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  1. Drusilla

    Exactly the changes which the devs do massively impact our masteries just look at wind and wm. The devs changed them and gave us players who play them 0 compensation a yearly mastery reset can fix this because no one wants to grind all the way to 50 just for them to get another change to what ever mastery they pick. We need this mastery reset scroll i swear we do this aint right at all man and you know what to when we do get a mastery reset we still gotta lvl up jutsus which some take a long time to even max... buy the jutsus with blanks that fail ..... like i dont see the problem with this man
  2. Drusilla

    alts bring more harm than good , most people who got alt either sell them for money, abuse them , or use them to harass players / dodge penalties even if their is a few people who dont do that the bad out weighs the good.
  3. Drusilla

    A master reset scroll has been talked about for over 2 years by the community with the cancellation of advance jutsus i truly belive we should get a yearly chance to change our second mastery. As everyone who plays nin knows lvling is painful, grinding is painful we cant choose anything in the game but our mastery everything else is RNG is its really frustrating when player choose a second mastery and it gets nerfed, revamped, etc and get no compensation for it thus leaving alot of people even more frustrated by implenting a yearly mastery reset players can at least pick another mastery and enjoy the game and experiment. This will also reduce the influx of 'alts' that plague this game. Please take this into deep consideration i guarantee us the players will deeply appreciate this change.
  4. Drusilla

    i understand that all im asking is that we get some sort of global something it can be anything really i just was giving ideas because when you done dailies the game gets boring no offense at all we do be raiding and fighting but farming is depressing and bandits and land of iron is even worse so if you can do something either drop weekends or something it would be appreciated.
  5. Drusilla

    man wtf you mean 'pay to win' every game in the world reward their players except for nin , we got no daily login rewards, no sort of bonus , nothing no aspect of nin even support a pay to win you ppl just using that term without knowing what it even means.
  6. Drusilla

    As the title says nin need weekend bonuses example: ryo bonuses exp bones drops bonuses mob drop ryo bonuses jutsu mastery bonuses dailies bonuses x3/2.5 bonus boss/bandit exp bonuses These are just a few bonus i came up with but they really need to be implemented in game its been years i aint bashing the devs but man ive playing this game for a min and never a bonus or something of substance for us players its always a grind always some sort of pain just to anything why cant we get some sort of bonus some sort of relief of this epic struggle i never even seen rory pop a bless either xmas event you would think that aye tis the season that we would get some sort of gifts or present when we log unto the game like sooooo many others games do for their players to thank them for support instead we gotta grind 50 snow balls for cosmetic .... and we gotta spend 10k and more ryo for bullets.. and ryo not even easy to acquire thus i really really hope that atleast 1 of these bonus can be implemented in game heck even daily login rewards would be nice but anyways all i had to say gg.
  7. Drusilla

    gold and silver ninja's should get some substantial benefits other than gold name , text and the little discounts.. we should even get daily login rewards.. bonus exp from mobs ...i agree with the 2x bless cuz at the end of the day its us that be buying it not non gold/silver people..
  8. Drusilla

    I will get straight to the point the two wind jutsus I'm talking about are wind bullet and vacuum 1) wind bullet :after bug fix i would say was good since it was a bug but the jutsu is very underwhelming i would really like for the jutsu to live up to the name and actually pierce enemies and mobs can even go a 2 tic bleed the fact when u land it and it just slighting knocks back aint it ,at all it really should pierce through people. 2) vacuum: vacuum had its dmg nerfed in a past patch when it was instant cast and then @Rory then made it a cast and never reverted the dmg nerf change so now vacuum take ages to use and the dmg is bad i suggest that the dmg be return from what it was before and vacuum should also punch through as well like wind slash an d speaking on wind slash it should be a instant cast but that just my opinion these changes will really give wind an identity.
  9. Drusilla

    Alright so i am suggesting in terms of how jail jutsu is for it the used by the chiefs and captain ranks of the police force regardless of being a chunin or not. I strongly disagree that only chunin rank ninja should be able to use the jail jutsu for the police or it just limits it because not all chunin ninja will want to join or log in to jail a criminal and when people get chunin most just go afk from game or sell the account to some random its like being in anbu and need to be chunin to equip the sword... or gear. Please look back on the police org devs and make a change please also our hats needs to be fixed with hairs or just make us bald when we wear the hat so its fits thank you that is all i have to say.
  10. Drusilla

    EXACTLY 100% with the tldr
  11. Drusilla

    yes akuma you heard rory >:) ty rory now we can track spy alts and greifers
  12. Drusilla

    Every time i look at forums i see people complain about leaf hidden mastery and its kind of annoying , leaf as you all may know and as rory stated is the 'default village' of nin we have no weapons , no org items other than a 10 buff , our hidden mastery doesn't even utilize a weapon while sand have fan , black fan, crystal fan, blood fan, and mist have poison pipe , regulars pipe which snares every time you press the z key. That said please consider tht gf only have 1 jutsu that can slight take a little bit of chakra if landed and also self stuns you miss , I write this to say that gentle fist needs a buff let our melee take a percentage chakra , make you melee fighting g style jabs and not regulars punches and kicks make our pressure point actually show we are jabbing chakra apoints , let 16 palm evolve after each lvl up phase example 16 palm> 24 palm. 32 palms , just so each increase dmg and more chakra removed thus giving gf its own identity other than jsut flicker combo and run since that all our jutus can do i hope rory you really really try to hear us out and see where the leaf villagers are coming from on that note have a great day
  13. no cap sometimes when i going cf i get the input lag like i wil be pressing down on my key and my char would like stop move or go side ways i even tested it with my non gaming keyboard which i never sued adn its the same thing like you would radomly like stop move or like stutter
  14. Drusilla

    i agree blessing should cost 5k ryo the econmy in general is soo bad new clothese added basics clothes like long coats the blouse outfits 25k-30k ryo like,,, the most ryo you can get from a daily is 600 and that from doing snow wolves... 60 snow wolves... that dont even drop thier furs,,,, can kill 3 waves and get legit 1 fur,,, but yea ryo need a massive revamp in nin
  15. Drusilla

    actually most of the leaf clans all got 3 and 2 jutsus idk about other villages tho