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  1. Nej

    Against its only 7, in order for it to be balance some or most swords need to be strong. I don't understand how this Akebono mentions that 12g are barely online like that is the problem of anyone but yourselves for poor selections of players. 7sms are not always online like he claims they are. Also, clearly you didn't finish reading because I mentioned the flicker combo on gf being undodgable and almost 300 damage with barely any str.
  2. Nej

    I don't know why you gathered all this information like I don't know lol. 7 people buffed vs 12 people buffed. They nerfed nuibari which was busted.
  3. Nej

    Yeah but there’s only 7 swords available(which most don’t give any viable stat boosts) and you have 12 guardians with all +10 stats. That ONE sword might be strong but having an indefinite amount of gentle fists users that also hold Z and unavoidable 6et (flicker combo) is pretty strong as well don’t you think?
  4. Nej

    I don’t mind the weapons being locked to their appropriate masteries but the way I see it is that it kinda balances things out since leaf, by default, always has more players in the village and even newcomers going to leaf. (Except for when there’s a new village). How is 10 pipe users going to take down 20 leaf ninjas? If you’re worried about other things such as tournaments and such, leaf has the strongest 1v1 mastery in the game. I’m not debating whether or not mist and sand have better utilities then leaf because they do. I’m only asking you and everyone to think about the balance in the game within standard population. PS. If you want a weapon it would have to be a STR based weapon for GF which doesn’t make sense because of Pressure Point Needle
  5. Nej

    Leaf ninjas play the game on hard mode I wish I could be brave like you guys lol
  6. Nej

    Me and my family have constant nightmares of running into the border patrol general Ainz.
  7. Nej

    There is no Taco Bell in naruto.
  8. Nej

    This is super cool, how much ryo for a figurine?
  9. Nej

    A legendary ninja got punished for introducing the harassing world to the lowbies, #FreeSteezo #LessDepressoMoreExpresso
  10. Nej

    Mist ShineTime.
  11. Nej

    dam, you kinda snapped here...
  12. Nej

    This isn’t a video, this is a movie! U the goat rumaki
  13. Hello everyone my name is Nej, I decided to make an introduction post because I never had one of these and I have been inactive for a while due to not know what do to in the game. I am active now again and I recently reset my character to Mist after @Zabuza Momochi won Mizukage and I am loving my time spent there. I wish to be more RP indulged in the game and this is an attempt at it. I take time out of my day to help new comers all of the time and if someone here is thinking about going to the Hidden Mist Village, come through. I will heal you while you train and give you tips. If you wish to contact me my discord is Nej#9123 I hope everyone is having a great 2021 I love you all, see you in nin online... Also, RESET TO MIST.
  14. Nej

    I support this message.
  15. Nej

    The real medics should be Azhura Balcoin Fletch Ruby Charky if your heals don’t heal for more then 80 you shouldn’t be in this conversation lol