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  1. Itsuku

    Give em some boxing gloves or brass knuckles
  2. So you're telling me I need to be level 50 AND HAVE 110 STR to use a LEAF?!
  3. Itsuku

    If these ideas aren't put into the game, i'll personally riot.
  4. Itsuku

    I don't see how it could be exploited? You already have guys paying people ryo to go afk so they can level up summons and rank up jutsu. But If you get like 10-20 xp per heal, set, i don't see an issue. Would be less effective than mobbing
  5. Itsuku

    It's hard enough trying to get a team for rp missions. At least in Mist anyway
  6. Itsuku

    It's come to my attention that most people who first choose the medic mastery often times reset their characters, due to the difficulty it is to level up against mobs, and depending on the dailies you get, it makes traveling to other villages a nightmare as you tend to get killed on the way there, or on the way back with an item that drops upon death for said mission. My idea would benefit all villages, all players, and hopefully bring more medic/support players to the table. My idea you ask? Granting xp upon healing another player via Treat Wounds, as well as granting xp on reviving players (and other support jutsu excluding cursemark). This would give more urgency (especially during raids) for teams to work together. Another idea, if simply using the jutsu seems too unbalanced, then perhaps granting an item that allows for xp to be obtained while using said medical jutsu, such as surgical gloves, or a headpiece.