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  1. Feinz

    The English isn't the issue. The blue text on a black highlight and the way it's structured makes it cancerous to read. Not sure why you did it like that.
  2. Feinz


    Wolf putting in work, nins future looks better than ever with this. Good stuff man
  3. Feinz

    Looks cool, but I personally think ANBU should get the same teleportation that Akatsuki had before the buff. Though in this video it looks more like a flash step backwards.
  4. "Heroes get remembered and legends never die." Mist will be there in peace to pay respect.
  5. Feinz

    Ya I agree with you kekiro, and this topic should be purged of all stuff non-relating to the buff on bubble. Lets not turn this one into another shitpost. Anyways my stance is still the same. Bubble pipe snare should get reverted back to 1.5-2s, and the buffs should be put towards the actual bubble techniques. Some good references to look at for techniques: https://youtu.be/oPB_waUNXBY?t=389 The last jutsu could be a multitarget bubble ink explosion technique and one of the useless jutsus could probably be replaced with a "bubble dome" since the mastery is more defensive/passive driven.
  6. Feinz

    @Seifer Lol I understand the tilt some of you guys may have for not having buffs as interesting as sands/mist, but that whole wall of text is cap. Leaf doesn't have a 5 minute boat ride or need to run through 5 giant sea maps and 2 bear maps to get on the mainland. Not to mention our official org is limited to str weapon masters, while every other official org isn't. Additionally: >Leaf has GF >Leaf has been the most populated village for years up until this year >Leaf has been here since beta launch while Mist hasn't even been out for a full year yet. >Leaf and sand passives work everywhere. Mist passive is environmental based Anyways, if you wanna complain about your buff feel free, but just don't play it like Leaf's suffered constant hardship.
  7. Feinz

    Yes as much as I'd love to be biased and say "keep the changes" since I only use the bubble pipe, I got to admit the snare buff wasn't needed. As it was already explained, the lack of effectiveness and damage on the bubble techniques are the main concerns regarding the mastery. Imo the snare buff should get reversed and in return buff the actual techniques(through damage, cast times, etc.) NOT the snare.
  8. This makes sense tbh. It's silly when someone commits crimes against a village and then is pardoned after a week, at least in a RP sense. These are things that should be brought up with all kages in a summit(when it's finally hosted.) x)
  9. Feinz

    Mist ninjas with the jailing technique(kage included) are unable to release prisoners. The animation shows, but the player remains jailed which forces them to wait the 30 minutes. Also, when they wait the full 30 minutes, they end up being automatically released to Sands jailing building. I believe it's been like this since the launch of the Mist.
  10. Man Leaf needs 12G's. Them boys having it rough these days. :pepecry:
  11. Feinz

    Now it's 7k for the pardon.
  12. Feinz

    Agreed, tornado tier change was long overdue. And yes that triple bullet bug needs to be resolved as well.
  13. Feinz

    Who ever said risky cancelling was a bug lol
  14. Feinz

    Most people pretty much summed it up, removing the cancel would nerf the mastery even more. Also, suggesting people to invest into another path of their mastery to get a cancel isn't practical. If the whole mastery was reworked, then I could see that being possible.
  15. Feinz

    I register Teammate: Dayum