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  1. Kuroi Merlin

    We all know the game is not very welcoming for new players and I don't think it will ever be, it's only the old community that sticks around because they are the only ones that can deal with the heavy grind/lvling system I have tried countless times to get friends over and they quit straight away, and they are used to byond games like goa or nff which are similar, even though Nin Online appears to be a superior Byond Naruto Fan game it unfortunately fails to cater new players and I guess in a way that's fine, it's not meant to be a huge populated game but it could be It's a great game nevertheless, but the grindiness/lack of events/missions/content is what makes people not stick around, but if you love PvP/Roleplay it's a great game, plus the artwork/sound of the villages is spot on and you can tell the developers love the game. It could also benefit from instanced dungeons similar to the spider boss, that's really fun to do but only for low lvls, really surprised not a lot more like that were made
  2. Kuroi Merlin

    leveling guide

    I completely understand, I was actually thinking of going STR/WM for the combos and the synergy that they have thats why I wouldnt be able to have any INT wind. Do you still think it's bad to go high STR for Fan/Wm ? like end build would be like something like 1.2k hp 300 chk and then the rest in str
  3. Kuroi Merlin

    leveling guide

    So these stats for Strenght with "a lot of HP" does it apply to Str fan too? Because it's a ranged class I wonder if you can put more stats into str instead of having so much hp?
  4. Kuroi Merlin

    Do we have a list on what jutsus the summon do? or if they have anything special. Monkey has breaking kick and whirlwind Slug - just heal? Toad - Water bullet only? Panda - Flick stun only? Clam - Water bullet and 10x10 stun? Hawk - ?? Dog - ?? Weazel - ?? Anybody knows? Would be nice at least we would have a list for everyone
  5. Kuroi Merlin

    Thank you for your tips I hear a lot of bad things about light and wm currently, but because I'm from Mist, I was told we get really good weapons and WM shines here so I was like...hmm But I just leveled up an agi before and I struggled to level so I can only imagine light and wm being the same level of punishment lol
  6. Kuroi Merlin

    Thank you, is wm and light bad currently?
  7. I'm trying to decide to choose a mastery between light / wm and wind to play in mist I know that wind is the best for PvE to grind, wm and light are really bad for that and struggle to level thats why I don't know where to go... WM seems good in PvP and Light I was told it's been nerfed a lot of times so not in a good spot?
  8. Kuroi Merlin

    Agreed that is just bs lol
  9. Kuroi Merlin

    I haven't played for awhile, do we only have the spider and snake boss still? Just wondering if we have any new ones due to the new cap
  10. Kuroi Merlin

    I get that but the jutsu itself is so slow and predictable, i really don't find a use for it during ateam fight, i'd rather water prison someone and combo them to death rather try to attempt to hit a slow projetile that does the same damage as one water bullet
  11. When you're high level, jutsus like water shark become obsolete, for example lvl 60 char with 150 int, water bullet does 116 damage while great water shark does 122 Water shark has less range, cast time and buggy while water bullet not only is fast, instant but also can hit multiple times. And this doesnt only apply to water shark but to most jutsus, why do these "ultimate" jutsus feel so crappy? They should definitely have a higher ratio than the beginner skills otherwise whats the point in using them?
  12. Kuroi Merlin

    Wouldnt it be nice if we had elemental combos to actual be a thing? This could have people try even different type of builds just to see what works out! I will try to keep these as basic as possible to not For example if you hit an enemy with a elemental jutsu they will receive the below. These debuff don't do anything on their own (unless it's fire) and only stay for 10 seconds in order to be used as a combo. Water applies wet Earth applies mud Fire applies burn Lightning applies shock Wind will interact differently with other elements Water Water + Lightning - +25% stun duration for 10 seconds. Water + Earth - Applies Slow 1 Earth Earth + Water - Applies Slow 1 Earth + Wind - Applies Bleed 3 Fire Fire + Wind - Applies Burn IV Wind Wind + Fire - Burn IV Wind + Lightning - Damage Taken +15% for 10 seconds This is just some ideas obviously you could come up with other things
  13. We're all aware of the current state of the game with people abusing pipe but pipe is just being used because there's nothing else to replace the really bad "melee" that we have. There's barely no weapons for INT classes so, a way to stop people from abusing these weapons is to give other classes something special for their own. Exclusive masteries weapons/ brainstorm ideas. These are equipped in your melee weapon slot. These weapons would be scaling off INT but their base stats would be really low, we just really lack good INT weapons thats why its sorta boring to only use jutsus sometimes. Fire - Long Sword - Medium damage, 1x3 range(similar to water slash but smaller), burn 2, cast time 0.5 sec Short Sword - Medium damage, close range, fast attacks, burn 2 Earth - Earth Knuckles - Close range, fast attack, fast attack, Slow 1 Rock Brick Cane (Hammer style) - - a 3x3 melee Earth Slam, Low damage, snare 0.5 sec, 1 sec cast time Lightning Katana - 1x3 range, low damage, inflict 0.5 stun, 1 sec cast time. Lightning Short Sword - Close range, low damage, inflicts 0.5 stun (cannot be proc constantly, 10 sec cd for next stun) Wind (INT) - Asuma chakra blades - Close range 1x2, medium damage, bleed 2, knock back. It would just be more interesting in general, we could finally use melee to even grind with and not just rely on our jutsus, this is just a small brain storm but we could definitely come up with something for our own mastery and stop relying on other masteries like wind or water only stuff...
  14. Kuroi Merlin


    Still waiting for fan buff No point in going str fan atm when int wind does more dmg and has no self stuns/bigger range :/ Also str fan doesn't have many good mastery combinations..