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  1. Wrathful

    Damn yall are wholesome! Hope your clan get some awesome clothes!
  2. Wrathful

    We need to help this man, we all use metanin. Dev i'll send over everything to your dm's
  3. Wrathful

    I like the idea, it gives more variaty to how everyone styles their character.
  4. Wrathful

  5. Wrathful

    This would be awesome for RP point of view! Who wouldn't wanna look like Sasuke!
  6. Wrathful

    I'll miss playing with ya! Best of luck on becoming full GM.
  7. Wrathful

    Oh yeah i have this bookmarked since i started playing nin. I never said thank you oof. Well keep up the good work Niti!
  8. Please fix this! There is like a half a second delay when attempting to do a combo and the invisible damage is upsetting when you dodge the projectile.
  9. Wrathful

    Please!! They hit hella hard already.
  10. Wrathful

    Okay I'll try it out, thanks Pachi!
  11. Wrathful

    Thanks bright, wanna try Fire/WM for my alt good looks
  12. What a journey it has been, started with a few friends and gained a bunch more along the way. To my friends thank you!!