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  1. Vipe

    You care just like me or else we wouldn't be here now get lost.
  2. Vipe

    Ziuk you will forever remain Savi tier if you don't adapt to changes in the game.
  3. Vipe

    The music on profiles was pretty cool and allowed you to add atmosphere to your Ninja Bio, bring it back plz.
  4. Vipe

    Masteries that don't scale with Int.
  5. Vipe

    silver for antar
  6. Vipe

    Nice suggestion
  7. Vipe

    Nice suggestion
  8. I'm gonna contact this guy and tell him to play Nin
  9. Vipe

    cool event I'm looking forward to participate!
  10. Vipe

    I'm sad that I can't join.
  11. Vipe

    cheers buddy
  12. Vipe

    I love Nin
  13. Nice Work you put there over the years respect.