 5 or more vs 1. Because of this I have had to resort to spam from pills, but unfortunately it doesn't always work
  11. Lately I have been really worried about this rule since @Ayane and i we have control of an Acc called "Ukiyo" this character we use as the bank for our clan and on different occasions ayane or I log in to save our ryos, important objects and give new members Danger Dango and things like that. So I'm a little scared since I wouldn't want you to think that this Acc is being sold or something. We want you to know that we will both use this Acc for the purposes of Ukiyo and only for that reason @Ueda@Emiya @Erox
  12. Jero

    let us imprison the rogues who are inside the villgue after beating them
  13. Jero

    I am not a rogue, but if this is definitely added one of my Accs will go to rogue. Just to do missions like this, it sounds really cool and fun
  14. Jero

    Sukki > Disheveled
  15. This may sound silly, but it has been happening to me that when a certain player "I will not name" Enter the same map where I am, my ping rises to the heavens. Then I tried to change the map and everything went back to normal, I went back to the map where this player was and instantly my ping went back up. Because this is happening to me, am I upset about this player or what is happening?