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  1. Lmaoooooo I’m not wilding !!!!! I’m being sarcastic you so cute when you panic. But this is really good although I wonder how the casting would work instant or hmm @Serias
  2. Lmao only you could make a jutsu’s like this look so op yet look like it’s meant to be in game. (Watches people hate in silence.) it’s ok he’s clearly winning keep up the good work baby prove all the people praying for your downfall wrong I believe in you !
  3. Tsuneko

    @Deviax @VestaOrion@Anborn OMG IM SO JELLY CONGRATS GUYS I PROMISE YOU'LL DO A GREAT JOB I'm routing for you 3!!!
    • Love your music, neko
  4. Tsuneko

    This is very well put together. It definitely makes me see you as a more helpful person. But I'm pretty sure this will be very useful!