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  1. Vipe

    The music on profiles was pretty cool and allowed you to add atmosphere to your Ninja Bio, bring it back plz.
  2. Vipe

    Masteries that don't scale with Int.
  3. Vipe

    Way too long indeed.
  4. Vipe

    I've been holding that crown for way too long
  5. Vipe

    I've been holding that crown for way too long :weary:
  6. Vipe

    I've been holding that crown for too long :weary:
  7. Vipe

    silver for antar
  8. Vipe

    Sandbu wouldn't even be S tier if they were the only ones on that List.
  9. Vipe

    I think there should also be a Checkmark option on the character creation that allows you to be Leaf/Sand/Mist Rogue to begin with. Maybe with a warning that says (Not recommended for new players) since it is pretty difficult as a lvl 1 rogue.
  10. Vipe

    Why is there a limit on how many missions you can pick and why is it only 3 per day? There is not really much to do for below 50s after doing their daily missions since grinding mobs is everything but not a solid way to lvl up. I understand that lvling is supposed to be a journey and it is supposed to be fun but with the RNG on Missions you have days on which you get 3 Low XP missions / Missions that you can't do for whatever reason be it lack of ressources or accesabliity of the Location (for example when a village is too heavily guarded for a Low lvl to sneak in). Thats why I believe that it would be a good idea to increase the daily mission limit by 1 or 2 missions per day and in return Reduce the Ryo that you get from certain missions slightly so that it doesn't effect the Economy too much.
  11. Vipe

    Nice suggestion
  12. Vipe

    Crystal Fan is so powerful it even made Lumy good.
  13. Vipe

    The righteous suffer and wicked thrive harassing world where the villains rule cheers