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  1. Deviax

    its possible to use tonfas/blood tonfas/claws + cs? i thought its not possible : O ill add it ty < 3 good idea ill add it, ty < 3
  2. Deviax

    Hi everyone :> Since im back playin nin, over the last few days i updated it and added new weapons and jutsus + filter feature so you can filter builds by masteries. I wondered what features you guys think i should add next? Whats missing for you atm that could make it better? better ui? filter by lvl? likes/dislikes? saved builds? if you have any other idea/suggestion let me know < 3 Thanks in advance :>
  3. Deviax

    Hi everyone :> Im thinking about coming back to nin, i hope some of you missed me, or remember me :> please help me decide which village should i reset to + what masteries should i play next (as it seems most ppl i knew dont play as much anymore or speaded out between all villages) peace & love
  4. Deviax

    Added MetaMap Feature! Added MetaGrinder Feature! Jutsus which cant be used by Level And Stat Requirments are now shaded Enjoy :>
  5. Deviax

    Added Cursed Seal Activation Boost! Added new fan jutsu - Wind Cyclone Technique! Added Tonfas! Fixed some bugs. if you find any bugs or got idea for a new feature, let me know here or on discord Deviax#6094 Enjoy :>
  6. Deviax

    Thanks! forgot about samehada, i added it. and the himarakei description doesnt say whats its base dmg, if anyone knows, let me know and ill add it :> remind me whats the the cs buff and ill add it and this is fixed, thanks for letting me know! also added tonfas today
  7. Deviax

    Well I had alot of spare time today so i added even more stuff: Added 6/7 Mist Swords! Added Puppet Coffin, Leaf Anbu Katana, Sand Anbu Sword And Mist Hunter-nin Water whip Added Akatsuki ring and leaf 12 Guardians buffs Enjoy :>
  8. Deviax

    Added new wind jutsu: Wind Claw! Added Charms Blue Fan And Stylish sword are now stat boosters! Added Bleeding to some jutsus Enjoy :>
  9. Deviax

    Hi everyone :> just wanted to thank the ones who helped with new stats and also announce: 1. metanin is now support the new max lvl 60. 2. sake activation feature is now in 3. all jutsus stats are now updated! (except bubble) if you guys have more ideas for features, find any mistake/bug let me know :> have a good day!
  10. Deviax

    Hi everyone! As I've been away for awhile, metanin is sadly now outdated. If you want to help it out, please send me details/screenshots of your MAXED jutsus! Base damage as written in jutsu description, damage done with current stats, new weapons base damage, etc. (Also let me know if any scaling changed) Those who help will get their name and image on the front page and the nice warm feeling knowing you helped the community deviax#6094 on discord
  11. Amazing work on mist! looks incredible Thanks!
  12. Deviax

    Its a huge honor for hoshi to get chosen! I wont let you or mist down! MistForever! < 3
  13. Once one unofficial org will get outfit/house, they will ALL want it.. and yea taka is big and strong now, but yoru and other orgs were like that as well and died out in the end, so ig its better to give ing stuff to official orgs/clans only. Anyway, nice post I'll try to come up with hoshi outfit ideas