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  1. Yamikami

    Or maybe the puppet drops heal when picked up instead of going to inventory, forgot it could be abused like that.
  2. Yamikami

    I came up with some ideas for passives that I think would be pretty cool to have and give more value to offical Orgs. These passives would only be active when a member of the Org has their buff equipped. Akatsuki - passive: Soul Stealer - enemies that u down in combat with a ring equipped are instantly teleported to the hospital, meaning they cannot be revived. 12 Guardians - passive: Guardian's Fortitude - every 20 seconds in combat with a waistcloth equipped gain a shield that absorbs the next hit u take (would look like the shield u get from reviving). Puppet Brigade - passive: Puppet Body - when your puppet dies it drops a puppet part which can be consumed to restore a small amount of health. (2% of your HP or just flat 25 HP) 7 Swordsmen - passive: Hidden Mist - while you have a 7SM sword equipped your cloak cannot be seen or broken by casting jutsu, but it only lasts for 4 seconds. ANBU - passive: Assassin - while you have an ANBU weapon equipped your STR increases your attack and cast speed.
  3. Yamikami

    1) Rather than placing more raid points increase the amount a single raid point gives. 2) Increase the risk of capturing raid points while also increasing the benefit they give. This can be done in several ways: -An announcement when a point is being taken. -The zone temporarily becoming a Danger/War zone. -The raid point dropping an item which you need to bring back to the village in order to gain the bonus, but it drops on death and the time to bring it back is limlited (kinda like CTF). 3) Capturing a point working similar to Spy/GD missions. The raid point starts at 0%, an enemy standing near it causes it to go up, if both an enemy and an ally are standing near it there is no progress made, if the raid point is for example on 50% but there is only an ally near it starts dropping until it reaches 0%. This way you are able to defend a point much more efficiently. 4) Capturing all of the raid points within a map causes it to be turned into a Danger/War zone. Regarding the Takumi issue, it would suck for missing ninjas to be left out yet again on something villagers have. Takumi is said to be a village of mercenaries so why not add mercenary mobs that would guard the village. They would have a longer respawn but would be more numerous than jonin mobs that villages have.
  4. Yamikami

    Both of these weapons cast an instant cast CC jutsu and I think that should change. In a game where most of CC is on a cast time and has a rather long CD, it is pretty silly to have weapons which instantly cast CC on a 2-3 second cool down. My suggestion is to make Fan and Pipe melee a 1 second run cast. The new Fans which are triple tile stuns will simply be too broken if they stay instant cast. Pipe which snares the opponent for 2 seconds and is able to scatter traps on the ground is also too strong on instant cast. Even with a run cast on melee Fan will be strong with the new fans, the only issue is Bubble which would require a buff of some sort to compensate for this (it is a very bad mastery as it is even now, only the weapon is OP).
  5. Yamikami

    Almost half of this map is water and you have no way to access it. Adding the stairs on the bottom would fix that and would allow for this map to be utilized way better. There could be some mobs which only spawn on the water and some interaction with the sign that's under the tree on the small patch of land. The bottom left of the map where the water is could be used as map switch to Mini Bridge. It would also be good if stairs were added here and there was a map switch on the bottom right of the water area that would map swap you to Mini Bridge. This is where the map switches would be. I think having more map switches here would prevent map swap camping.
  6. Yamikami

    Well the new boss gives ppl a reason to go into the War Zone map, something that was always lacking. The new hammer is also mostly grindable by Mist, I don't think this is an issue tho. Every village should have something that makes players step into the DZ or WZ maps. I can see Leaf getting some sort of a boss on it's WZ map eventually as well.
  7. There is a pixel on each side which makes the hair not look as round as it should be. It's nothing large but it is noticable and kinda not so pretty to look at. Left one is how it looks now and the right one is with the pixel removed. @Ueda Fix this if u can please.
  8. Yamikami

