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  1. Sin

    I register Teammate: Brochette
  2. Sin

    2 Fire earth users who don’t even play Fire earth anymore :pepesad:
  3. Sin

    forumpvp>discordpvp>ninpvp fakt
  4. Sin

    the cap is insane
  5. Sin

    nothing is wrong with the map if anything a sandie would be trapping himself if they try to cloak you can cancel it easily and they'd have no where to go either way you can always flicker so it's not a big deal at all.
  6. Sin

  7. Sin

  8. Sin

    : O
  9. Sin

    Name:Sin Rank:Chunin Reason to join: cuz im sin and im a lowkey kuraen boy now pardon me and let me in already
  10. Sin

    Can i join?