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    Ah yes, there he is!
  2. Prado


    they've chosen you as their true leader.
  3. Prado


    You can wear them at any level and all the cosmetics last forever ( things like stat reset, blessing, dont last forever).
  4. started playing this game on 2016 on another account, even with the breaks i took i cant leave this game definitely, this game is so niche but yeat so amazing sometimes apart from all the turbulences it went through, i think i will play it till its end, rory, although you do some bad decisions sometimes i gotta admit nin is the best game of this kind.
  5. Prado

    didnt know fluent english is a requirement for akatsuki.
  6. Prado

    Hairsyles should definitely be able to see on the ingame preview
  7. Prado

    lmfao this dude didnt even read the whole post
  8. Prado

    welp, i was already planning on resetting to cloud when it releases, and this gave me even more hype, even tho we gonna get it in a far future and prob not liek this.
  9. Prado

    leaf got the armor cause macdom wasted all our manpower so everyone could get
  10. Prado

    10/10, jun and erox on the track!
  11. Prado

    i'd reset after this
  12. Kawaki hair style shaved on the sides, its really good
  13. Prado

    i like the hair, but, how is it from the sides and from the back?
  14. Prado

    you never went on a true hunt with him, dont do such ridiculous comparisons please.
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  16. Prado

    The game should have a little icon indicating when you are with walking toggled or not, like a little guy running or walking icon next to the hotbar.
  17. Prado

    make it timed, and you can only change maps when your time is over, so if you give it like 5 sec, each of the people who may find each other can be faster and decide if he will stay or change maps.
  18. Prado

    i think albion has a similar mechanic to it right?
  19. Prado

    por íncrivel que pareça, a comunidade BR ja chegou a dominar esse jogo, tivemos um kazekage BR na época e sand tinha muitos BRs. Chegamos até a ter BRs em orgs importantes como akat, ANBU, etc