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  1. There has been ongoing discussion of the strong, if not overpowered nature of the Sand and Mist exclusive weapons. They provide interrupts and jutsu level power on auto attack for no chakra cost. The fan and particularly the bubble pipe are a massive upgrade from the kunai/pkunai in 1v1 and when abused properly game changing in group combat. Anyone in this game who has combatted two bubble pipe users at the same time solo has felt the hopelessness of their auto attack skill spam. Finally, we have consensus among the community as a Mist 7SM representative agrees that Bubble pipe is essentially game breaking. As you can see below bubble pipe auto spam is the ultimate defense, offense, and gender identity. Bubble pipe, especially in combination with clams as pointed out by YamatoSan allows for ridiculously easy zone control almost like having a trapper on your auto attack. Recommendation: The development team should look into reducing the time a bubble is present once "Summoned" or the time which the bubble snares opponents should be reduced. As noted below being caught in a bubble during a team fight is game over and easier to achieve than actually having to land jutsu. Additionally on behalf of Rumaki: The nin dev team accidently made the Samehada sword balanced. This is concerning for the entire community as a whole, Please put water shark jutsu with insta cast on that sword for the kekw.
  2. Jiroubou

    I'd agree with all the excited rogues that the ideas sounds cool. However id argue the logic for why something like this should be in game is flawed. Also lets be honest starting in host cave for any of the players commenting on this post would not hinder leveling in any way. Nin is only as "hardcore" as your game experience and friends (or alts) allow. Being rogue is a trade off, you get a level of freedom which is not offered by village gameplay. You get away from the politics, community, and rules that come with village life and are able to start your own orgs and communities killing whoever you want. It should still remain a tradeoff. If you don't want to protect a village and deal with the rules and personalities of a village community you don't get to be a chunin or participate in those RP events. I don't necessarily think that Missing should be a faction in the same way a village is, nor do I think it was ever intended to be. Missing ninja is meant to offer an alternative playstyle to that of the three villages. As it stands, the missing playstyle is not struggling to get players. Otherwise cool post, sounds badass.
  3. Jiroubou | To the next era of the Hidden Leaf.
  4. Jiroubou

    This is too much fun, went a lil overboard.
  5. Jiroubou

    I am generally of the opinion that the way BI works currently in open world is restrictive enough. I don't think it should be changed to make it harder for the side already losing the fight, usually defending their village. However, I could see the addition of a preventive measure stopping players with the BI debuff from entering instanced regions (Toad Land, Land of Iron). I could see that as being a useful feature. Given the ease of access from the Toad right in the village.
  6. Looking forward to more experiences and hopefully more players to come. But if you could like code my RNG to be better that would be swell.
  7. Jiroubou

    Soon Pms gonna be clan specific like a mind transfer technique xD. RP WILL PREVAIL!!!
  8. Jiroubou

    @Tameshi Hinode I am confused by your post you provide very little evidence as to why it would be a bad thing. It would bring the functionality from discord into the game for users who do not use discord and would make finding RP teams easier which is a good thing. Then you say it could work but also dont explain this. You do all this after saying please no which is also not helpful input.
  9. Jiroubou

    I think the more you take away from vchat the less used it will be and the more convinced I am that you just want to remove it. I think that would be fine but I think that functionality has to be added to fulfill what vchat should be used for. Selling Items, Requesting RP missions, and making call outs. The aviary works for me for call outs. But as I have posted before I think that the message boards found in the village should be extended to include functions like finding RP teams and selling items.
  10. Yeah definitely gonna need a stat reset. To be honest int characters will be simply stronger for having fans in sand. I don't know about having this only in sand. Fans add a lot of utility to int masteries which lack in interrupts. It will be sad to see them go.
  11. Jiroubou

    1. For Tournaments: Medics can allow a team to take an entirely different playstyle. If a team is smart they can win simply off of longevity. 2. Grinding people need to remember that the medic doesn't need to be apart of your team. The best exp in the game is grind without a team and a chakra medic constantly healing you. This removes the time waiting for regen and provides the best "Non-Mission" exp. 3. Bosses: This is the most drastic case. You don't need a medic for the spider boss but if you have one it can be easily duoed which is a big deal. Its a big deal because splitting drops between two people is far simpler than 4. Manda is an entirely different story and is a better example of high level bossing content. I wont do it without 2 medics minimum, and tbh when I can I do the content with 4 medics. The way Manda works is you are fighting a damage clock that Manda provides by shooting poison bullets. As long as your runner is competent the only challenge Manda provides is having enough healing to counteract this damage clock. Chakra medics also provide the second best DPS to tai so why use anything else.
  12. Looking forward to another great year of Nin. Thanks for all the work you've put in this far and the work which is coming in 2019.