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  1. each kage sets its own rules, previously leaf had a payment system to obtain the pardon, there came a time that a kage decided to remove it. in mist the payment method for the pardon takes little time. honestly I do not see it well to pay for the pardon. I think that for you to be pardoned by a kage it is because you have shown loyalty in some way. If a kage does not answer you, it may be that you have a perma exile during its term for x reason.
  2. sajin

    Here the usual happens a GM who gives certain privileges to a village. erox was always mist and protects them in many ways. how is it possible that the misties die and when they revive erox they want to rematch. erox should have forced them to kill themselves or directly TP them out. It has been a very clear victory for sand but as always we are the village that no staff defends. I suggest staffing delp is a person who is doing too much for the nin community and is hosting events and that at no time have there been any problems. erox events have long been giving problems with the issue of favoritism.
  3. sajin

    the wind element is good but not as good as it says. the bug that has drilling air would have to be fixed, the air balls would not have to push, I would see it well to put a stun and that's it. the rest of jutsus wind are fine since for example vacuum is single-target and attacks in one line. the problem is the flicker not wind element. Being able to do a flicker + vacuum now is a big problem.
  4. sajin

    i already pay for the clothes and will be a bit differents, kingpak is made it. now we need wait to kingpak put it on game. XD and dont let me laugh xD i am the clan head with dyan and tetsuhawk. i dont remember you when i was created the clan with dyan and tetsu and then recruit deviax and itama date ^^ but well i let you call for himself clan head if you wants^^ like i say u 2 need wait for the clothes. the clothes yugure have are the olds clothes i send newsone and kingpak will put thems, wait for thems on game.
  5. sajin

    like i say u will see the clothes on game when is finished, thanks.
  6. sajin

    the leader is tetsuhawks, we already pay the clothes soo soon u will see on game.
  7. sajin

    I would like to say that we have been for 1 month + with a new kazekage called @Peperoni Johnson, with ADV council @Senku @Raikuzu, apart from that it is necessary to update the people who rose from rank in the CE chunins: @Senku @ana primal @Urizen @ForestEdge Jounins: @Raikuzu @NIghma Date i dont knows if we got SJ but need be update that things... @Ueda @Erox