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    I did not say that is the only solution. You can also remove the stun the jutsu has right now, but that would kinda make it like a worse Fire Dragon, which is what the jutsu was before it was given a stun. The run cast is a solution that makes it keep the stun which makes it different from Fire Dragon. I do not mind either of the solutions.
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    "The solution to some of the instant cast CC would be giving them a cast time, while others might be fixed with a higher cooldown or by removing the CC they have." Nowhere in the post have I actually suggested a solution for an actual jutsu or just went and said "give them all run cast". I have proposed multiple solutions for all of the jutsu, I did not name just Wind and said what your reply is stating. Nerfing stuff that is too strong is how balance works, these masteries are the ones that almost the whole playerbase sees as too strong. You talk about trying to think of a solution other than nerfing but do not give an example of what could be done if not nerfing. I have played long enough to know when something needs a nerf. I have played all of these masteries and know just how easy it is to play them. There is a reason why the game is flooded with Wind users, it is currently the easiest mastery to do a lot of damage with while also CCing your opponent. Same goes for other masteries which I have mentioned, they are very popular and easy to do good with cause of how strong they are compared to the rest. A lot of the jutsu which were given a cast time/self stun in the past were dumb OP. Lightning is not the only mastery which would be OP without them. The last update which gave more cast times to masteries was aimed at instant cast CC jutsu for the exact same reason that I am stating in this post.
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    In what universe is 1.5 seconds a short silence? Vacuum Palm used to be instant cast but was given a cast time cause with an instant cast the Flicker combo of Gentle Fist is too broken, even now it does insane damage. They used to be faster and have more range and that was nerfed too, again, cause it was too strong.
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    Your post is heavily biased. You are playing Gentle Fist and have suggested buffs that would make it even more broken than it already is. My post has requested nerfs on stuff that I have played and still am playing, just cause you made your post organized and colorful does not change the fact that most of the suggestions are not good.
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    I would like to discuss the current balance within the game. The current meta relies too much on using hidden mastery weapons/jutsu and Flicker/Sub Punish combos, melee masteries are also a bit too strong. The masteries which are considered "broken" right now are Tai/GF, INT Med, Wind, WM. WM is mostly considered "broken" cause of it's stronger weapons having rather high attack speed while doing really strong damage, I think the only thing that should be nerfed are the weapon stats. Tai/GF, INT Med, Wind have one thing in common - instant cast CC. Tai also has rather high attack speed scaling and has access to melee weapons such as Blood Tonfas which have a knockback chance and high base damage, that along with having 2 subs, 2 instant cast CC jutsu (one of which has a 5 second cooldown) and two 1 second run cast CCs make this a really hard mastery to deal with. Gentle Fist has insanely high damage scaling and really easy to land Flicker combo damage that has high burst. Due to having two instant cast CC and two 1 second run cast CC it is a rather hard to punish and hard to deal with mastery, just like Taijutsu. INT Med has Poison Scalpel which is an instant cast stun on a 4 second cooldown. Since INT Med is often paired with a lot of masteries this stun leads to combos which are fairly easy to land and are landable often. It also cancels stand casts insanely easy due to the low cooldown. Wind is one of the more annoying things to fight right now. It has high base damages, fast projectiles, highest damage homing, 2 instant cast CC jutsu which do really high damage. Those 2 instant cast CC jutsu can also be chained together dealing more damage than most other elements can do by doing their cast time combos. Sand Wind users also have access to the Slashing Tornadoes jutsu which is an insant cast triple tile projectile which stuns the enemy, it is a very meta jutsu that almost every Sand Wind user has. Instant cast CC jutsu are in my opinion the biggest problem right now. The hidden mastery weapons are also weapons which cast instant cast CC. The Fan casts instant cast ranged knockback jutsu while the Pipe casts an instant cast snare trap. The solution to some of the instant cast CC would be giving them a cast time, while others might be fixed with a higher cooldown or by removing the CC they have. Another big part of why the current meta is becoming stale is how strong such jutsu are with Flicker/Sub Punishing. Flickering into instant cast stun to do high damage combos is a very flawed gameplay, it is not fun to take that much unavoidable damage, the same jutsu are also used to punish the person that uses Substitution. Using a jutsu that avoids damage just to get stunned right after and combod by insane damage is really annoying. This is all amplified if the user uses a Fan or a Pipe. These weapons have autotile aim, meaning that if your opponent is 1 tile away from you they will automatically hit them, you do not even have to face their direction, you just press the melee button and you have instantly CCed them. This is a very big balance flaw cause not every user will have access to such a weapon and there is even a whole village that does not have anything like this (Leaf). Taking combos just cause someone has a weapon you do not have and all they have to do is press melee button when you use Substitution is the most unfun part of gameplay right now. A lot of people will say that the balance flaw with all of this is how Flicker/Substitution work, but in my opinion there are a lot of masteries which can also use Flicker but do not have broken combos such as these, and there are a lot of masteries which can try to punish your Substitution but won't do nearly the same amount of damage as the masteries which have instant cast CC.
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    I would like to discuss the recent events that have unfolded in the War event held by the GM Erox. The first match was a 2v2v2 Genin fight in which Sand was victorious, but the GM Erox decided to revive the enemies even though in the War event rules which HE sent it is obviously stated that: "Ninja who faint in combat during this phase are immediately teleported out of the waiting area, they are considered casualties. As this is a war zone, they will have battle injuries.". When he was pointed out that he made a mistake, instead of listening to the side which has won and was just requesting that they are teleported back and killed, he decides to give them a rematch. Again, even though the winning side said that they do not want a rematch he continues to impose his own rule and even says "y'all can hate all you want but this is my event". After that Sand loses the round cause of course both of the villages will focus the one who won it the first time. I understand that this is his first War event, but how does he tag the players in discord and tell them to "Be sure to read up on the rules and what to expect" when he did not do the same, cause if he did read them he'd know that they are supposed to die and get Battle Injuries. Why did he not let the winning side decide if they want the rematch or not and why was he balantly arrogant when he was being told that we do not want a rematch is beyond me. This is not the first time he is disrespectful to the players and just goes and does what he wants.
