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  1. Angelik Date

    Some nasty witch bussiness. Hope that some ninja will not get cursed. Fluffy werewolf carpet. Comfy armchair? Why not. Meow. Pumpkin furniture. Just dont eat it.
  2. Angelik Date

    With this lag farming is impossible aswell... I recently teleported between 4 bears who were more than 3 tiles away from me and the lag didnt allow me to escape .-. Love this.
  3. Angelik Date

    Hii everyone! Do you also struggle while transferring money from your alts? Because of the housing system I've got this cute problem solving idea how to make your life on Nin easier in the form of a Piggy Bank. You won't need any second person to transfer you Ryo and you will not have to face the risk of dropping it and losing it or getting robbed. How would it work? As an owner of a house you put your Ryo in the Piggy Bank, make your alts co-owner and, Tadaa! Easy transferred Ryo. Works great for friends and organizations, only owner and co-owners have access. Super simple and just great! ~Thanks for reading! P.S - Thank you @Kaenfor the little touchups!
  4. Angelik Date

    Hey everyone, Enjoying the new housing system? I am coming to bring some fresh ideas that I think might bring even more fresh air with this system. First, I am thinking of additional housing estates in neutral zones (no restriction as who can own those houses); Tanzaku Asoki port town A new map accessible through Dark Spiders acting as a lobby/no-zone for meetups Down of South Tigers I believe it'd be nice to finally have those areas for interactions, where it'd be No One's territory, and it will brew chaos and fun. Those maps will be between all main territories and be way easier for people to trade and meetup, instead of going to Land of Toads every time you want to trade something. As well as more free space for tournaments, duels and just friendly sparring. (example use of the current club system and having a "Weekend Fight Club" where weekly events can be announced) 2. Second, I am thinking in villages there should be houses sizeable enough to be fit for unofficial organizations and allow them to spar and host their own events. Villages nowadays don't support friendly interactions and sparring with alleged "enemies", and instead you have to go to Toads where a spar can be easily interrupted/ruined by a hostile group. Thanks for reading :3
  5. Angelik Date

    Hey community! Here I'd like to suggest a bit of an overhaul for the bounty system. One of the current cons of the system is - cheating kills, just on your alt, kill some of your other accounts and then kill that alt to claim the bounty. It's simple and doesn't take long at all. Second - people always try protecting their bounties by suiciding or going out on battle Injuries. That's why I've thought of a possible balance for the bounty system. In this change, you wouldn't have to be worried about losing your bounty and it wouldn't be "necessary" to suicide and it would stop the farming of bounty. I believe that the bounties should be based around kills, in my suggestion; The bounty on your head depends on how many ninjas of a certain level range you have killed lvl 10-19 = 1 bounty : lvl 20-29 = 2 bounty ... lvl 50-59 = 5 bounty : lvl 60 = 6 bounty etc. It would seperate people who only kill lowbies and their own alts and people who actually hunt high levels. The difference between a person with 100 kills and 100 bounty and someone with 100 kills and 500 bounty would be apparent. With these changes, also you won't lose any bounty when you're killed, but instead if you die 2 times without killing anyone in between, on the third death you'll lose 1% of your bounty, and that % will go up the more times you die without killing, with maximum of 20%. This will prevent people from farming bounty rewards. Instead it will just show off that the more dangerous and and deadly you are, the more wanted you are, and not how good you are at killing your alts. I also want this to stop things such as seeing a level 20 above you on the bingo book with a farmed bounty, and i also want people who are skilled and experience to not be on the last page because they just lost their bounty. So, tell me guys what you think - if you are happy with current bounty system and all your ideas how could we make nin online bounty system better. :3
  6. Angelik Date

    Love that idea. This is exactly what we need.
  7. Angelik Date

    I agree. When I started to play nin I was mostly playing and leveling alone because my friends were just different lvls than me. And I have to say that it was pretty hard time and not everyone is probably patient enough to survive lvling to 60 in this harassing world.
  8. Angelik Date

    I am glad that you made this post but I am not sure how could we fight against this problem. Our only option is probably just thinking twice before acting and making sure that its actually the person we think it is... ;-;