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  1. Kekiro

    Can I ask how exactly do raid points affect drops from mobs? I've noticed that I can still get a Blank scroll with -3% or more. I always thought that Blank scrolls had a 1% drop rate chance, which would mean that it would be impossible to get one with -1% and lower points. Unless I'm misunderstanding the drop rate on blanks or how it's calculated. TL;DR: How is the drop rate affected by the raid system and how is it calculated? Love the rade points btw!
  2. Kekiro

    I remember the first time I saw Loli. She was a beautiful flower just sitting around the land of fires bounty house as I approched her. Her long white hair was blowing in the wind when suddenly... 2 akatsuki, 3 puppet brigaders, ALL 7 swordsmen, and hell even a 12g boi with pvp on jumped me. I was in shock. I couldnt even move. I decided to just sit there and go afk, while they violated me! But on that faithful day, loli had a bit too much candy. She moved at the speed of light, and as I closed my eyes not knowing what was going on, all I heard was "Hey ningga, gib blank." I looked up and saw all 13 of the enemies waiting out their timers. I was astonished! She looked at me a like she was pissed off a little and said it again, this time louder and with a pouting face "gib blank ningga!" I scrambled around my expanded inventory (only 9.90$ in the cash shop) and gave her a fresh blank. She skipped off in to the distance and I thought it was only a dream till I saw this post. Hail Lolimall!
  3. Kekiro

    KO Erik for best fire med cuz I actually play the game
  4. Kekiro

    The LMPF has a salary, which was added when Mac Daddy was chief and I'ts still a thing now that I'm chief. We pay for it from our own pockets and some of the funds are also donated from the leaf treasury. On that note, I heard that apparently GMs will be taking the money from the chunin exams this time around. I suggest that the higher ups of each village get it instead. Funding the organisations like the LMPF or hosting events with the money is a far better way of spending it instead of just deleting it from the game.
  5. Kekiro

    I tell this to everyone that does rp crimes. You should be smart about it, even irl criminals get cought if they are moving bait. Ive done a fair share of killing leafies and aiding the enemy, but guess what, nobody knows it because I dont make it obvious. Which beings me to the main point. There are lots of dead cases. Either because of a lack of proof, which is fine, or because there is nobody around to actually do the jailing. People don't get chunin to jail in the first place. They get it for other reasons, and im not really sure what they are, but its not jailing. If it was the lmpf would be full of chunin and we wouldnt even be talking about this topic.
  6. The Peace march So today I finally took some time out of farming sneks and decided to do some rp. I had some general rules I wanted to follow and those boiled down to "no running" and "no jutsu". The occasional heal and rev was there however. Anyways the premise is basically a march for peace. I started off with a powerful speech that didn't make anyone want to join my cause. Then while I was taking screenshots, I noticed my first buddy. The man, the myth, the legend @Tsuuyoi agreed to take this journey with me. So we set off! Headed straight for sand, our first destination where we would try and proselytize people. I'm really bad at taking screenshots and it shows because I have no real evidence of being at sand or almost anywhere else. But basically what happened was that we saw what looked like three free kills at GD. and they were free. I did my line "I am Kekiro of the peace march, and this is my friend. Will you walk for peace with us?" and nobody budged till 10 seconds later. Well when they noticed one of them attacked Tsuuyoi, but Beat told him to beat it. I told them about our mission to spread peace, but nobody decided to join. We respected their decision to be ruthless killers, and promptly left the scene and made our way to Takumi. We reached Takumi and almost got politely greeted. We saw a few people, but there was harass king Steezo there himself, and he said he would be willing to join the march. Seconds later, king Dona slides in and attacks Steezo, which ruins the chance for Steezo to join since well he was dead. Anyway, on our way out I saw my old buddy Hageshi and he respectfully declined. On our way out we saw a peculiar little lowbie. He said we should wait for him since he was getting a dango. Peace could wait for a second I guess, and we waited, and made our way out of the village with @Soraya walking beside us. He was part of the crew now and he didn't even know it yet. We also meet @Delp Midori around b2 if I remember, and it started looking like an actual protest for peace (or a cult as some of the group mentioned, but I don't see it) I guess what happened next was really unexpected. ExiledKyoho and ExiledTheridion spotted us in mist and I introduce us as the peace march. They were chill with it all, you could see they were a little confused, but they were supporting our peace, and let us be. But we spent a lot of time there, and sure enough more misties came by. At some point Serias was there and he was speaking a lil threatening I would say. Well he was about to strike but I believed in the power of peace! I also believed in the power of my wallet, and what a powerful wallet it is. The mood changed from life threatening to a more of a "good luck on your journey, yea peace woo!". We made our way on the boat and were happy to reach the land on the other side. Our pilgrimage was only a few maps away from ending, and what a ride it was. We actually made it all the way, and I didn't even use my chakra once. but we had to get trough these bears. first. And we didn't. Midori our main medic died, and then these ruffians came by and disposed the rest of us. In my final stride of peace, I walked away from my attacker tho. I walked like I did till that moment, but I knew it was my last moment. I kept my dignity tho. I did not let this person ruin the image of all man kind. I walk straight past him in to a bear, who finished me off. And that's that. I woke up in a hospital, and my march continues. As I said I'm bad at screenshots. I'm glad I met some cool people btw, thx to those who joined, and to those who played along
  7. I tried following Lumys and Rorys suggestions of dressing better and fixing the light/weird stretching, so Im reentering the competition with this.