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  1. Feinz

    +1 on this post, missions like these would definitely encourage players in the orgs to be more active and out in the dangerzones. Also, if it would be possible to integrate invites/kicks and leadership to in game instead of forums. Little quality of life updates like that would be great.
  2. Feinz

    Keep the same energy?
  3. Feinz

    Weird how when there's any "hint" of abuse involved with 7sm/mist, it gets instantly reported with multiple topics and tags in discord, but whenever any other village is under scrutiny, there's not a word on it. Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVY-xIU8S8w&feature=youtu.be Disclaimer: I'm not using this post to single out any member/person in this video/picture, because it's always the kages fault anyways right? But yea, WEIRDCHAMP. @Ueda
  4. It's cool when people do so much to try to discredit and crucify someone over literally anything lool.. Whether he used it in combat, idk, but it's a rule in 7sm to not wield any-other sword than your own or you'll be kicked. Therefore, it's handled. Not once have I ever allowed anyone to do this, nor has it ever happened before so stop slurping. :clowns:
  5. Feinz

    Great video for mist since we’re the only village with an actual lowbie population.
  6. Feinz

    Some of my villagers, like Kaen, were convinced that ana primal was a girl. So X for doubt.
  7. Feinz

    Puppets aren't strictly RNG based lol, if you try to land any technique on a player camping around their puppet, all the damage will go the puppet which can just be respawned with no cooldowns. Also those puppets are at their BEST when in small maps, that's different from saying they are only great in small maps. Also @Tekkey Hinode, logically speaking, Mist shouldn't be the greatest. The village was recently opened up to the game last year, which should put us at a far disadvantage in terms of chunin, number, growth, etc. But yet, that's not the case, why? Because the other villages have a bad history of leadership and disconnection. Which results in villagers abandoning their original village and seeking for a better leader and village. And wym we used every dirty move in the rule book, lmfao? We purge dzs and run straight in your village(with you guys fully knowing we're coming) and we just camp your hospital. What dirty tactic is used? exdee
  8. Feinz


    Wolf putting in work, nins future looks better than ever with this. Good stuff man
  9. "Heroes get remembered and legends never die." Mist will be there in peace to pay respect.
  10. Feinz

    1 - Orders from the Mizukage are absolute. 2 - Respect and follow orders from higher ranked Mist ninjas. The hierarchy for the village is (Feinz>Zoom>Shadow Council>Military Police>Jonin>Chunin>Genin) 3 - If you have an argument with a villager, and you are not able to solve it, contact a high rank Ninja (Council, Kage). 4 - It is strictly forbidden attacking or killing any Mist Ninja. (Obviously does not apply to spars, tournaments, etc.) 5 - Mist should always be your priority over anything (Organizations, friends from other villages, etc.). So it is forbidden to do anything that could endanger a Mist Ninja or the Mist village. 6 - You are not obligated to help each single Mist individual, unless there is a village combat going on (wars and raids) or if the fight is on Mist territory. Then you must help your village. 7 - You are free to use identity concealing items inside the village, but if any Higher Rank Ninja requests you to show your name, you must obey. Refusal to do so will result in arrest. 8 - Ask all organization related stuff to their respective leaders( @Blany -7sm; Hunter Nin-[Exclusive to discord] Military Police- @ExiledTheridion) 9 - Villagers(non hunter ninjas) are strictly prohibited from following Hunter Ninjas. Refusal to obey this rule will result in an arrest or exile. 10 - Mist ninjas are strongly recommended to get either a Panda/Clam summoning or Great Earth Prison =) . Breaking any rules will result in a punishment, decided by the Mizukage depending on the severity. About missings: - There is no way to leave the village under good terms. This means do not ask me to exile you so you can level faster, help your friend, grind, or whatever. Once you go missing, you are a Mist enemy. - If you are a missing, and wish to return to the village, you must serve our village (in any way you are requested to do so, and for an indeterminate time) also show your skills in combat so the higher ranks can decide if your Skills are needed in our village. About alliances: - We are currently allied with Akatsuki only. Do not attack them and they will not attack you. If any incidents occur, please report them directly to the Mizukage or any ranking above Jonin. We are at war with every other organization and village, you are prohibited from helping them unless there is a legitimate reason. More details on this are on Mist discord. THE BLOOD CHALLENGE REVISED: If there is any Mist ninja that you think should be exiled, you can try calling them for a Blood Challenge. It's up to them accepting or not your challenge, but if they do, you will fight and the loser gets 1 strike per challenge lost. After 2 strikes, the loser is exiled. Which means, it takes, at least, two blood challenges for someone to be exiled through this system. Any Blood Challenge thats accepted, should be informed to the Mizukage so they can watch the fight (Best of three rounds). After it's done, the Kage will exile the loser. If you got exiled by the Blood Challenge, and want to come back, feel free to ask the Kage (after 1 month), which by agreeing, will set up a new challenge, where you'll be able to fight a Ninja chosen by the Mizukage. But this time, they won't get exiled if they lose. Side note about new alt new life: I won't exile you if your main is a direct enemy against Mist, but if you are disrespectful, found spying, partake in anything suspicious, etc, I will exile with no hesitation. Mizukage's Orders 4th Mizukage: @Feinz Shadow Council: @Zoomy @Kyuzo @Blany
  11. Feinz

    Yami/Panda could keep the earth/light seat warm for me and Mylu until further notice. Besides that, I see no cap here
  12. Feinz

    Basic Sword Melee- https://elements.envato.com/sword-blade-attack-AGH4S9C Water Bullet- https://elements.envato.com/water-bullet-impact-4AZJ2PD Water prison-https://elements.envato.com/water-bubbles-XWCTJAB Risky blade-https://elements.envato.com/knife-stab-LW6FNV3
  13. Feinz

    @Ueda was mentioning on nin discord that he can get unlimited sound effects for a month from this website: https://elements.envato.com/sound-effects and was looking for the communities help on revamping some of the jutsu sounds. Just go through the site and look for what sound you think matches with a jutsu. Reply here with your suggestion and format it like this: [Jutsu name] - [Link]