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  1. Yamikami


    Shirokata doesn't need a buff, it is a level 40 "Rare" sword. It gives up some damage in order to give chakra regen and a sword of that level shouldn't be regening too much. Neither should it's damage be too high when it has that effect. Look at Bandit Blade which is the same STR requirement as the Shirokata. It only has 2 extra base damage which is practically negligible and I am pretty sure it is a tiny bit slower than the Shirokata. All that while being of the "Unique" rarity. If you ask me if there is any sword which could use a slight buff it is the Bandit Blade as it has higher rarity than the Shirokata and is the only sword in the game which has the "Unique" rarity while there is nothing really unique about it. You are better off using the Shirokata for the chakra regen, most people go for the Bandit Blade just cause it looks cooler.
  2. Yamikami

    Fan is meant to be more of a ranged mastery so it shouldn't matter if it's melee is on a cast time if it's used at range, the current one is too good at close range. Same with Pipe, it's supposed to play around traps but it's primary use is meleeing people after Subs.
  3. Yamikami

    Make Fans and Pipes have a 1 second run cast on melee. Instant cast CC on melee is just wrong.
  4. Yamikami

    Fan melee is doing way more damage than it says it should be doing. This is most obvious when looking at the 20 STR Black Fan. It says it adds 20 base damage yet when u do some math it is adding way more. On 20 STR you get 7 damage from scaling, you are then supposed to do 27 damage with melee if the 20 base damage that the Fan says it adds was correct, but instead you are doing 37 damage with melee. This means the Fan adds 30 damage to melee instead of 20 which is ridiculous. Basically all Fans follow this logic and are for some reason giving 1.5x of their base damage to your melee instead of just 1x.
  5. Yamikami

    It is a good idea but it is not a new one. The issue with this kind of change is that there is no system currently coded in the game which would allow the jutsu to work this way. While this would work nice it would need to be coded in as opposed to just changing the values the jutsu has.
  6. Yamikami

    Advanced cannot be released before the current jutsu are balanced cause if you keep stuff broken it is very hard to tell if the new jutsu are balanced or not cause you are trying to build upon a balance which currently isn't there.
  7. Yamikami

    I have decided to make a seperate post on this cause it would be a bit too large to post into a reply. Looking back at how the game has been balanced up until now I think it would be rather contradictory to give masteries like Fire, Earth and Lightning an instant cast CC. They used to have instant cast CC in the past and they were called broken to the point where they had to be nerfed. Fire, Earth and Lightning are now considered balanced masteries. For this reason I think that a better direction in balancing would be to give instant cast CC cast time or to remove the CC the jutsu has seeing how the masteries which had instant cast CC and were called broken are now called balanced when they don't have them. I will give my input on what I think a good direction for current jutsu and weapons would be in order to make them more balanced. Fan/Pipe melee - these weapons should get a 1 second run cast - having an instant cast CC which can be instantly chained after a sub and be available again in 2-3 seconds to be used instantly is simply too strong. Fan and Pipe basically shoot out no chakra cost jutsu which instantly CC you or can even stay behind as traps in Pipe's case. Having this while some masteries have to sweat to land a 1 second run cast CC jutsu with a large cooldown is very questionable. Fan - if the melee stays the same Slashing Tornadoes need a 1 second run cast. Fan already has a triple tile stun projectile on it's melee once it gets Crystal Fan, I see no reason for it to have another which is an instant cast jutsu from it's kit. This way the mastery is all cast time but the stun on the Fan helps you land those cast times. Taijutsu - there is 2 ways I can think of to nerf Taijutsu. One way would be to remove the knockback and selfstun from Seismic Dash and make it just a short range teleport that can help you land melees and land damage. Other way would be to give Breaking Kick a 1 second run cast, which would prolly be the better option since Tai already has really fast melees and a lot of CC so having an instant kick on 5 sec cd is rather oppressive. Gentle Fist - Mountain Crusher - remove the teleport and knockback, give the jutsu 1 sec run cast but also give it 0.5-1 sec stun (maybe even increase range to 3-4 tiles). This would basically make the jutsu more of a mid range chakra wave punch which it was in the anime. - Palm Bottom - reduce the CD to 5 seconds and increase the stun duration to 0.7-1 second. What these 2 changes do is that if you now Sub GF flicker combo they cannot instantly crusher you, since GF would have only 1 instant CC while having the smallest ranges in the game the CD of Palm Bottom would be reduced to compensate. The increased stun makes it so that if Palm Bottom lands you have a pretty good chance of extending the combo, but it would be a cast time combo so the opponent has a chance to Sub. Medic - change Poison Scalpel from a 0.5 second stun to a 0.5 second silence. This way it still serves as a cancel but you wouldn't be able to combo into it. Wind - since it's STR counterpart is overloaded with CC I think that INT Wind for the main part should be just a pure single target damage element, without the unnecessary CC it has right now. - Wind Claw - remove the selfstun and remove the knockback. This allows Wind to still be fast but remove the instant CC which is what people think is a problem with it. - Vacuum Sphere - if Claw was like this maybe Vacuum could go back to being instant cast, but it should have 1 second selfstun and have no CC on the opponent, so basically just a pure damage jutsu again. (I know I got it to be run cast but oh well). Water - Water Slash - 1 second run cast with no selfstun. (not as needed but since all elementals would no longer have an instant CC it is to make it fair) WM - Shadow Shuriken - give the jutsu a 1 second run cast. It teleports and silences so it's a bit of an overkill that it's instant. If these changes were done the only masteries which would have access to an instant cast CC jutsu which can lock in place are GF, Tai and Bubble. For GF and Tai this is cause they are masteries with insanely short range so it's kinda impossible for them to be viable without having at least 1 jutsu that is like this. In Bubble's case the mastery has no reliable way to do any real damage or to land jutsu without Flickering and snaring with the Soap Bubble first.
  8. Yamikami

