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  1. Kekiro

    I remember the first time I saw Loli. She was a beautiful flower just sitting around the land of fires bounty house as I approched her. Her long white hair was blowing in the wind when suddenly... 2 akatsuki, 3 puppet brigaders, ALL 7 swordsmen, and hell even a 12g boi with pvp on jumped me. I was in shock. I couldnt even move. I decided to just sit there and go afk, while they violated me! But on that faithful day, loli had a bit too much candy. She moved at the speed of light, and as I closed my eyes not knowing what was going on, all I heard was "Hey ningga, gib blank." I looked up and saw all 13 of the enemies waiting out their timers. I was astonished! She looked at me a like she was pissed off a little and said it again, this time louder and with a pouting face "gib blank ningga!" I scrambled around my expanded inventory (only 9.90$ in the cash shop) and gave her a fresh blank. She skipped off in to the distance and I thought it was only a dream till I saw this post. Hail Lolimall!
  2. Kekiro

    We have decided to do things a bit differently. Anyone that wants to join will be getting the trial rank of leaf sparrow. So anyone that wants to apply just send me a pm on the forum with your discord name and I'll add you to the discord server. During the trial rank period you will not recieve an invitation to the organisation. You will recieve one once we have evaluated that you would make a good officer. So like I said, send me a pm on the forum if you want to join.
  3. Kekiro

    Just saying, waiting months for a nerfed akats ring is whack. Having no village weapon is whack. Our passive works everywhere 5% of the time with people already getting used to it to put a trap on your ass when you die. Make the boat ride shorter. And you all did get limited with the org buff, but it's not like wm isn't a strong and popular mastery. Tbh sand is the best off so we should gang up on them. We got off topic tho, so I'll just say that that Rory needs to put down the crack pipe and start cracking up the mastery instead of the weapon, which we can all agree on I think.
  4. Kekiro

    I actually bought a pipe for my mist str wm account and I would: 1)basic attack a mob with my sword 2)use up all the jutsu I can on the mob because they are all long range attacks 3)switch to pipe and leave bubbles in it's path while I waited for my jutsu to come off cooldown 4)switch back to my sword and repeat from point 2 until the mob is dead
  5. Kekiro

    KO Erik for best fire med cuz I actually play the game
  6. Kekiro

    The LMPF has a salary, which was added when Mac Daddy was chief and I'ts still a thing now that I'm chief. We pay for it from our own pockets and some of the funds are also donated from the leaf treasury. On that note, I heard that apparently GMs will be taking the money from the chunin exams this time around. I suggest that the higher ups of each village get it instead. Funding the organisations like the LMPF or hosting events with the money is a far better way of spending it instead of just deleting it from the game.
  7. Kekiro

    I support this message!
  8. Kekiro

    We can recruit up to 8 members at the moment, so if anybody that hasn't put in an application and would like to join, please do so now.
  9. Kekiro

    I don't get why it's not in the game already if it's just a +10 to all stats buff.
  10. Kekiro

    fuck silver, make this man a developer
  11. Kekiro

    You can beat the proctor.
  12. Updade to the thread! I have another case. This time @zumoSlamma loged in and was already jailed. He had a daily to turn in as well, and couldn't do it, due to being randomly jailed.
  13. Kekiro

    I like ordering officers to attack a rogue, and watch them cry in my pms (insurt kinky emote ) .
  14. Kekiro

    Imagine most people saying it would look good on their resume ;_;