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  1. Gilgamesh


    Dw man I'm Andy Kaufman rn
  2. Gilgamesh

    What’s up with this? Is there now a distinction between offbeat meaning you’re rapping well and use the offbeat technique and being offbeat meaning you just don’t fit in with the beat? What’s the current status on this?
  3. Gilgamesh


    I mean I replied to all your lines that I could, it's kind of the point of a rap battle ..
  4. Gilgamesh

  5. Gilgamesh

    “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”
  6. Gilgamesh

    LMAO, dw you'll see what yours is missing soon enough
  7. Gilgamesh

    You rapping bout kit kat's Little Jun better sit back You talk too much But I keep it one hundred Well for starters, Don't put words in anyone elses mouth While you still searching for some clout Mention the baguettes again and I'll have your head on a pike like a trout. You wanna talk about washed up? Jun ask the lady you knocked up Coming here stealing my lines about B I Really? Are you on drugs? You making raps about nobody's? You started this so man your writtens so sloppy Just like the lisp you got talking bout the leaf army Why it meant to be a bad thing we losing to esty Must be pretty weird having internal beefs I guess that's leaf Least in sand we're a family Jun Jun, ah listen dude I'm new, but if you left nobody would be missing you Shoo shoo, on the eighty ninth route Nobody wants to mimic your flow I don't got sharingan I got mangekyou Watch it go, hidden tsuukyiomi Now Juns career is on death row It's crashing like the man's Kobe Erox and I on another level and you trying to catch up but you're still in class homie Why you talking about alphas and betas That's some neckbeard level shameless And by the way since we talking bout the greek ages I'll base my roman blade on it, gladius Talking about who's nameless Jun trying every village out for years he's tryna be famous. But I guess he just ain't it It's fine denial is the first of the five grief stages I'll leave it at that, man because I'm feeling gracious You rapping bout kit kat's Little Jun better sit back You talk too much But I keep it one hundred Let me just say you should be grateful I spend less than 50 minutes on every single track I do about you @Ninja
  8. Gilgamesh

    Stealing this idea and making it better great concept
  9. Gilgamesh

    I was doing stand up poetry as a kid lmao
  10. Gilgamesh


    In my defense he brought his daughter into it.
  11. Gilgamesh


    It's 1h30 AM bro I got shit to do tomorrow
  12. Gilgamesh


    I felt that.
  13. Gilgamesh

    While I like the idea, I think simply adding that this bar would fill your chakra half of what the bar was at. So full bar=half chakra would honestly be more than enough. and 20% on top of the already 20% seems like a bit much. Maybe 10%? But that's just my input.
  14. Gilgamesh

    Fortified mind starting to get nervous but it turns out all the hype is only on the surface cause half of your bars are about some fucking hyphens I may not be the rap god but I'm still a divine kid Thought one hit would be enough? sorry you ain't Tyson I'm enticing, you an aztec? but you talking bout the mayans You want a go to take me out of my throne Sorry but one track ain't enough so erox here's a bone And no I ain't talking about no sword oh lord here I go man I got bored my flow Might just have to go like that breeze out my damn window And I must admit that since I started to rap on nin your shit's been the greatest I seen but that doesn't mean it's up to par with me I mean it's the cutest thing but truthfuly I'm So sorry not sorry that you couldn't use your own adlibs so you had to steal frosty I think that being signed to a label got to your head But hey at least you did your best Where's the formula talking bout the GM's like it was the four of ya Who said "It's my event I'll do what I want" That's just erox Hey man, maybe your kid could call your bluff You think that's not enough mine could organise an event better than you and he's hardly one Part of me wants to really go easy but I'm hardly done So feel free to take another shot Knock me down all you want But like Rocky I'mma keep getting up When I beef it's all I can eat like I'm at a chinese buffet smoking weed till I drop Yeah I'm not an OG I'm the king of the lowbies name one better I'll wait Oh geez you can't Maybe Rory should write a story about how it's his fault your rap couldn't leave a scratch Talking bout a bag the mortuary opened it bro why's it empty this some kind of gag? Like when Jun was talking about calling him dad? I suppose it's an honor you'd break your code to rap against me But shit it's all friendly I wouldn't want you getting scared you getting killed They call me Great Teacher Gil Now sit down and learn your lesson How's that for convalescence? I been here and keeping it real I await your reply against this And while your at it you can ask your label for a deal @Erox