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  1. Steezo

    Few days ago when i just got back to the game i faced against a friend from the Mist. Wish i could avoid this fight but since i was with another leaf ninja i couldnt tell him to no attack He called me names few times to stop and said "Really?" I felt bad ngl i told him i that he have to respect my rp and nothing relevant to our friendship. You might a rouge ninja so you have no rules to do what you want. I have to respect the terms of the leaf village, But i wish i could do what Naruto and Boruto trying to do. That was fun to see Boruto comes up for enemies even if its cost him his own life in risk.
  2. Steezo

    Do you know there's dew more game based on Naruto that ik one of them offering a turn based pvp and its kind of fun and less dirty. I think to manage to have a dialogue before jump on a single target will makes the ten times better. You can even offer to avoid your death and try to get the heart of your opponent after all we all playing for fun not to spread harass
  3. Hello there, I believe we all wacthed Naruto and some of Boruto. Recently comes up some thoughts in my head why is the system of the open world pvp forcing me to kill other villager ninja instead of trying to get to his heart and figure whatever he deal with to bring the peace like Naruto and Boruto did most of the time. ik it's a Based on the anime but i don't really like to deal with the fact of the harassing world. Often i hate to pull out my sword cause i have to. I think every ninja have to decide by his own if he want to kill other ninja villager without being punished of it. There's some players want to make the world a better place and not take a part in this madness. Everytime i saw Naruto or Boruto trying hard dialogue with the enemy he sharping my heart to create something better and raise up my motivate to work for it.
  4. Steezo

    Will of fire! Strength in numbers! Hai!
  5. Steezo

    Acnologia isn't a threat! Will of fire!
  6. Steezo

    So how is the process works to become one? Is it Kage's favoritism or should i do anything to achieve what i wish for?
  7. Hello there, I came up with an idea that can bring another cool type of rank to the rp with an ability to use the Shadow Clone for himself. I took an example from Ebisu in the anime. Ebisu is Tokubetsu Jonin and one of the most skilled trainers in Konoha, Ebisu's appearance wears the Forehead bandana what makes him to look individual ninja. In the anime who's choosed for this role able to use the Shadow Clone Technique.
  8. Steezo

    Looking forward to it. Make it more equal gameplay and the ping will not be relevant anymore.
  9. There's a bug and i can't remove the animation of the sword even when im enquip. Edit: @Ueda I somehow solved my problem There's was a player i aint gonna say his name here i can tell you in pm. He sold me a Religious for 3k and when i eqiup/unequip the animation still appearing on my character. I figured it out by using another weapon from the npc and it was fine in and out with no problem but the Religious that he sold me was bugged.
  10. Steezo

    Thank you. This is a harassing world, Everything is predetermined but there is freedom of choice.
  11. Steezo

    This is a harassing world no doubt. Recently i just meet some nice fella that invited me to thier guild in another game. But again something have to happen to get me out of my happiness. This is my path.. son of a Hawk.
  12. Steezo

    Hello Ori, Wondering how's it got to your ears.. I got ban on discord but it's not relevant to the topic.
  13. Steezo

    Hello there, after a long break i considering my way back. No idea what i really wants to do, I'm not full of interest to play as before. atm im playing another mmo game that offering great competitive play. But recently i think about Nin and i miss some fella around in this game, even those that were my enemies.. I will be honest with you, I have the desire to get the pardon and just chilling at the square, meet new players host some rp every once in a while and protect the village ofc. (most of the time i will just sit there afk and queue in another game) Well im looking forward to see you all again, Stay safe and healthy. Some entertainment for the trollers: Create your own harass and have fun in the harsh world. Steezo love you :pepekissing:
  14. Steezo

    If you searching to be strong for adv i would suggest you to stick with the path of the medic as Senketsu advice you. Really op and worth it