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  1. Exactly its legit helping the villagers to overthrow the loi leader, and good luck doing it solo. Especially as a non elemental
  2. Chaotic

    Last post i decided to get 5 people send their characters for a new possible format, and i honestly think it did well, just need to pay more attention to detail a bit. Next post will be my final art post until i get bored again. I'll be taking commissions if you want a pfp done it has to be before new years day as i will be taking a break. Thanks again for the support! and for the other people that have paid me to make their pfp since the last post don't worry about it'll be sent to you via discord dm sometime today or tomorrow [I've been in vc playing games with the homies so apologies for the delay]. Again the price is 1k ryo for each pfp. As always criticism is appreciated.
  3. Enjoy. [This is the last one for a hot min] Shoutout to @Hyach Also im gonna test a new pfp format im doing for my roblox char rn. [Need at most 8 people] The pfp price will be the same [1k ryo or more/5 nin credits.] or you can choose to not pay either way i'll continue to progress my art with my trusty mouse.
  4. Chaotic

    Sand NPCs

    [WIP] [11/19/2021]
  5. Either 2 things happen when i redownload Nin Online's Installer either the installer does its thing and i try to open the game my pc shows this: Or When the installer is "done" downloading it says "Can't configure Installer!"
  6. Chaotic

    I have a feeling he's gonna be danzo but in sand, and we all know what happens to danzo. Jokes aside gl
  7. Chaotic

    Medic Corp [Leaf/Sand/Mist]

    The Medic Corp is a group of some of the best medics in their respective villages. They are mainly responsible for keeping people alive, and in fighting shape in large scale fights. In order to join the Corp you have to have learned the Mystical Palm Technique. The ranks for Leaf, Sand, and Mist Village's Medic Corp are as follows: Field Medic: This role is for brand new medics that have recently joined the organization. They have a lot to learn in order to rise up through the Medic Corp's ranks. Junior Medic: This role is for medic that have basic knowledge of what to do as a medic. Senior Medic: This role is the last role for your training as a medic, and it shows that you can work effectively in battle. Paramedic: Paramedics consists of some of the best medics in their respective villages. They posses extraordinary medical ability, and knowledge of what to do in the Battlefield. They focus on more than supporting their teammates. Doctor: Doctors consists of some of the best medics in their respective villages. Unlike the Paramedic they only focus on supporting their teammates. Chief Resident: Also known as the co-leader of the Medic Corps, and supports the Medical Director in picking new medics, and promoting. Medical Director: The Medic Corp Leader. They are responsible for keeping the Medic Corps in check, and talks with the Chief Resident to be on the lookout for new medics, and promoting members. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Leaf Medical Coat has a price of 1400 ryo. The Leaf Medical Hat has a price of 900 ryo. The Leaf Sterile Mask has a price of 900 ryo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sand Surgical Apron has a price of 1400 ryo. Sand Surgical Mask has a price of 900 ryo. Sand Surgical Hat has a price of 900 ryo. [I'm pretty sure it's a bugged at the moment but buy at your own risk!] [Sand Medical Shirt picture not Available dm Alpha!#1504 to have it added!] Sand Medical Shirt has a price of 1000 ryo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mist Medical Coat has a price of 1400 ryo. The Mist Surgical Mask has a price of 900 ryo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Medic Corp for each village is located in the Hospital for each village [Besides Takumi, and Tanzaku Quarters]. [Credits to @Krisa, @Aesthetic, and @Sensory for all pictures, and ranks shown.]
  8. Chaotic


    The Neo-Akatsuki [New Dawn/New Daybreak] is one of the most dangerous, and feared organizations in the entire shinobi world. It's members consist of some of the most dangerous rouge shinobi in Takumi Village. They usually hunt in a duos or in a small group, and they rarely hunt with all members as an org. The teams are based on the compatibility between the 2 members [With the current Neo-Akatsuki right now they have an Second-In-Command]. The leader usually leads the fight, but if the leader is absent, the person with the most experience to lead the rest of the organization. There are different ways to join the Neo-Akatsuki, like passing a trial of the leaders choice, or duels to challenge an Neo-Akatsuki member for their spot [Similar to challenging an 7SM in a Blood Duel]. Joining the organization will give you access to the Neo-Akatsuki Ring. Wearing it will surround you in an evil aura that makes you stronger. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You can only buy the Neo-Akatsuki Ring once a day for 100 ryo. It drops upon death! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Credits to Hageshi for the aura ss]
  9. Chaotic

