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  1. Suna Laws These are the laws for my term, Lord 11th! 7/22/2019 Most of these are gonna be simple copy pastes from the old ones with some few wording changes, others are fine as they are. 1. Do not kill another sand ninja for any reason. This includes directly causing them to die in ways such as leading a bunch of mobs to them and then cloaking away. This does not include not helping them in battle or killing them in a mutually agreed upon spar. This results in a strike. There is no excuse for doing this as you have to have pvp on to be able to kill a fellow villager. If you have PvP on in a danger zone, you are responsible for the repercussions. 2. Do not kill allies on the peace list in the same ways that apply to rule number 1. Since you can target them and deal damage without PvP on, accidents do happen. This won't result in a strike unless you are clearly deliberately killing them. The Kage and Council is to use their power to decide whether or not it justifies a strike. 3. If you are exiled 3 times, you are perma exiled from the village. This does not include leaving the village to be a hermit to level faster unless you are caught attacking sands in which case you are treated with the same 3 strike rule. 4. You must aid a fellow Sand ninja if they or the village is being attacked no matter who it is, but if they are attacking others it is up to you to help them or not! Aiding could be calling for help, fighting along, treating injuries, etc. No matter how you decide to help you MUST help in some way! 5. If told by members of the ANBU, Kage, Council or SMPF in uniform to do the following, obey. Failure to obey can result in a jailing: Reasonable things for them to order: . Attack/stop attacking *target person* . Stop following me. . Tell me what happened . Take off your mask. Things that are unreasonable to ask: . Tell me your alts . Go scout in enemy territory . Farm me an item . Go anywhere that is more than 2 maps away 6. Verbal harassment is not tolerated. If you are being an asshole to somebody, take it up with the GM's. It's not the player's responsibility to deal with this and is against the terms of service. If it becomes severe enough, the Kage has full power to exile you on the spot. 7. Follow all terms of service. 8. One jailing's result in a strike. Three strikes is an exile! 9. If you were previously exiled and is allowed a pardon, if you repeat the action that got you the exile or break any of these laws in a short time from being pardoned you are at risk at being immediately exiled. All of these laws are in place now! Signatures that puts this law into place! Lord 11th Nauq Shizuka ANBU Leader Slaughter A.C. First Lady Aikya A.C. Bmore 'The Turtle' A.C. Kushkage