    Not everyone wishes to be a part of a village when they join the game. Some people like the idea of being a more "evil" type of character and the game doesn't really allow you to start out as that. Currently the only way for that is to be a rogue but being a rogue is meant to be more of a punishment than something you choose to play. Rogues have no unique clothes, summons or masteries. If you are a Leaf rogue you still have a Leaf passive, Leaf summon, Leaf hidden mastery... This makes it so that there is no real option to be a dedicated rogue player. What I wish for is that there is an option to create a character that is more "hardcore" from the very beginning. An option to create a "rogue" character which is not tied to any village. IDEA The idea is that cursed ninja would be the "actual" rogues while the exiled ones are village rogues. This would allow for cursed ninja to have things which are unique. Playing as cursed ninja would be a very hard way to start out and would not be recommended for new players (could even make it only possible after resetting a lvl 50 character). You start out in Cursed Lab which is hard to get into and hard to get out of, very little mobs are around and it is easy for a low level to die just trying to step out of host cave or to die to them while trying to go back in the Lab to hand in a mission. Just like normal rogues you would have friendly fire and wouldn't be able to team villagers. Your default and only spawn point would be the Cursed Lab. LORE You start out in the Cursed Laboratory, which is a part of a larger network of laboratories called Village Hidden in the Sound. In your thirst for power you have abandoned your past and origins and have come to serve Sarugami. You are one of the few ninja to have survived his cursed seal experiments. In order to strengthen your cursed seal you must set out in the ninja world. PASSIVE Cursed Seal - a cursed seal has been placed upon you which grows stronger over time. Unlike villages which get a passive that is at full power right at the start, cursed ninja start with a quest called "The Growing Curse". The quest requirement at first would be to reach level 10 for example. After you complete it you get a "Weak Cursed Seal Activation" jutsu. It is a weak buff that drains your health while it is up. After completing the current one you would get a new one which would have higher requirements but would award a stronger Cursed Seal jutsu. This would repeat until you get the strongest version of it. All of the Cursed Seals would share cooldown and be untradable. HIDDEN MASTERY I thought a lot about what would be a good and unique mastery to introduce in the game. Puppet mastery and genjutsu are something that have been talked about for ages, so why not add a mastery that is a combination of the two. Demonic Flute Genjutsu - a mastery that utilizes a weapon called "Demonic Flute" to cast sound based genjutsu and control summoned creatures known as Doki. The mastery would be based around the summon. Your flute melee would cause it to do a certain action like use an attack or to Flicker. You'd also have access to genjutsu which would be strong CC that deals little to no damage. Some jutsu could be: 1.Illusionary Warrior Doki- you use your flute to create an illusionary warrior called Doki to fight in your place. This would be the main jutsu of the mastery. It would depend heavily on it's summon to fight. 2.Phantom Chains - you use your flute to create a illusion for your opponent in which they are bound by chains. Single target CC that does little to no damage. 3.Phantom Sound Wave - you use your flute to create a sound wave which commands your Doki to take a bite of their target's soul. Does moderate damage but saps a large chunk of chakra from the enemy. SUMMON Nue - a chimera that is able to sap your opponent's chakra. ORGANIZATION The Sound Four - a team of elite cursed ninja which serve as bodyguards for Sarugami. Their base would be within Cursed Laboratory and their buff would be some strong cursed seal.
  9. Yamikami

