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  1. New profile song, a gift for your ears.

  2. Actual Leaf ninja now, wasn't enjoying sand so I'll play with the boys in leaf.

  3. I acknowledge my bad behavior and apologize for my weak will when I'm asked for something. Forgive my transgressions. -bows head-
  4. Nighma

    Jun out here putting in that work.
  5. Game needs more gambling add some card games so I can take people money. Bookshelves looking snazzy.
  6. Nighma


    Ever since I was a wee lad, my dream has been to turn into a puddle, thanks for making dreams possible.
  7. Gonna be sad for at least a few days.

    1. Ueda


      Thank you for participating

  8. Your sister is pretty.

  9. Nighma


    Pretty Legit.