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  1. Maguma

    As one of the few ranked ninja still in LMPF, and lately inactive. I'll contribute to make the village a better place for future lowbies. To those alts that come to the village and trash talk i hope you stop being part of the problem and try to be a part of the changes that this village is going through. @Dredge Hinode and @Tobi Suwa Keep doing what you're doing and make the village a better place not for my sake, but for the entire village's sake. As i've played this game for more than a year now i've seen more and more problems the village has been having and eventually ignored it, i'll do everything in my power to try and help the cause. Also @Maj I'll let you know if i need your help in rp's/events involving mist ninja later even though you're my enemy i'll treat you like a friend since you clearly have good intentions for the leaf. I personally don't join these types on conversations because of other things, and i hope y'all can respect my opinion on this as much as i respected yours. (Online school sucks man.)
  2. Maguma

    Hi no Ishi (Will of Fire) Is a new unofficial Leaf Group that specializes in RP and PvP. If u are ready to improve your RP and PvP skills be sure to join us. Contact either our Leader( @Tobi Suwa aka LegendaryEternalGeninoftheLeaf#7968 ) or Co-Leader ( @Maguma Alpha.#0113 ) for any more information. We will host events every day at a certain time once we have our events set up, and ready to go! I hope to see some of you leaf ninja's there!
  3. Maguma

  4. @Rumaki Read my mind. Also i agree with Enver. Also imagine tryna impress lv 20 E-girls. C b m.
  5. Maguma

    Someone give this girl silver bro.
  6. Maguma

    Hageshi and Ange ship ftw
  7. Maguma

    @Charky sus,chunin,sus /y
  8. Maguma

  9. Maguma

    I like everyone Except the missing lowbie THAT TOOK MY DAMN DROPS >:C
  10. Maguma

    Anything that doesn't make GF already op. pls and ty
  11. Maguma

    I like trains.
  12. Maguma

    Damn. Ig im picking lumy.
  13. Maguma

    WHO CALLED ME? oh... ight ima head out cya in battle.