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  1. Smallie Bigs

    Hate to see it.
  2. Smallie Bigs

    50x285 is like 14k. Nerf Leaf or buff Seigi. Again, its a meme post, it's not meant to nerf or buff anything, but instead mock people who can't deal with Ls and ask for nerfs. Let it go.
  3. Smallie Bigs

    FF for villages. Limit villages' numbers. This is obviosly not a serious post.. chill. It's a parody of Batsu's post.
  4. Smallie Bigs

    Mr. Poo poo?
  5. Smallie Bigs

    I think a Batsu & co member dying should result in an account wipe, that way eventually, they won't have 30 people.. not counting their alts. Also, villagers should be quarantined for a month and forbidden to join Batsu's cult.. we don't need them spreading the virus in Takumi. Mist and Sand was already enough, now Leaf is ignoring the social distancing, aswell.
  6. Smallie Bigs

    Thank you, good sir. I hope Rory likes my idea and nerfs the org that beat us, because we don't like it, and it should be changed.
  7. Hello. We lost to Batsu for the first time today and I would like for it to be nerfed, because I don't like losing. They are a group of Mist/Leaf/Sand and lonely Missings, aka everyone who isnt Seigi, who combined efforts to fight it.. it is ruining the villages and the balance, so pls nerf ty. P.S. only nerf Batsu not Seigi. Like, follow, subscribe.
  8. Smallie Bigs

    Oh, someone is getting salty. Hate to see it. Only you think you are top tier, you are average at best and you were only Akat, because you were tryharding for months. Also I was Leaf for a looong time, was on Akatsuki's side and against them, was Taka.. I have all the right to comment lmao. If you have nothing else to say thats actually on the topic instead of throwing salt, have a nice day.
  9. Smallie Bigs

    I already responded, you're just saying stuff that benefit you, cause you got pardoned lmfao. I already said a lot more than "OrGs > AkAt NerF PlS". Was gonna say go back to making songs, but they bad..
  10. Smallie Bigs

  11. Smallie Bigs

  12. Smallie Bigs

    That was the same argument for every mastery Taka went. "Taka WM carried, Taka Light carried, Taka Earth carried", but somehow they all worked. Villages and other missing orgs got Earth users, too. lol.
  13. Smallie Bigs

    What if villages get FF, too, because they weren't immune to each other in anime, either? Most Seigi members have other accounts.
  14. Smallie Bigs

    Ok, mb, sir trap.
  15. Smallie Bigs

    Lmao, this is how I know you are hurt and out of arguments. Don't type, trap.