    Seven Swordsman of the Mist

    The Seven Swordsman of the Mist aka 7SM, consists of 7 of the most deadliest mist shinobi in the entire village. Unlike other Organizations they rarely hunt as a group, they instead hunt solo or 3+ at a time. When you join the Org you are expected to be one of the best in the Mist Village, and they very rarely host trainings. They are famous for using the Seven Swords of the Mist. Each member can pick one blade to keep for the rest of their time in the org. There's 2 ways to join the org, you can either challenge one of the 7SM to a Blood Duel or if you have proven yourself through pure skill, and PvP ability. *Shibuki, Kiba, Himarakei are the only Swords to not scale purely on strength.* Shibuki scales with Intellect and Strength. Kiba scales with only Intellect. Himarakei scales with only Chakra. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: All these swords cost 100 ryo. You can only buy 1 a day. It drops upon death! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Credits to the Fandom Nin-Online wiki members for the pictures]
  10. Chaotic

    Puppet Brigade

    The Puppet Brigade is a group of sand ninja that specializes in using puppets to defend the village, and attack. Their ranks are similar to ANBU, they split in 3 groups with a captain in each squad. To be able to use their puppets they have to equip a Puppet Coffin which grants the user 12+ Fortitude. Using the Puppet Coffin will be able to let you use the Grand Puppet. The Grand Puppet can use Lightning Current, Fire Dragon, and Colliding Wave. Similar to ANBU they also value strategy, teamwork, and skill above all else. Angelik Date as a member of the Puppet Brigade, with a Grand Puppet behind her. The back view of the Puppet Coffin. The stats of the Puppet Coffin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You can only buy the Puppet Coffin once a day for 100 ryo. It drops upon death! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ranks are as follows: Squad Members- They are required to attend hunts, and trainings. They are also split into squads depending on the synergy of their teammates by the leader. Squad Captains- They are responsible for hosting/leading hunts, and trainings. Team leaders are picked by the Leader. Leader- The leader of the puppet brigade creates the squads/new Squad Captains. Is the most skilled strategist, and only answers to the Kagekage.
  11. Chaotic

    That's why i made it. Basically a personal preference or you can list them based off 1v1s, PvE, and Large group fights. Regardless i respect your opinion, and at the end of the day i made this for everyone. So i hope you'll enjoy it!
  12. Chaotic

    When on the site make sure to zoom in this took me aronud 30+ mins to get everything. Credits to the people that made the Fandom Nin Online Wiki!
  13. Chaotic Have fun, and please be civil. This Tier list includes village locked justu. Lmk if u run into any issues.
  14. Chaotic

    ANBU [Leaf/Sand/Mist]

    The ANBU Organization consists of some of the top fighters of each village. They are the private guards of the current Kage of their respective villages. The Leaf-Anbu, and Sand Anbu (aka Sand-Assassins) Organizations each have a Katana (Leaf ANBU Katana/Sand ANBU Katana), with the exception being the Mist Anbu, aka Hunter-Nin having a Water Whip as their main weapon of choice for some members. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: All these weapons have a Strength Requirement of 40, and a minimum level of 25. They can be bought for 100 ryo every once a day. These weapons drop upon death! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining any ANBU org especially as a new player is extremely difficult. You have to show loyalty to the village, and prove yourself with your Skills in fighting. [Ex. I got in Anbu as a lv 40+ fire since I showed promise through my experience in fighting, and overall loyalty].This organization values teamwork and planning strategies above all else. The ranks in the ANBU are as follows: Squad Member: This rank is what most new, or returning Anbu start as. They usually follow Orders from the Squad Captains, Second in Command, Leader, and Kage. Squad Captain: As the Captain of their squads they are responsible for arranging Hunting events, and to keep their members in their prime by hosting trainings. All this depends on what the specific squad specializes in. Second in Command: The 2nd in command specializes in managing the squads, and takes on the role as leader when he/she is unavailable. Can also act as a separate squad captain. Leader: The Leader of the ANBU, the only person they answer to is their Kage. The Leader and the Second in Command are Responsible for picking new members, and Captains. They are usually one of the strongest people in the entire village.
  15. Chaotic

    12 Guardian Ninja

    The 12 Guardians of the Leaf are bodyguards with the job to protect the Daimyo of the Land of Fire. They reside at the peak of the Leaf village. Unlike some Corporations they act as one. When out on missions, and hunts are usually led by one skilled lead, or the Corp Leader. They are most famous for wearing the 12 Guardian Waistcloth marked with the Kanji for Fire. They also have a sub group called "Proteges" that are potential members in training. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You can only buy the 12 Guardians Waistcloth once a day for 100 ryo. It drops upon death! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------