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  1. Trash post,what's the point of cosmetics?They are just a decoration piece nothing more.Have you seen any other games in which you buy cosmetics and it buffs you?
  2. BloodKin

    As mentioned,there will be a record and they will be after a few events o.o
  3. BloodKin

    Hello Everyone!Today is the day i give out the information regarding the Weekly Events.To start with, the event will be hosted for two time-zones NA and EU. For EU time-zone it will be 3 PM GMT+1 and For NA time-zone it will be 1 PM Est(Same as CE event). There will be multiples of Events, not just 1v1s.The list of them are below: One v One Two v One Three v Three Handicap True and Fale Organisation/Clan War(Non Org-Members will spectate only!) Rules: Listen to the Staff obediently. You will be warned 2 times before we take action. After 3rd warning you are not eligible for participating in the event(if the situation gets worse ,you might be disqualified immediately) No insults or spam - we want the events to be joyful and welcoming. If you keep up a bad impression for a few events, you will be banned for a short time span.(Increased if you keep on giving trouble) Entry fee will be 100 Ryo per person.(I'll be keeping a record just to insure everyone that i have no gain from this as I and my staff volunteered for the job!) Level 30 is required! You must be geared with tools to its fullest extent. No buffs or summons will be allowed.(Unless permitted of) No Ryo will be refunded,when you participate you participate You must stay in Character! Use () to talk out of Character. The Event will be taking place at Land of Toads map "Toad Oil Falls" which is below the Toad Village. To register for the Event, please follow the Criteria mentioned below; >Name(Clan) >Level >Masteries The day for EU Event will be Satuday 2nd January and Sunday 3rd January for NA Time-zone. The discord link is Hope to see you all at the event! Regards, Nin Online Events Team!
  4. BloodKin

    Hello!I wanted to suggest Nin Online's own android app in which we can access the forums and stuff or even buy stuff from Cash Shop/Merch. @Ueda it will also help to pay with a different way for those who cant use CC or Paypal
  5. BloodKin

    Like i said,its totally hosted by the Community. I think there will be one in 2021 hopefully!
  6. BloodKin

    I will try to do my best though
  7. BloodKin

    Hi!People are always saying that no event this no event that or event only for NA timezone etc.Well,the reason i am here is to announce that i will be hosting Non-Official Events! In this Event, you should not expect any ryo or rewards because my purpose is to make the game fun by involving the community itself. So in this event,i will of course be the Manager I will be needing two secretaries so if you have to volunteer for the job ,DM me in discord or at the website (Shonen#7048). I will be hosting Events of two timezones! One day i will host for EU Timezone and One day for NA and the event Registration will be each Monday and the event will take place at Week-ends(For Na it will be Saturday,For EU it will be Sunday) I will be posting the rules and everything regarding the event when i post it tommorow(Monday for EU timezone,Sunday for NA Timezone) Thanks for reading and this is just a reminder, No rewards should be expected!
  8. BloodKin

    Biggest nerf to Nado users easy