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  1. Gilgamesh

  2. Gilgamesh

    Warzone is not between Tanzaku and leaf?
  3. Gilgamesh

    Piss take?
  4. Gilgamesh

    You want GF and Tai to have 25% extra scaling? Yikes
  5. Gilgamesh

    Please god yes
  6. Gilgamesh

    10/10 would send again
  7. Gilgamesh

    We've had updates recently (Puppet missions/area) It's 2 indie devs, who are making this game better as much as they can. We have an idea of some upcoming updates from following their announcements. Which are an org re-work, Land of Iron, a totally new client based on Unity. They are also still working on advanced masteries though that is for the far future, they're also working on coding new commands for the GM's to be able to host events more easily. Obviously all of that information is freely available, but as you need to be spood-fed there it is. If you don't like the game, nobody is forcing you to play it as it is now.
  8. Gilgamesh

    I mean if someone quits the game at level 10, it clearly wasn't the type of game for them.
  9. Gilgamesh

    Leveling 1-30 is the easy part. It's 40-50 that's the worst.
  10. Gilgamesh

    Yooo this tumblr is a vibe
  11. Gilgamesh

    Full support, this is a way better solution to leafs whining post.
  12. Gilgamesh

    This would take away ping carried as well poggers
  13. Gilgamesh

    See the thing is, as a new player I had no idea this was even a thing. Now I've missed out on the meta on an account that took me MONTHS to get to an acceptable level for PVP. The major kick in the balls is that during tournaments we can't have summons but we can have charms? Like what, anyone can get a summon but if you didn't know the meta and you didn't luck out you can just go cry in a corner? It makes no sense the way things work, just put a wishing well somewhere in the world and you throw a certain amount of ryo (5k sounds good to me IMO) down it and it changes your horoscope to something else.
  14. Gilgamesh

    Looks great, noticed there's serial numbers on the backs. I think that's a really cool easter egg to add.
  15. Gilgamesh

    Cheer em on lad!