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  1. Hanoka

    Ey Ey Have reworked the shadowing of red, what do you think?
  2. Hanoka

    It's my first time doing clothes be nice hahaha
  3. Hanoka

    thanks! thats my second try doing clothes, my first one being this...uh... blue thing
  4. So..deleted last post because colors are all wrong but got asked why so I'll repost it and then show again on messages once I get to understand how to color/shade O_O Color theory, back to school cheers
  5. Hanoka

    We could get a special boss with very special drop who spawns randomly in all Nin's map except ones with bosses or very high level mobs?
  6. Hanoka

    Hello. I was thinking, people often complain that there are no enough WZ and DZ in the game. Why not make a random hour each day in which all maps of game become WZ? It would be completely randomnized (hour) and it would give a warning 10 minutes before by saying "Shinobi World is going into war". If this is a bad idea then don't give it any mind ^^
  7. Hanoka

    Ayy mine isn't the bone one no thanks for me
  8. Hanoka

    At least you look like the Joker and Dw both hairstyles have a bug they taking care of it
  9. Hanoka

    I think that's not a bug. Just GM can see the name history, supposedly.