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  1. Vipe

    The righteous suffer and wicked thrive harassing world where the villains rule cheers
  2. Vipe

  3. Vipe

  4. Vipe

    Peacelist is for pussys
  5. Rory said it has to do with client stuttering and it will be fixed with the new client, its ridiculous so I hope it gets fixed soon
  6. Vipe

    Vipe (Akatsuki) 60 Wind/Lightning
  7. Vipe

    merry christmas
  8. Vipe

    I'm not complanining but it's a fact that all the players you mentioned got their buttcheeks spread by village numbers its always been that way. You can be as good as you want but it doesnt mean shit when you're stunlocked by Homings
  9. Vipe

    Man Once again you are dickriding and acting dumb I was in akatsuki during and before that It was always the same and you have clearly no idea what you're talking about.
  10. Vipe

    When someone hits you while your charging chakra, it will stop.