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  1. Electric

    Im sorry rory but I will have to heavily disagree here, leveling is the most important thing in nin online, without leveling you will be stuck as a level 1 for ever. If the leveling is not fun for the new players that join they will all leave, id rather (and i think a lot of poeple will agree with me on this) have leveling be made more varied and more fun than to have new things added and fixed. From personal experience I started this game with a group of 7 friends, currently only 2 of play on a regular basis and everyone else has quit before even reaching level 20 (granted the group started in 2021). Trying to convince these people to give nin another go has proven to be very difficult due to their bad experience on the game. On the other hand, it would be a lot easier to convince someone to come back, who stopped playing after level 60 due to lack of content, as their experience was overall enjoyable. With steam release it is the biggest shot nin online has of gaining a huge increase in players, I understand manpower is limited and I'm not bashing any work done so far (infact I love how the game has progressed) however adding more of a story line, clan missions and more and routes will most definitely have a positive impact on new and older players. All the suggestions and forum posts that Cosbo linked are amazing and are worth taking into consideration. This forum post by Insidious gives some suggestions for new maps and routes: Some suggestions of my own include, adding a route from the left side of CF that leads towards the leaf warzone, this would allow rogue ninja to have access to Tanzaku without having to cross much of the leaf village territory. In addition to this, adding a route from the right side of CF leading towards asoki port would also allow for a quicker and alternative way for leaf ninja to access the port and also for mist ninja to reach leaf quicker. In general adding a couple maps around the ninja world to link them together would prove beneficial for not only the leveling experience, as you wont have to run through the same route and into the same people, but also for those danger zone fights where someone is camping a map and you cant cross. With the introduction of these new maps could also be the introduction of new mobs and missions which will add variety to the game. Finally, something that you have done in the past is reducing requirements for missions such as waging war and cold blooded killer, reducing requirements for other missions such as clear abandoned lair or any mission that requires killing mobs. Also reducing the amount of items required to complete a mission would also be very beneficial for leveling. For example, medical supply missions require a lot of items that are usually quite hard to farm as they are out of village territory and also the mobs which drop them have a low drop rate or are harder to kill. I think you should really consider this post and what I have added to it
  2. Electric

    As most people are aware in the naruto universe there are a few puppet masters that we get to see, this got me thinking on a possible mastery for the game that would revolve around puppet masters and would also have a use for the puppet summons in the sand village. Upon a quick google search i found a naruto fandom page which describes all of the puppets seen in the anime https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Puppet . A puppet shown in the fandom post is Sanshouo, this is a high defence puppet which in nin can be used as a jutsu similar to earth wall that tanks jutsu or it can used as an insta summon which blocks any 1 jutsu thrown by an enemy. The next puppet we see is Hiruko, this was used by the akatsuki member Sasori and he used it as a disguise and shield, this fits perfectly as a sub in nin and just covers the user completely in the puppet. In the past, Korobi and Yaoki use a pair of small puppets with rounded heads that sprayed water. this could be used as a cancel of some sorts similar to colliding wave or water slash. Of course it would not be a direct copy paste of these jutsu but it could work in a similar way with different art. This was taken from the fandom page and it is just some more ideas for possible puppets and jutsu that the mastery could have. Another screenshot straight from the fandom for possible puppets and jutsu. I am thinking this could be a puppet that works similar to water prison or even a bear trap that snares the enemy or even possible stuns them. An idea that I myself have thought of and something that I heard is already in the works, is to add a jutsu that attaches a chakra thread to an ally and be able to pull them back to you when they are in danger. I believe this would be very interesting and make the mastery very support like and add a lot of new and exciting things to do in nin. Of course these are all just rough ideas and just something I have talked about with some fellow sand ninja and is not an in depth forum post with art and jutsu. However, I think the idea is really good and something new and fun especially for a support class that isnt fully reliant on healing allies and reviving them. I hope you enjoy the post and feel free for to add any suggestions, hopefully rory takes this into consideration and adds it to the game.
  3. Electric

    You proved his point, ofc 5 misties will not leave if 10+ enemy are outside. The issue is not the AOE because if people weren't hunting in groups of 10+ people the AOE would not be as big as an issue because you could more easily dodge or escape it without then getting hit by thr same jutsu from 3 other people with no way of escaping because you wasted all your jutsu while they have 9 people who can spam the AOE
  4. Electric

    Adding some sort of incentive to going to dz and killing people would be very good aswell as they are pretty dry right now, I also think making kills give xp would be a good idea
  5. Electric

    That sounds dope af, but it might get annoying after a while
  6. Electric

    I really like this suggestion, it will hopefully increase dz activity and also would stop the need of timers.
  7. Electric

    oh no yami hacked ainz's account