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  1. Prado

    Ah yes, there he is!
  2. Prado


    they've chosen you as their true leader.
  3. Prado


    You can wear them at any level and all the cosmetics last forever ( things like stat reset, blessing, dont last forever).
  4. started playing this game on 2016 on another account, even with the breaks i took i cant leave this game definitely, this game is so niche but yeat so amazing sometimes apart from all the turbulences it went through, i think i will play it till its end, rory, although you do some bad decisions sometimes i gotta admit nin is the best game of this kind.
  5. Prado

    didnt know fluent english is a requirement for akatsuki.
  6. Prado

    Hairsyles should definitely be able to see on the ingame preview
  7. Prado

    lmfao this dude didnt even read the whole post
  8. Prado

    welp, i was already planning on resetting to cloud when it releases, and this gave me even more hype, even tho we gonna get it in a far future and prob not liek this.
  9. Prado

    leaf got the armor cause macdom wasted all our manpower so everyone could get
  10. Prado

    10/10, jun and erox on the track!
  11. Prado

    i'd reset after this