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  1. Steezo

    Fk Rain why u like him bro fk the communication skils
  2. Steezo

    He is not a hero External just wanna be
  3. I tagged him and waving nicely with a cute emoji But the man went wild against me after a small harass on a lowbie called Dante.
  4. There's many players around playing this game since years, We expereinces as a hero and either as a villain. Many of us did thw wrong move or dealing with the actions its like a scar that can't be removed from the rp. We broke up freindship with other ninja, or sticking with the wrong crew that not leading to your happines. You welcome to share your regrets and what would u do diffrent if u know the conclusions of your actions, You might following another path? Happy convo.
  5. Steezo

    Read your signature thats why i have to tell you.
  6. Steezo

    itsnt consdering broken as you describe it. This weapon is the benefit of playinf fan str wich is not even top tier mastery. No idea why you seeking to nerf end game weapon for specific village and not asking to nerf the pipe u are using or even the Blood Tonfas? The crystal fan or the blood iron fan not gonna make those players op. Its just slightly upgrade the gameplay but if u compare it to other weapons in the game its overall in a good terms.
  7. Steezo

    Dude. You are wm/med swtiching to pipe for snares tf u talkin about nerf.. This fan are end game weapon it should be like that. Why you not mention the flicker scalpel pipe and follow up to poision senbon u are playing something much more broken in my opinion
  8. Steezo

    Well you shouldnt since its a common to say it in our community. But as i already said, "Shut up" isnt welcoming or freindly in any kind of way. Especially after someone asking you about the item you seeking for. Have some manners my dude.
  9. Steezo

    Calling someone nerd isnt toxic everyone saying it to each other in Nin we are all proud nerds dude. But saying "shut up" its disrespectful
  10. Steezo

    You are around cause you sharing your tea with the power of firendship nerd you gettign buffed and carried by others.
  11. Steezo

    @Ainz Ooal Gown english man from London drinking teas think u can harass a champ from israel that drinking monster energy on a daily basis?!
  12. Steezo

    No idea where you see the comparison on you and Chisaki and i talked about a character in anime not on you. The last ss u bring its cause you non stop to telling me "shut up" itsnt nice at all. Im never toxic or disrepcting ninja around im only harassing wisely to avoid ban.
  13. Steezo

    I rather to whining for my own jsutice instead to be a d rider in the socialism of the hidden leaf village.
  14. Steezo

    Im creating this post in a bad vibes cause itsnt not new that Steezo always searching for (drama) justice. Most of us who play this game can agree that it’s a fun game and it can get competitive at times but I think the Nin community should try to be more kind and polite towards people to make the game a better place in general, like this for example: The sad thing is one of the staff tellin me that he cant do nothing against him, Pretty sure if it was me throwing inslut i would end diffrent especailly after a report. Since my earlier career im suffering to be an irrelveant ninja. Even my ryo quirk cant let me feel wining this time.. This is a harasing world.
  15. boi you talking about absorb like we are playing a Pokemon game. Seems like the Boot Camp sharping your mind badly. You basically sayin "Make the game Gear based" Well i can understand your point you cant handle with the weakness you thirsty for some stats to make your gameplay relevant. Cheers happy to see you back hitting champ.