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    Vacuum should not have any CC whatsoever if it remains an instant cast jutsu. Either give it a run cast and make the first sphere stun or remove the stun completely and make it just a damage jutsu. Wind Claw should be a run cast jutsu as well but lose the selfstun it has.
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    I remember long ago when there were no stat requirements there was a patch in which it was made so that when you had a Fan equipped you were unable to cast jutsu from other elements, you could only use the jutsu from the Fan mastery. This change was made cause such hybrids were much stronger than people who did not have access to the weapon. A lot of people cried when this happened since at the time there was no shared cooldown or stat requirements and such hybrids were very popular so the change was reverted. Since there are shared cooldowns and stat requirements now people do not do those hybrids anymore and instead only take the weapon and perhaps the first jutsu of the sub path. This is still a huge advantage over people who do not have a weapon like Fan/Pipe. I think the same change should be done now since almost the whole playerbase agrees that those weapons should not be usable by people who do not play the actual sub path. To prevent people from swapping the weapon on and off, weapons should have a 1 second run cast time to be equipped/unequipped.
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    You are telling a person that can beat you without a mastery that they must know how to use something in PvP? I have played the game long enough to know no one uses Fuuma in PvP and that even for grinding it is not something too useful.
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    Fuuma is not used for PvP, even in PvE it is not used that much even though it is supposed to be a grinding jutsu.
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    I think this jutsu should be made more useful for low level grinding. A lot of people give up in the early stages, especially if they are INT based cause of how slow it is to grind those early levels. Remove the stun on the jutsu and make the jutsu pierce. Since it has a 2 second selfstun it would not be useful for anything other than grinding.
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    Morning Peacock jutsu says it is maxed on what used to be lvl 1 version of the jutsu.
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    Lock Pipe to Bubble users and we'll have a post called "How Mist became so weak!".
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    I would feel discouraged to play if I was a villager and had to deal with Orgs camping with high numbers all the time, but at the same time playing as a missing without a larger Org is even more discouraging due to the fact even other missings can gang up on you. Even Village vs Village is not much better cause one Village is bound to have more people than the other. This game was always all about the numbers, one side camping Danger Zone while the other spends an hour gathering enough people to be able to fight them off. I'd give everyone FF in Danger Zones to make teaming and coordination more important and to make fights more fair for everyone. There will always be an inbalance in numbers between the villages and with the way PvP works currently the side with higher numbers is bound to win every time.
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    It needs some buffs for sure. It's currently the worst elemental mastery in terms of 1v1s even thought the description says it's supposed to be the best at solo scenarios and the kit is mainly single target focused. The only hope you have of winning a 1v1 is landing Cutter, which will not happen against anyone who's half decent at the game. The rest of the kit is just hard to land and doesn't feel that rewarding even when it does. Senbon and Spear are single tile so they are naturally hard to land but the base damage on them doesn't reflect that, Feast will get u punished easily or people will outrun it (it has 8 tile range compared to 9 tile range WP), Lightning Current has low base damage and you will not use it at all unless it's to cancel a jutsu cause it's hard to land and easy to punish due to long selfstun, Binding Pillar is something you don't use 1v1 at all. Lightning atm is basically praying your enemy makes some big mistake or falls asleep so u land Cutter otherwise you have no real way of doing reliable damage. You'll land your stuff in group fights for sure, but every mastery can do that so it's not a valid reason for it to be so bad at 1v1s.
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    Lightning<Fire<Earth<Water<Wind if we're talking about single mastery 1v1s.
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    I agree. All the other stand cast homings are CC. Earth Prison is 2 sec cast 8 tile range but it's a long AoE snare, Water Prison is 1 sec cast 9 tile range and snares for a nice amount, so I think Feast would work nice as a 2 sec cast with long range and a short stun. Even when compared to other damaging homings (which are run cast) it has a really high chakra cost, is hard to land and easy to punish. @Ueda #justiceforfeast
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    I think it would be nice if the Advenced Lightning Cutter Current Cast part of the jutsu also stunned for 2 seconds. That way when you tp to your target in a group fight you also have a chance to stun any enemies that are standing near your target. Cutter is a jutsu that is mostly landed in group fight scenarios since it is rather easy to cancel in a 1v1, so I think that being able to stun more than one person with it would help it be more relevant in group fights. The Current Cast is a 1 tile AoE so it would rarely hit more than one person but would feel rewarding when it does.
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    Most balance updates that Rory did were changes that most people in the community didn't want and trash talked him for them, yet they turned out to be very beneficial for the game's balance. He has a certain vision of what the PvP in this game should be like and I think that he did/does a pretty good job at balancing the game. He has taken feedback many times and has made changes that were suggested by players, but a lot of times people will suggest stuff that strays too much from what it should be like. I think the game right now is at it's most balanced state it has ever been. Most of the stuff that is considered broken are combinations which do not have advanced paths (medic+elemental, wm/fan, wm/gf, wm/med). The only thing that is questionable at the moment is elemental masteries being able to use weapons and sub path jutsu. I don't really see a need for a balance team since Rory already does a pretty good job balancing out the game on his own. (Ignores the horror of the Bubble mastery)
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    It was just an example of what could be done, but something has to be done for sure.
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    People that have 10 ping sub punish each other. I fail to see what does ping have to do with it.
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    That's just bad timing from your opponent from what I can see. And this is a scripted situation, not an actual fight.