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  1. Nagamushi

    Why in the world is this forum post in the Sand Village section
  2. Nagamushi

    For the video on top. That video is useless for setting a example of what advance masteries will be like. The creator of that video doesnt even understand the concept of advance masteries.
  3. Nagamushi

    This will probably be added when advance masteries comes out, because for some advance masteries like water/wm str, which advance is Zabuza style. There might be a sword for it since water is int based and wm str is strength based.
  4. Nagamushi

    This is Nin Online not GTA
  5. The locations for forest near the south are. Leaf Coyotes Map. Leaf Tigers Map. Mini Bridge map and Southwest outskirts map. @xMasshiroxi
  6. Nagamushi

    if your gonna ban him for alting then state that when banning him. You literally wrote for reason " selling nin credits ".
  7. Nagamushi

    Thats deep. You should just take luhan to the leaf court and sue him for 10,000 ryos.
  8. Nagamushi

    L. My guy hirohide doing my work for me while i'm gone.
  9. Nagamushi

    i like this, good work kiddo.
  10. Nagamushi

    Well your not gonna get removed. What are u gonna do about it?
  11. Nagamushi

    k but who asked?
  12. Nagamushi

    Aww you poor little thing bogdan. You must've been suffering hard by seeing the Let it Snow map tp seconds continue while Hasan was dying. I feel very bad for you, so ill be donating 50,000 ryos to you for your loss. Get better soon my little bogdy. Yours truly, Nagamushi.
  13. Nagamushi

    Olá meu bom amigo careca brasileiro. Eu ouvi muitas coisas boas sobre você. Uma coisa era como você pode quebrar montanhas com sua incrível careca grande e brilhante.
  14. Nagamushi

    Dont act like u dont watch hentai furiia, your the biggest pervert in Nin Online. Your not fooling nobody.