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  1. Angelik Date

    In past Suna was strong and could fight really well without numbers. But now....with this video you are shaming your village. You jumped half afk people, disrespected rp event and called for extra numbers in case if it wasnt enough. Sand village really often trash talks Leaf that they fight only when they have high numbers but as you can see in this video, you became same as them or worse because I don't think that Leaf village would ever destroy rp event this way.
  2. Angelik Date

    I get it but int medic wouldn't be playable at all. Thats my point. Also int medics are totally not used for support atm. Changing it would mean totally reworking medical mastery.
  3. Angelik Date

    I have to disagree with that. Especially that part about vacuum sphere and poison scalpel. Because if you replace poison scalpel int medics will have no good jutsu for fighting. All int medics can in that moment reset.
  4. Angelik Date

    Every time I do them, random player from party gets kicked. And in Manda's case it is not possible to do it when you are missing one party member.
  5. Angelik Date

    @Lightheoryits only first version of it but yup, it was missing shading. Here you can see how it looks now. :3
  6. Angelik Date

    Hello everybody! Today I have spent a little of my time on something I would love to share it with you. I don't know about you, but I find Hinata super adorable so I created an item similar to her jacket from the first part of the anime. I would like to hear your feedback and possibly get it added to the game as a drop or cash shop item.
  7. Angelik Date

    Hello there! There are few things running through my mind which I think that should be fixed or remade. I want to share them with you all and know your opinion about them because I saw plenty complains. Most of them ruin game rp somehow and I see them as a really big problem. 1. Mist boat Everyone is complaining about mist boat, like its nice rp that mist village is so far but for game it is totally terrible. You have to spend 5 minutes on boat which means that you can't raid because mist already knows and for mist village, army can't go out because enemy will find out in one minute. The only option is go through sea and pass kuraken, which can be really tuff for lowbies. When they take a boat and meet enemy ninjas there, they can expect getting jumped in danger zone after port. Also, mist ninjas can't go anywhere on bi, because their bi is already over when they enter port. So, it would be nice if time on boat would be shorter or just removing some maps, they are not good for anything only waste of time. 2. Jail no jutsu I believe that the Imprisonment Jutsu should be reworked a bit here and there. First of all, it should be a run-cast technique. It's near impossible capturing someone who can just cloak away while you need to stand still to capture them. 3. Organizations Organizations are something that needs quite a bit of work still. For me it's quite sad that when an ANBU member dies and they drop their weapon it has the chance to display in the chat, thought luckily no one uses them. And why does no one? Because their stat requirements don't consider what people play. 12 Guardians have a well thought item which doesn't take an essential spot of a weapon but still the buff is not thought out and not balanced. The Puppet Brigade coffins shouldnt be weapons, they don't fit well with most of the player's builds and they are forced to swap between fans and coffins constantly. 4. Spider boss I believe that the spider boss is a huge issue because it's ridden with bugs. Some of those include; only 1 party member being allowed inside and then kicked; both members entering and 1 being kicked; the spider boss disappearing; buggy and laggy hitbox. 5. Teaming rogues Now I would like to address another issues which I believe a lot of people can agree on, rogues should be able to team up with villagers. Not being able to associate with another village ruins the RP aspect of being a rogue. Most people don't just leave their village to not associate with anyone else, they want to work with a different village as well. Also I think it ruins the idea of "mercenaries" such as the Neo-Akatsuki which is supposed to be their RP purpose.
  8. Angelik Date

    Something like that should 100% exist, especially now when missings can't team villagers. People would have option to actually betray village and join another one which would really improve nin rp.
  9. Angelik Date

    That is sooo cuuute. I love that. :3
  10. Angelik Date

    These cards are totally amazing! Thank you so much for that! :3
  11. Angelik Date post is less about rp more about saving our time! Thats the important part!
  12. Angelik Date

    That is the reason why I am making post about it
  13. Angelik Date

    Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have organized an event... There is something that has been bothering my mind for a while though, and I would like to share my idea with you! As I said in the beginning of this movement, my goal is not ruining the PvP in the game, it is simply to add more RP. And there is something super annoying that nobody likes. Spamming map switch. Every time when you go out with a bigger group something like that happens and I dont know how it is for you, but for me personally it's super booooring and terrible. You have 2 options - wait 30 minutes and leave because nothing happens or go in and most likely die because of map switch lag. I was thinking about this for a while and came up with one solution. Let's stop camping for a map switch, there is another so much better way to deal with it: send one person (a diplomat) to talk with the enemy and discuss the conditions and after that let the other village come, have some RP and fight fairly. I don't know about you, but I dont feel cool when I kill someone after they switch map... but when you win this way it feels way better. Please share your thoughts and ideas with me. If enough people support this, it can really become true and I believe it would make the game way better!