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  1. Except it's a weapon FOR A PLAYSTYLE. That's like saying swords shouldn't add extra damage since everyone can equip them??? Are different things for different masteries NOT supposed to be unique? I don't think it should be sand only, I think it should be str wind only. You don't see non weapon masters using a shirokata or any other sword, why should you see non str wind users using a fan.
  2. Imagine arguing your point as if this is real life and we're not having balance / fairness discussions on a game.
  3. So we're really gonna sit here and act like we can definitively proclaim that Temari is and int wind user opposed to a str wind user, when the fan and str fan jutsus are presumably based off her..? And you have the audacity to challenge anyone else's logic. Rofl. Really reaching here.
  4. I mean. You see anyone who's not a weapon master using these things? Didn't think so. The logic is fine.
  5. It really should be sand wind, not sand in general. If we're out here changing to to make it more logical and fair, how it logical or fair that an earth/light from sand can continue to use a weapon not really meant for them, but a leaf earth/light can't. #StrWindOnly Edit: Lookit all these people suddenly yelling "remove knockback" now that they can't use it anymore. roflasdlasdlasgdg