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  1. Steezo

    I can cancel it with ESC and able to abuse it wihtout cd Please fix thanks.
  2. Steezo

    You are champ i aint hom o i like girls but u are the perfection creation so you might be the only person i will date with. you are my idol spreading harass fk communication skills we are belong to the Jigen bro. The age of Shinobi and nin i generally itsnt over but we should make it happen for our own justice and make our father happy. The karma seal gonna serve us as well.
  3. Steezo

    Nah tbh wm/med aint required any hard traning just to put some fandomentals in. Thanks for the support tho bro
  4. Every ninja around most prepare for the fight. What will be in the next day will influence for good or bad on the shinobi world. This is a harassing world and we can't avoid the things that comming up we have to straight up and be ready for the challenge that effect on our lives. Cheers stay hydrated from the White Rain have a good weekend.
  5. Steezo

    go away Hageshi u nerdy blegium kid everything u do u are sus if its right or wrong thats why u aint rich and not getting girls on a daily basis. Look at me im a champ like adult Kawaki im spreading harass with no regrets and getting rich and ladies cause im rocking hard im putting heavily goals like to destroy Rain and his communication skills crew and looking on big threats and climibing up fearlness against the world.
  6. Steezo

  7. Steezo

  8. Steezo

    No idea who is the player that carrie this name but i would like have it. Kawaki remind me in many ways born to the harass and spreading it back. He never was interested in communication skills or being a part of a clan/org. Since i start to play i never admitted myself as a ninja all i wanted is to be out of the system but to be known. I also like the mainstream power scale so yea i need carrie this name to give me luck to push me forward to break my limits.
  9. Steezo

    Are not you banned? First you have to pay me to play at the right time and place for the action of the spam kill. Second just cause you reading my irrelveant posts you incourage me to make more of it to harass u more. Reality doesn't follow a standard formula champ
  10. I'm offering cheap nin credit for the community since long time and doing it to support poor ninja and either to collect some ryo for myself But this days players around buying from me and than sell it to you 1:1. Next time you might consider to buy nin credit come directly to me i'm offering 10 nin credits for 8k don't be a fool and buy it 10 for 10 from a reseller. That's all what i have to say cheers stay hydrated and fk Rain.
  11. idc to whining about it. First of all he managing to play 2 rp of a ninja. one as akatsuki leader wm/med (Already broken) and the second one that he recently joined sand to upgrade the meta masteries he already have to sometihng even bigger. He doing the same progress again just to hold crystal fan. The man doing Risky > melee > p scalpel > tool > shadow shuri > e kunai Since he figured out that he can make himself even stronger so he joined Sand and i see him lvling jutsus on gd like a nerd. I don't care to whining about it, I never actually like this guy he looks cool but he always searching for greatness and trying to lead and be the top of the communication skills. I calling out for Rory to give attention to many posts that been asked for nerfs recently. Yami's post deserve to give more attention. I assume by many players thoughts the conclusion was to make the Scalpel on a silence effect.
  12. Steezo

    The thing is when ppl see $ the first thinking that come up is p2w. But i feel your point it might be more comfortable to manage things as u describe instead of get into the website make the payment and wait for the code.
  13. Steezo

    I recently changed my build 40 int 40 str and often when i pressing the jutsu nothing happen.
  14. Steezo

    Cute Dru