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  1. Nagareboshi

    ngl, I liked the old server much better then this one but that's just my opinion.
  2. Nagareboshi

    That's a horrible idea. If you want a boss near the leaf village just go kill the Spider Boss.
  3. Nagareboshi

    Yeah i agree with @antar86 most people just report it to there village discord now.
  4. Nagareboshi

    whos the clans leader? lol.
  5. Nagareboshi

    i dont think the Kage has enough power to host 2 C.E's one for GMT/Eastern Asia Time Zone players and the other for NA Players.
  6. In the boat ride we should be able to walk through people because some people block the tp, to Boat NPC. Some people might want to return to asoki or the boars map. For example: This lowbie was blocking the tp.
  7. Nagareboshi

    All jokes aside, I would simp for Camellia.
  8. Yes i agree with you but i just wanted to note that Leaf isn't the only that village that baits there jonins to enemies, but yes this problem needs to be fixed.
  9. Nagareboshi

    As a Uikyo member. I approve of this idea. @Ueda please try to consider this if you can.
  10. Nagareboshi

    Ino is the best looking in that list. Isn't the weakest in that list but is very useful in a team fights.
  11. Kurenai keeps moving around the Leaf Village a lot when she should be standing infront of the academy. Please fix this @Ueda ( Shes in a different location in this ss )
  12. Nagareboshi

    so how am i supposed to do C.E? why cant there just be a C.E in another time zone then NA?