    In the Genin tutorial Lightning is said to be a mastery which is "high in damage and immobilizing", while the immobilizing is true the high in damage part pales against other elementals. Lightning gets it's jutsu at later levels than other masteries. While all other masteries get a jutsu at lvl 10,15,20,25,30,35, Lightning gets them at lvl 10,17,23,28,35,40. Since the jutsu of Lightning are higher level than other jutsu they should have higher damage, maybe even CP cost even though it is already pretty high. Not to mention Lightning is fairly slow with only one instant cast jutsu, with it's jutsu not being so easy to land. Currently most other elemental jutsu are dealing more damage than Lightning ones. I think there should be a general increase in base damage for Lightning. @Ueda
  9. Yamikami

    A deserved nerf. The only thing that I would change about it is shift the stun from last sphere to the first one. Since the jutsu will mostly land from range now it would ensure that if the first sphere lands the others will follow up.
  10. Never had an issue doing this mission. Just aggro them 1 by 1 and it's no big deal.
  11. Yamikami

    Scalpel didn't stun before and int medic was still a popular mastery...
  12. Yamikami

    "Poison Attack Medics are supposed to be less viable in combat than a typical class in terms of pure damage output, but relies on poisons to get an upper hand in extended fights, where you tire out the opponent. As of now, this and full support medics are a little far from its original design." -Ueda
  13. Yamikami

    Wind, Medic, Tai/GF and hidden mastery weapons are often said to be unbalanced and have one thing in common - instant cast CC. In the past we had a larger balance update which removed a lot of instant cast CC, but there are still jutsu which are simply too strong. Even the hidden mastery weapons are instant cast CC jutsu. Such jutsu need to be toned down and nerfed. In my opinion no jutsu in this game should be able to stun your opponent instantly. Lightning is a mastery full of stuns but those stuns are balanced out by cast times and selfstuns. As such, jutsu like like Slashing Tornadoes, Vacuum Sphere, Poison Scalpel are insanely strong. A 0.5 second stun from Poison Scalpel is enough time to get combod for stupid amounts of damage, not to mention it only has 4 second cooldown. Tornado needs a 1 second run cast, Scalpel and Vacuum need the stun removed and replaced with something else. (Poison Scalpel could get 1-2 second slow, Vacuum Sphere could get knockback on each sphere) Tai and GF have instant cast knockbacks which have no drawbacks. They need to get some drawback (for example 0.5 sec selfstun on breaking kick) or toned down through cooldowns. The only instant knockback elemental masteries have has a 1 sec selfstun so I do not see why Tai would not have short selfstuns on the instant CC, it already does a shitload of melee damage. Palm Bottom should be changed to have 0.5 second selfstun but the stun would increase to 1 second, that way u can at least sub and punish GF combo. Fan and Pipe have instant cast CC on short CD melee. They both technically cast no chakra cost jutsu which are able to knockback and lead to a combo in Fan's case, or snare the opponent and lead to insanely high damage combos. For a 20 STR weapon this is too much. My suggestion for 20 STR Fan and Pipe is to make their melee 1 second run cast. If someone wants an instant melee they can only get one by going for the higher STR Fan or Pipe. A lot of people complain about Flicker when the main issue is instant cast CC jutsu which are too strong with and without it.
  14. Yamikami

    There should be at least some sort of "aim" required for melees as they do a considerable amount of damage. The "autoaim" on melee is also too strong on projectile/trap based weapons such as 7sm swords or Fan/Pipe. This is how melees currently look. If your opponent is on any of these tiles you will automatically lock onto them. This is incredibly broken for Fan/Pipe which CC since all you need to do is break your opponent's Substitution and press melee and it will CC them from behind you (some of the 7SM swords also have CC and projectiles). Even regular melee is too strong since you can hit someone you are not even facing. Melees should only work in the direction you are facing, the "autoaim" on them needs to go. For Swords,Tonfas,Fists,Poison Kunai etc. the melee should look like this: @Ueda
  15. Yamikami

    In addition to this Pipe should affect Bubble jutsu damage. Every other sub path mastery that uses a weapon has it's weapon affect jutsu damage. The new Pipe should also get a slight base damage increase.