    With the addition of new Fan weapons I think the mastery should be changed a bit in order to balance it out. The new weapon melee is an instant triple tile projectile jutsu which stuns, with the CD being rather low. Even without the stun and the triple tiles, Fan melee is an instant knockback on a short CD. As such I think it is a bit of an overkill for Slashing Tornadoes to be instant cast as well. You can already cancel stuff with your melee (stun as well with new fans) on a 2-3 sec CD, so I don't see why you would also have an instant triple tile stun projectile as a jutsu as well. If u have the new fan it means u have two instant triple tile stuns. Slashing Tornadoes should get a 1 second run cast, the selfstun should be removed and the jutsu should snare the enemy for 2 seconds rather than stunning them for 1 second to make it different from the new fan melees. Another thing that could be done is making Wind Barrage 1 second run cast with no selfstun. These changes would make it so that even though you have an instant cast triple tile melee that stuns, all of your jutsu are cast times/self stuns. Fan would rely on landing it's melee and then combing the cast time jutsu into the stun. I think this would be the best change since even if all the jutsu are cast times, Fan is still very opressive due to the short cooldown triple tile melee.
  10. Yamikami

    Or maybe the puppet drops heal when picked up instead of going to inventory, forgot it could be abused like that.
  11. Yamikami

    I came up with some ideas for passives that I think would be pretty cool to have and give more value to offical Orgs. These passives would only be active when a member of the Org has their buff equipped. Akatsuki - passive: Soul Stealer - enemies that u down in combat with a ring equipped are instantly teleported to the hospital, meaning they cannot be revived. 12 Guardians - passive: Guardian's Fortitude - every 20 seconds in combat with a waistcloth equipped gain a shield that absorbs the next hit u take (would look like the shield u get from reviving). Puppet Brigade - passive: Puppet Body - when your puppet dies it drops a puppet part which can be consumed to restore a small amount of health. (2% of your HP or just flat 25 HP) 7 Swordsmen - passive: Hidden Mist - while you have a 7SM sword equipped your cloak cannot be seen or broken by casting jutsu, but it only lasts for 4 seconds. ANBU - passive: Assassin - while you have an ANBU weapon equipped your STR increases your attack and cast speed.
  12. Yamikami

    1) Rather than placing more raid points increase the amount a single raid point gives. 2) Increase the risk of capturing raid points while also increasing the benefit they give. This can be done in several ways: -An announcement when a point is being taken. -The zone temporarily becoming a Danger/War zone. -The raid point dropping an item which you need to bring back to the village in order to gain the bonus, but it drops on death and the time to bring it back is limlited (kinda like CTF). 3) Capturing a point working similar to Spy/GD missions. The raid point starts at 0%, an enemy standing near it causes it to go up, if both an enemy and an ally are standing near it there is no progress made, if the raid point is for example on 50% but there is only an ally near it starts dropping until it reaches 0%. This way you are able to defend a point much more efficiently. 4) Capturing all of the raid points within a map causes it to be turned into a Danger/War zone. Regarding the Takumi issue, it would suck for missing ninjas to be left out yet again on something villagers have. Takumi is said to be a village of mercenaries so why not add mercenary mobs that would guard the village. They would have a longer respawn but would be more numerous than jonin mobs that villages have.
  13. Yamikami

    Both of these weapons cast an instant cast CC jutsu and I think that should change. In a game where most of CC is on a cast time and has a rather long CD, it is pretty silly to have weapons which instantly cast CC on a 2-3 second cool down. My suggestion is to make Fan and Pipe melee a 1 second run cast. The new Fans which are triple tile stuns will simply be too broken if they stay instant cast. Pipe which snares the opponent for 2 seconds and is able to scatter traps on the ground is also too strong on instant cast. Even with a run cast on melee Fan will be strong with the new fans, the only issue is Bubble which would require a buff of some sort to compensate for this (it is a very bad mastery as it is even now, only the weapon is OP).
  14. Yamikami

    Almost half of this map is water and you have no way to access it. Adding the stairs on the bottom would fix that and would allow for this map to be utilized way better. There could be some mobs which only spawn on the water and some interaction with the sign that's under the tree on the small patch of land. The bottom left of the map where the water is could be used as map switch to Mini Bridge. It would also be good if stairs were added here and there was a map switch on the bottom right of the water area that would map swap you to Mini Bridge. This is where the map switches would be. I think having more map switches here would prevent map swap camping.
  15. Yamikami

    Well the new boss gives ppl a reason to go into the War Zone map, something that was always lacking. The new hammer is also mostly grindable by Mist, I don't think this is an issue tho. Every village should have something that makes players step into the DZ or WZ maps. I can see Leaf getting some sort of a boss on it's WZ map eventually as well.