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  1. Uwu  Raikuzu  why wont you come in my side :eyes:  

  2. Updated profile completely! ;)

  3. Ryumaru

    this is what I made :v
  4. Ryumaru

    @Fuze :^)
  5. I wouldnt be doing it if my village wasnt so dead and people could actually found other people to RP with..........
  6. Ryumaru

    It's really nice to see new maps getting added,great work!Can't wait for more
  7. Ryumaru

    ᴛᴇɴᴅō Leader : @Raikuzu Hozuki : Quick introduction : Tendō is a clan in Suna's new era,born from the ashes of the desert,Tendō is rising as a strong and loyal Clan,standing up for it's village and mates.Tendō is a clan specialized to gravity jutsu. : Clan Clothing : Clan's clothing is basically Gaara's clothing but in black Clan colors are basically black and a color of choice. : Old clan page : Hozuki : New clan page : Soon.
  8. Photos with me and some friends from my journey of nin
  9. Ryumaru

    woah great job sukki,that sure was a lil hard to make