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  1. Zabuza Momochi

    So 2fa would only be for the forum not for the actual client? Just asking as the client is what most people are worried about, changing password can be reversed however reset accounts appear to be final.
  2. Zabuza Momochi

    Yep, game needs this desperately, please add 2fa on sign in from any device not used in the past.
  3. Zabuza Momochi

    In its current state, even with pipe / snares, vacuum is fairly weak considering if you snare someone its always better to use drilling bullets then vacuum. This means vacuum not only rely's on you snaring your opponent, it also means drilling bullets needs to be on CD for it to be useful.
  4. Zabuza Momochi

    No ragrets, not even a single letter.
  5. Zabuza Momochi

    The only thing shocking about this is rain refusing to kick ainz for 300k .-. either he is rich or ainz got something on rain.
  6. Zabuza Momochi

    Sounds like a sand problem that I am too mist to understand.
  7. For the first 3 days of my term, all pardons will be free, if you are ready to come home and fight for your village now is the time. Message me in-game or on discord Zabuza Momochi#4269
  8. Zabuza Momochi


    Unity Engine, welcome to the modern world nin Any need for more dev's? I'd be happy to work in C#, many years of experience in Unity~