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  1. Maguma

    I 100% agree with the vortex buff since hitting it stuns u longer than the person attacked making you an easy target, but overall it's a decent justu for fire's kit, and some fire users don't even bother with the justu due to the drawbacks i mentioned earlier.
  2. Maguma

    Ye Zabu better than me at fire/earth my laptop's fps drops can't chase ppl for the life of me
  3. Maguma

    Kinda jumped when i saw the move come at me also getting hit for 3k-4k plus dmg is not ok plus the instant crescent. I feel bad for ppl with under 1k hp they're gonna be punching bags.
  4. Managed to Change a few faces for the statues only. Also added in Lord 1st's face, and Lord 10th's face for the wall! As always ty for the support, and make sure to give some feedback! -Maguma
  5. Maguma

    @Ueda Also do u have a picture of yourself in the hokage outfit? If not lmk on discord when u can log on so i can get a pic.
  6. Maguma

    Just on an idea. I may or may not do it since it seems like a rly big task. Also if anybody is down to help out dm me on disc Alpha!#0113.
  7. Maguma

    I can work on the full body versions rn but putting them next to the grave yard imo seems like they all died no offense.
  8. Maguma

    Btw im gonna redo shirou's hair and add in the 10th hokage's face.
  9. Maguma

    HOKAGE WALL? @Ueda -After the 10th hokage is picked i'll update it. -Also i couldn't find a picture of rory as the first hokage anywhere so i just left it as a blank face for the time being. -And i feel bad for the person that is gonna do something like this for the kazekages. Finally, i'll enjoy some feedback May the will of fire be with you! (jesus i cringed just thinking about it) - Maguma P.S - Fixed Emiya's hair.
  10. Due to irl reasons I'll be dropping out of the elections.**
  11. Maguma

    Damn i was about to go sensory build Selling sensory
  12. Maguma

    It's legit danger dango's in leaf but you gotta pay up for a ride that u might come back to after dying or die trying to break the kraken's non-existent ankles, and even then u gotta avoid other ppl hunting for bounty/ww missions. It truly is one of if not the worst mission in the game 100%.
  14. Send any helpful feedback, and again have a wonderful new year! This was a quick project i did cuz i was bored. I might make more of these not gonna lie, but for now i'll try to get better with pixel art!